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I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 1196 - 1196 Completely Own Her?

1196 Completely Own Her?

The kiss was light and gentle, seemingly without any desire.

Su Jiu puffed up her cheeks in dissatisfaction. “Not here. Kiss here.”

She pointed to her lips.

Rong Si smiled and kissed her on the lips again, but only enough. In a situation where they were sharing a bed like this and it was just him and her, he couldn’t go overboard. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

However, as he was thinking about this, Su Jiu suddenly reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck. As if she would not let him leave, she took the initiative to deepen the kiss.

Rong Si was stunned again. He didn’t expect her to be like this. It surprised him.

He did not reject her, but he still restrained his desires and slowly outlined her lips.

Their breaths intertwined, and the atmosphere gradually became ambiguous.

Rong Si had originally thought that Su Jiu would let go of him, but she did not seem to have that intention. Instead, she hugged him even tighter. She stared at him with her watery eyes as if she had a lot to say to him. Her flushed face was so tempting…

It was like a silent invitation.

Rong Si’s heart violently trembled, and a certain thought suddenly became stronger.

He looked at her with a burning gaze and gulped. “Little Jiu, you…”

When Su Jiu heard the suppressed emotions in his voice, her heart beat even faster. However, she had already decided to muster up her courage and go further with him. Since it had already started, taking it back was not good.

Su Jiu met his gaze and blushed. “Um… tonight, I… don’t want to sleep so soon.”

She stuttered. Her voice became softer and softer toward the end. After saying that, she hurriedly looked away and did not look at his surprised gaze. It had embarrassed her so much that she wished she could dig a hole and hide in it!

However, Rong Si reached out and cupped her little face, turning it back so that she could only look at him.

His throat moved again, and his voice became hoarse. “Little Jiu, are you… being serious?”

Su Jiu’s face turned red as she made a small noise of agreement.

Her voice was as soft as a mosquito’s hum.

Then she looked away again and shyly added, “It’s your birthday today, so… I’ve decided to give you a gift that I’ve never given you before. That’s… myself.”

Mustering up her courage again, she looked back at him. “Do you want it?”

As soon as she said that, she felt her waist being held tightly by him!

Rong Si’s deep eyes seemed to be on fire, almost burning into her. “Yes, I’ve missed you so much, and I’ve missed you for a long time… But, Little Jiu, are you sure?”

Are you sure you want me… to have you completely?

It wasn’t that he hadn’t fantasized about something like this before, but he’d never mentioned it. He was afraid of scaring her, so he had patiently waited for the day she was ready. It didn’t matter if he waited until they got married.

However, she had now taken the initiative to bring it up today. Happiness had come too suddenly, so much so that his mind was a little blank. He could not believe that it was true and wondered if he had imagined it.

Seeing that he was trying his best to control the shock and excitement in his heart, Su Jiu felt even more embarrassed. She pretended to glare at him. “Aiya, why are you dawdling? Didn’t I just say it? How many times do you want me to say it? If you don’t do it, I’ll sleep… Mmm!”

Before she could finish, her lips were sealed by Rong Si’s kiss again. 𝑖𝐧𝓷𝓇𝙚𝙖d. c𝚘𝐦

At this moment, he held her with one hand and held her face with the other, trapping her in his arms. After a long kiss, he opened his black eyes and stared at her.

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