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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 10 - Millions a Month! 1

Chapter 10: Millions a Month! 1

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Early in the morning, Qin Lin woke up and looked at the game in his mind.

The 24-grain watermelon and 6-grain red strawberries were already ripe.

He controlled his game character to pick them and placed all the watermelons and red strawberries into the storage room. Then, he brushed off the withered watermelon vines and strawberry vines and replanted the watermelon seeds and strawberry seeds.

He was going to promote red strawberries today.

The red strawberries produced by the game had attributes. He was not afraid that they would not sell. Furthermore, in order to make it easier for him to sell them to the RT-Mart, he had to consider the wholesale price.

Although the wholesale price of ordinary red strawberries in Youcheng County was about 15 yuan, the price of the strawberries produced by his game should not be limited to that.

Therefore, he went online to check the overall wholesale price of red strawberries.

There were also many types of red strawberries. Due to the region, the wholesale price was very varied. He directly skipped ordinary red strawberries. He especially looked at some large wholesale strawberries that were worth more than ordinary strawberries.

Among them, the wholesale price of cream red strawberries had reached 30 yuan per 500 grams. The Great Liang Mountain Red Strawberries were also 36 yuan per 500 grams. The Sweet Red Strawberries were 29 yuan per 500 grams…

These were all special strawberries that were one level higher than ordinary red strawberries.

He had eaten most of these strawberries before. The quality of the game was definitely better than these strawberries. It was not a problem to set a wholesale price of 30 yuan per 500 grams.

When he thought of how the RT-Mart sold his watermelons as special quality watermelons, he realized that these were also considered special quality red strawberries.

When he arrived at the warehouse, Qin Lin entered the game again and arrived at the storage room.

There were a total of 423 watermelons in this batch. Beside them were five Quality 2 watermelons.

As for the strawberries, he had harvested 300 catties. Beside them were two catties of Quality 2 strawberries.

Qin Lin grabbed a few and saw the notes.

[Red Strawberry: Quality 2]

[Remarks: A high-quality red strawberry produced by the game. Be it the texture, taste, or fragrance… It’s far better than a Quality 1 red strawberry. It’s definitely a good item to tempt the taste buds.

Delicious +2, sweet +2, taste +2, aftertaste +2]

When he saw the notes, Qin Lin immediately threw one into his mouth.

He could not help but close his eyes and enjoy it.

The sweetness entered his taste buds and left a lingering aftertaste. He could not help but throw another strawberry into his mouth.

Like the Quality 2 watermelon, these attributes turned the Quality 2 strawberry into a delicacy.

In university, that rich second-generation roommate had also bought a catty of imported milk strawberry worth 200 yuan. He felt that the taste was also trash compared to this.

Qin Lin began to move this batch of watermelons and then sent the watermelons Liu Dasheng and the other bosses had wholesale today. There was a total of 4,098 catties and 6,147 yuan in income.

After that, he brought two catties of Quality 1 red strawberries to the RT-Mart to discuss the red strawberries with Manager Chen.

One catty of red strawberries was 30 catties wholesale price. Then, just by collecting 300 catties in the morning, this batch could earn 9,000 yuan. That was more than 24 boxes of watermelons.

“President Qin, you’re here. Coincidentally, I have something to tell you!” Manager Chen was clearly very polite when he saw Qin Lin.

Over the past ten days, he had already earned more than 10,000 yuan from Qin Lin. Xiao Qin had also become President Qin. Furthermore, he had something to discuss with Qin Lin this time, so he was naturally more polite.

Manager Chen even took the initiative to pull Qin Lin to the tea table at the side. As he made tea, he even poured a cup for Qin Lin.

Many people in the south would consciously discuss business at the tea table. Even many small shops by the street would prepare a tea table. It seemed more reliable.

Qin Lin asked with a smile, “Manager Chen, what is it?”

Manager Chen smiled and went straight to the point. “President Qin, we’ve worked together for more than ten days. To be honest, your watermelon is really good. It’s easy to sell.”

“I have enough of the watermelons you provided, but we also have a big RT-Mart in Sand City. They want to eat your watermelons too. They’ll accept any amount.”

Qin Lin understood when he heard this.

This was probably a slight change in supply and demand.

How easy to sell were the watermelons developed by the game? It could even be more expensive than ordinary melons, right?

His melon had allowed Manager Chen to reap benefits. More importantly, it could make the profits of RT-Mart greater. It meant that Manager Chen had contributed. It was probably also Manager Chen who was in charge in Sand City.

Unfortunately, there were only so many yields in the game now. He could only provide those watermelons every day.

“Manager Chen, I’m really sorry. I can only provide so many watermelons a day. I can’t do anything else. However, I have a type of strawberry that can be sold wholesale. It’s no less than 500 pounds a day. Manager Chen, you can try it first,” Qin Lin said apologetically before taking the opportunity to promote his strawberries. As he spoke, he handed the strawberries he had brought to Manager Chen.

Manager Chen subconsciously looked at the strawberries and habitually picked one up to taste. When he took a bite, his eyes revealed surprise.

As the purchasing manager of a branch in Youcheng County, be it the red strawberries assigned by the higher-ups or the ones he bought himself, he had eaten a lot of red strawberries, but none of them could compare to this.

Even the batch of strawberries from Gao Shan Special District that cost 55 yuan per 500 grams previously did not taste as good as this.

After eating one, Manager Chen immediately picked up the second and third…

After eating more than ten in one go, he was certain that these were definitely not ordinary strawberries. They were definitely not lacking in sales like the watermelon. He immediately asked the question he was most concerned about. “President Qin, how much is the wholesale price of these red strawberries?”

Qin Lin explained, “Manager Chen, this is a special quality strawberry. It’s 30 yuan per catty.”

“It’s only 30 yuan…” When Manager Chen heard the price, he immediately said, “President Qin, I want all the strawberries you have, but you have to add 2 yuan to the invoice price.”

He had even thought about reporting the wholesale price of Qin Lin’s batch of 30 yuan per 500 grams to 32 yuan and selling it for 40 yuan or higher. It would also create profits for the supermarket and have a lot of credit.

“Manager Chen, I know. The wholesale price is 32 yuan when others ask.” Qin Lin agreed with a smile. Anyway, he had already reached the price he wanted.

Manager Chen’s smile widened. He got Qin Lin another cup of tea and picked it up to toast. “President Qin, happy working with you.”

“Happy cooperation!” Qin Lin also picked up his teacup and clinked it with the other party. After drinking a cup of tea, he stood up and said, “Manager Chen, I’ll send a batch of strawberries over first. I’ll send another batch of strawberries over in the evening when I send the watermelon.”

Manager Chen nodded and said, “Okay, President Qin, look for me anytime.”

After negotiating the sale of the strawberries, Qin Lin left the supermarket in a good mood and went to buy a few special baskets containing strawberries.

Strawberries were different from watermelons. He had to be careful when moving them.

After that, he went to the warehouse and took out all 300 catties of strawberries.

If this batch of strawberries matured to more than 300 catties in the evening, then the strawberries coming out of these six plots of land could be sold for 18,000 yuan.

This added to the income of the watermelon every day and was not far from earning a million yuan a month.

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