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I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 1197 - 1197 This Beauty That Belongs to Him

1197 This Beauty That Belongs to Him

Now that they were so close, she could smell the shower gel on his body and his scent. It was faint like tea, long and fragrant. This scent was so familiar and comforting that she could not help but want to fall into it.

Rong Si’s heart was also racing, and his breath was unsteady when he said, “Little Jiu, I love you.”

His deep and magnetic voice was so pleasant that Su Jiu felt a little dizzy.

“Me too, Big Brother. I love you very much too.”

Rong Si slowly clasped her hand and interlocked his fingers with hers. “Call me by my name,” he coaxed in a low voice.

The lights in the bedroom were dim. The face in front of her was more beautiful and charming than that of any man she had ever seen. Su Jiu could not help but say his name. “Rong Si…”

“My name!” Rong Si emphasized. 𝒊𝓷𝐧𝗿𝚎𝘢𝒅. Com

Su Jiu’s eyes flickered, and she shyly said, “Ah Si…”

Rong Si chuckled in satisfaction. “Good girl!”

She was already so proactive. If he remained passive, he wouldn’t be a man anymore.

Hence, he pressed her hand on the pillow and clasped her fingers. Lowering his head, he kissed her again. “Little Jiu…”

Feeling that something was about to happen, Su Jiu got so nervous that her heart was about to jump out. The bedroom was so quiet that she could hear his rapid heartbeat.


Badum… Badum! One after another.

Rong Si couldn’t bear it anymore. He leaned close to her ear and said, “Then, I’m going to open my gift. You still have time so take it back.”

Su Jiu blushed and hugged his neck. In a small voice, she replied, “How can I go back on my word when it’s a gift?”

Rong Si’s eyes suddenly darkened. “Okay, you said it. Even if you go back on your word halfway, I won’t let it go.”

He stretched out his hand as if he was unwrapping a gift. First, he pulled open the ribbon of the package, then he opened it bit by bit.

Su Jiu was so beautiful that he could not control himself. When they were completely separated and she appeared in front of him, his remaining rationality instantly left him.

This scene was simply like a dream.

But he knew that everything was true.

As he stared at the beauty that belonged to only him, his breathing became chaotic. His voice was hoarse as he repeated, “Little Jiu, I love you.”

Su Jiu’s face was red all over, and she was too embarrassed to look at him.

He could only turn her face back again, his gaze locked on hers. “Look at me.”

Su Jiu was forced to meet his deepening gaze. She nervously grabbed his arm and whispered, “I-I’m a little scared… Um, wait a moment…”

“Yes, I will.” Rong Si chuckled and interlocked his fingers with hers. Then, he leaned over again…

Everything that happened next happened naturally.

Their breaths intertwined and clung tightly to each other. Su Jiu was dazzled, but she could clearly feel his presence. He was the only one left in the entire world, and it fluctuated with his rhythm. Although it really hurt, it felt so perfect…

The night deepened.

The light outside the floor-to-ceiling window was much dimmer, but the bedroom was still lit with a faint yellow light. The two shadows reflected on the wall did not separate for a long time…


The next day, the afternoon sun shone through the gaps in the curtains hanging by the French windows, illuminating a small area of the bedroom.

The two people on the bed were still sleeping soundly.

The bathrobes scattered on the ground and the faint trace of an unusual aura in the air were the only indicators of what had happened last night.

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