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Chapter 7: I’m Not Your Father!

“What’s with the chicken soup and firewood in the kitchen?” Seeing her happy expression, Zhao Lanhua relaxed her eyebrows slightly and asked softly.

“When I went to the back mountain to gather pigweed yesterday, I happened to pick up a wild chicken, so I made chicken soup. As for the firewood, I went to the back of the mountain early to pick it up,” Ji Zhao said obediently with a smile.

Zhao Lanhua subconsciously glanced at the sky. It should not be dawn yet.

“You... you don’t have to do this.” Zhao Lanhua thought for a moment and said softly, “We’ve already discussed it yesterday. You... you should return to Pomegranate Village.”

“Mother, I know.” Ji Zhao gently nodded. “Last night, Sanlang already told me.”

“Then you...”

“Second Sister-in-law is pregnant now and needs to be nourished. There’s too much work for Sister-in-law to do alone, so I want to help her share some of the burden.” A sincere smile appeared on Ji Zhao’s face. “Previously, I was brainless and did many things wrong. I sincerely want to repent.”

Zhao Lanhua looked at her with a complicated expression.

“Ah Tao, as long as you repay the Shen family’s money in the future, it won’t be difficult for you to marry a good man with your looks. Actually, you don’t have to...”

“Mother, hurry up and drink the chicken soup!” Ji Zhao entered the kitchen with a smile and placed the wild duck eggs into the bamboo basket by the wall before leaving.

Zhao Lanhua looked at her figure with a complicated gaze.

Fifteen minutes later, the other members of the Shen family were awakened by the rich fragrance.

At the end of the day, the family gathered in the hall.

Second Sister-in-law Shen’s eyes lit up when she saw the two-eared pot containing chicken soup on the table!

“Mother? What day is it today? You actually made chicken soup?”

Compared to Second Sister-in-law Shen, who was full of joy, Eldest Sister-in-law Shen looked troubled. “Mother, there are only a few chickens left in this house...”

“It’s not the chicken at home.” Zhao Lanhua sighed faintly and scooped a drumstick into the bowl in front of Second Sister-in-law Shen.

“Thank you, Mother!” Second Sister-in-law Shen smiled happily.

Zhao Lanhua placed another drumstick into the bowl in front of Sister-in-law Shen.

“Mother? Second Sister-in-law is pregnant. Let her eat all of them!” Eldest Sister-in-law Shen quickly waved her hand and refused.

“This wild chicken was obtained by Ji Atao.” Zhao Lanhua thought for a moment and softly said, “She said that this wild chicken was used to apologize to you.”

Second Sister-in-law Shen, who was nibbling on the drumstick, paused for a moment. She hesitated for a moment and continued eating.

“Mother,” Eldest Sister-in-law Shen put down the bowl in her hand and asked softly, “Have you forgiven her?”

“It’s not that I don’t forgive her, it’s just that I feel a little upset.” Zhao Lanhua also scooped a bowl of chicken soup and took a sip. “If only she hadn’t made such a scene yesterday. After all, your third brother’s legs are inconvenient. It’s too difficult for him to marry a wife.”

“Is a wild chicken enough to make you waver?” Shen Dashan, who had been sitting silently at the head of the table, put down the bowl of porridge in his hand and said angrily.

“There’s more than one wild chicken. The duck egg you just ate was also picked up by Ji Atao in the reeds.” Zhao Lanhua glanced at him from the corner of her eyes.

Shen Dashan was speechless. Unfortunately, he had already swallowed the duck egg.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

“You didn’t ask!” Zhao Lanhua curled her lips and said, “We don’t have ducks at home. Where did the duck eggs come from?”

Shen Dashan put down his bowl and chopsticks angrily. He picked up the hoe and prepared to go to the fields to work.

When he walked out of the courtyard, he happened to see Ji Ah Tao squatting in the corner.

“Father?” Ji Zhao hurriedly called out.

“I’m not your father!” Shen Dashan said with a fierce expression. He turned around and walked away.

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