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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 107 - What An Unlucky Person!

Chapter 107: What An Unlucky Person!

Qin Lin was stunned when he heard Lu Jianxian’s words.

This was the first time he had encountered someone who did not want his medicinal wine.

Most importantly, he could vaguely sense that the other party seemed to be very disdainful.

Then, he wouldn’t insist.

In the future, not everyone could buy this medicinal wine. This time, it was because of Chen Shengfei. In the future, if the other party wanted to buy it again, it would depend on his mood.

Lu Jianxian naturally did not know about this. He still looked as sober as ever.

Chen Shengfei did not remind him.

Since Lu Jianxian had rejected Mr. Qin’s good intentions, it would be bad if he spoke again. Under normal circumstances, Lu Jianxian was indeed not qualified to come into contact with such things.

He and Ma Liewen still had a chance to get their hands on some of the medicinal wine passed down by the two Chinese medicine schools. Lu Jianxian did not even have a chance.

Chen Shengfei also changed the topic and asked about Qinglin Ketchup. “Boss Qin, I’ve been paying attention to your ketchup. It’s very popular now, but your promotion and sales don’t seem to be keeping up.”

“There’s a problem with the funds. The production is limited, but we’re already working two shifts. The production will reach 140,000 bottles a day soon.” Qin Lin did not hide it. As long as the new factory’s products exploded in popularity, they would face this problem.

In order to expand those production lines, he had already spent most of the villa’s daily turnover.

He thought about a loan, but a loan bank also depended on the value of your factory. The program would not approve too much money there, nor would it meet his current needs.


“It’s still too little.” Chen Shengfei shook his head and said, “Why don’t you apply for a special corporate guidance fund? The popularity of your villa can bring a lot of benefits to Youcheng County, right?”

“Now that this tomato sauce is so popular, if we hurry up and expand, we can occupy more markets. When the time comes, we can also increase jobs, Youcheng County’s reputation, and taxes… It’s a series of benefits. I wonder if Youcheng County has a special large corporate guidance fund. You can ask around.”

Lu Jianxian agreed first. “That’s right. It would be a waste not to use the official money.”

Chen Shengfei reminded him again, “If there’s a special fund, don’t use capital to invest. The officials will definitely send people to invest. It’s equivalent to being tied up and using interest and debt. It’s not like the products won’t be able to pay back the money. If you want to invest capital, you might as well look for Old Ma and me.”

Qin Lin nodded.

Actually, he was already thinking about this. 140,000 bottles of ketchup a day, after deducting what the villa and the Internet had ordered, the remaining would probably not be enough to expand the market.

He had to find out if there was such a special fund in the county.

Previously, the villa had applied for a support fund of 23 million yuan. He felt that spending the official money was really satisfying.

As for looking for Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen to raise money, perhaps he could do so in the future when he needed it. He hadn’t thought about it yet.

As they chatted, the waiter brought up the big black carp he had caught, along with some other dishes. As he had not specially prepared the Quality 2 okra and yams, this meal only had Quality 1.

Qin Lin picked up his chopsticks immediately, wanting to know the difference between the taste of wild goods in reality and those in the game.

But as he ate the fish, he frowned slightly.

Because the texture and taste were wrong.

It wasn’t that it wasn’t delicious, but compared to the taste and texture of ordinary fish, it was still much worse.

“Old Lu, come and try it. It’s all good stuff. Boss Qin’s wild fish are top-notch delicacies. You’ll definitely forget to return.” Chen Shengfei also picked up his chopsticks and greeted Lu Jianxian.

When Lu Jianxian heard this, he picked up his chopsticks, picked up a piece of fish, and put it in his mouth. After taking a bite, he looked at Chen Shengfei with a strange expression. This was an ultimate delicacy?

This fish was delicious, but it wasn’t like the Hundred Fragrance Pavilion didn’t have such fish. Why would they come all the way to this villa to eat it?

Most importantly, did Chen Shengfei need to brag like that? He seemed to be flattering the owner of the villa.

Could it be that the relationship between the owner and Li Qing was really extraordinary?

Thinking of this, Lu Jianxian was even more certain. Otherwise, why would Li Qing keep coming to such a villa? Why would Chen Shengfei be so polite to the owner of this villa?

After Chen Shengfei ate the fish, he looked at Qin Lin in shock. There was something wrong with this big fish today. It no longer had that smell.

Seeing Chen Shengfei’s puzzled expression, Qin Lin fabricated, “It should be related to the water quality.”

Chen Shengfei nodded and did not ask further. There were many reasons that affected the taste of the fish. The water quality was indeed one of them. Unfortunately, he had chosen a low-quality fish this time.

This meal was indeed a pity for Chen Shengfei. Although the Quality 1 okra and 1 yam had some effects, they were still far inferior to the Quality 2.

After Lu Jianxian finished eating, he felt that he had guessed correctly. This meal was similar to the private kitchen meal at the Hundred Fragrance Pavilion. It was not to the extent that Chen Shengfei had specially come over. However, he also smiled and praised, “Boss Qin’s food is really good. It’s top-notch and delicious. I can’t forget it.”

It was just bragging. With Li Qing having a good relationship with this villa, he had to go against his conscience and brag.

These words made Chen Shengfei and Qin Lin look at each other awkwardly.

What was he bragging about?

This meal was ruined.

At this moment.

Gao Yaoyao came over to ease the awkward atmosphere. “Boss, Mr. Cheng He wants to see you.”

Qin Lin also instructed, “He’s here so quickly. Let him come over!”

Cheng He seemed even more anxious about the agency than he was.

Gao Yaoyao also ran towards the entrance of the hall and said to Cheng He, who was standing there, “Mr. Cheng, our boss wants you to go over.”

“Thank you.” Cheng He naturally saw Qin Lin and Chen Shengfei and Lu Jianxian, which shocked him.

This was because he knew about Chen Shengfei and Lu Jianxian. Who in Ming City did not know about Chen Shengfei?

Although he had some money in Ming City, someone like Chen Shengfei was out of his reach. Not to mention Chen Shengfei, even Lu Jianxian, who was one level lower, was out of his reach.

But what did he see now? Chen Shengfei and Lu Jianxian were actually sitting at the same table as President Qin and chatting happily.

This also reminded him of the time when Qinglin Ketchup had been hacked. The Internet publicity fraud department in Ming City had come out to stand on the stage. Could it be that Chen Shengfei had called?

To be able to greet President Qin for such a matter, their relationship must be extraordinary.

“President Qin, sorry to disturb you again.” Cheng He arrived in front of Qin Lin and his tone had become very respectful.

Who would have thought that President Qin had such powerful connections?

Initially, he just wanted a ride. After all, Qinglin Ketchup was really popular and tasted alright, but who would have thought that this car might be a train?

There was no doubt that someone who could be recognized by someone like Chen Shengfei was definitely not an ordinary person.

Qin Lin also smiled at Chen Shengfei and explained, “Mr. Chen, President Lu, this is an agent I found for Qinglin Ketchup.”

“Mr. Chen, Mr. Lu,” Cheng He said respectfully to the two of them.

Chen Shengfei nodded politely, but Lu Jianxian did not do anything. He did not need to care about a small ketchup agent at all. They were not on the same level.

Cheng He saw that Lu Jianxian did not care about him.

“I’ll talk to the two of you first,” Qin Lin said and stood up to invite Cheng He to another table. Then, he went straight to the point. “Mr. Cheng, as agreed beforehand, I’ll give you a regional agent for the province. As for the rest, we’ll talk about it later. In addition, my Qinglin Ketchup production is limited. Currently, the factory only has 4.2 million bottles of ketchup per month.”

“Therefore, we can only give you three million bottles of production for the time being. It should only be enough for you to lay out one to two cities. Naturally, we will think of a way to resolve this problem immediately. As for the factory price, we will temporarily set it at 11 yuan.”

“Alright, but I want priority as the general agent of the region.” Cheng He agreed without hesitation.

With the popularity of Qinglin Ketchup, many people wanted to buy it. Actually, there was no need for much publicity at all. As long as the goods arrived, his secondary agents and the previous market would come running to him.

With a profit margin of four yuan, even if he only had three million bottles at the moment, that was 12 million a month. After deducting the cost and the cost of giving secondary concessions, he still had a lot of profit.

The key was that such daily products were sold in quantity. As long as Qinglin’s company production increased and all nine cities in Min Province were opened, it should not be a problem to guarantee 15 million bottles a month. That would be 60 million a month. After deducting the cost and giving the secondary ranges, they could make a huge profit.

The point was that he wanted more than a provincial agent.

“Alright, I’ll give you the priority as the general agent of the region. As for the contract, I’ll get someone to sign it with you.” Qin Lin did not reject Cheng He’s request. The general agent of the region was not a province, but a region with several provinces. It was usually divided into eight regions.

After the discussion, Qin Lin also called Deng Guang and asked him to come over and discuss the details of the contract with Cheng He. He would sign it at the end.


Chen Shengfei also said goodbye to Qin Lin. He had skipped work while talking to Lu Jianxian. He still had to make a decision when he returned.

Qin Lin sent Chen Shengfei to the parking lot. Chen Dabei followed behind with a security guard, each carrying a game-produced Quality 2 wild fish.

Qin Lin also handed a bottle of wine to Chen Shengfei. “Mr. Chen, this is your wine and two big items. This big item is the same as the previous one.”

“Thank you, Boss Qin.” Chen Shengfei held the wine with a face full of joy. He had drunk some from Ma Liewen. After all, this wine was the main purpose of this trip.

He also asked the driver to put the fish away. After getting into the car, he said to Lu Jianxian, “President Lu, do you want to bring a big fish back? It should taste better than what we had for lunch.”

“Forget it, it’s too troublesome.” Lu Jianxian shook his head. He had already eaten the so-called big stuff. The taste was nothing much. If he wanted to eat fish, he could just go to the Hundred Fragrance Pavilion. He didn’t want to bring a fish back.

Naturally, he could not say it so bluntly to Chen Shengfei.

“Then you’re really out of luck.” Chen Shengfei was overjoyed.

“…” Lu Jianxian looked at Chen Shengfei in shock.

He had already left the villa and wasn’t in front of Boss Qin anymore. Was he still pretending?

Qin Lin also returned to the villa and called Chen Li.

“Boss Qin, why did you call me?” Chen Li’s hearty laughter sounded.

Qin Lin went straight to the point. “Chief Chen, I just want to ask a question. Does the county have a corporate guidance fund? My factory’s production capacity can’t keep up, and I need funds. I want to ask around.”

“Wait a minute, let me ask!” Chen Li said anxiously. Then, there was a long silence on the other end of the line.

After an unknown period of time, Chen Li’s voice sounded again. “Boss Qin, the county doesn’t have such a special fund before, but we can set up one especially for your Qinglin Food Company. However, apart from the stipulated interest on the creditor’s rights, there are also requirements: the factory with this special fund must be in Youcheng County’s industrial area and must have priority in hiring workers in Youcheng County…”

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