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Chapter 23: Ah Tao, You Hit Me?

The man in front of her was wearing a green long robe that looked wrinkled.

The man had a pair of peach blossom eyes, but his nose was a little sunken and looked very out of place.

More importantly, Ji Zhao was a little apprehensive under his resentful gaze.

Ji Zhao silently shrunk her head and subconsciously glanced at Zhao Lanhua beside him. She asked curiously, “Mother, who is he?”

Hearing this, Zhao Xian revealed a pained expression. “Tao’er, what’s wrong?”

That word Tao’er almost made Ji Zhao spit out her breakfast!

She suppressed the discomfort in her heart and tried her best to say calmly, “I really don’t know you. Can you please move aside? You’re blocking the way.”

Zhao Lanhua glanced at Ji Zhao. Seeing that her eyes were clear, she knew what was going on.

It seemed that Ah Tao really did not remember.

“I’m your Brother Xian~ How can you forget me?” Zhao Xian pretended to hold his chest in pain and sobbed sadly. “Ah Tao, it’s all my fault. If it weren’t for my sudden abdominal pain that day, I think we would definitely have become a godly couple. It’s all my fault...”

How could Ji Zhao not understand?

The pretentious man in front of her was probably Scholar Zhao, whom the original host had admired.

Ji Zhao remembered that the original owner of the body was devoted to Scholar Zhao. She listened to his sweet words and did not hesitate to steal and rob just to let him live freely. However, this Zhao Xian was not a good person. He used the original owner to obtain money. In the end, he felt bored and sold the original owner. When the original owner appeared again, she was already crazy and stupid.

Although the host had brought this upon herself, Zhao Xian was too much!

The more she thought about it, the angrier Ji Zhao became. She suddenly walked forward, rolled up her sleeves, and attacked his face from both sides!

Zhao Xian, who had been slapped twice, was dumbfounded.

“Ah Tao? You hit me?”

“Cut the crap and return the money!” Ji Zhao glared at him and shouted aggressively, “A year ago, you cheated me of my personal jade pendant for six taels of silver. Half a year ago, you took away two taels of silver that I earned from embroidery. Three months ago, you went to my house and took away a pair of silver earrings that were worth one tael of silver! Also, the silver you asked me to steal from the Shen family a few days ago added up to a total of twenty-one taels of silver and six taels of silver and five cents! Quickly return it to me!”

“You... Ah Tao... How did you become like this?” Zhao Xian widened his eyes in disbelief. His tone was filled with pain. “Have you forgotten the oath we promised each other? How can you treat me like this...”

“Return the money!” Ji Zhao’s face was tense as she said expressionlessly, “If you don’t return the money, let’s go to the county office to argue right and wrong!”

“You’re spouting nonsense...” Zhao Xian, whose face had turned red from anger, gritted his teeth and said, “You willingly gave those to me!”

“Pfft!” Ji Zhao placed his hands on his hips and angrily spat on his face. “Even if I was blind in the past, as an Scholar, you actually urged an ignorant village woman like me to steal the Shen family’s money! You’re the mastermind! If you’re unwilling to return the money, I’ll go to the county office and beat the drum of injustice. At that time, I’ll let the county magistrate carefully distinguish who’s right and who’s wrong!”

Zhao Xian did not expect Ji Ah Tao, who had always been humble and gentle in front of him, to become so domineering. He took two steps back in a panic and finally fled like a frightened rabbit...

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