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Chapter 22: Mother? Where Are We Going?

The next day, Ji Zhao, who had slept soundly, felt refreshed.

After packing up the bedding, she prepared to go out to hunt.

She carried the basket on her back and went up the mountain. In less than an hour, she had dug up half a basket of wild yams.

Then, she went to the river and luckily picked up six wild duck eggs again.

At that time, in the Shen family’s courtyard.

Zhao Lanhua was busy preparing breakfast for the family in the kitchen. She was worried about Ji Zhao’s injury and specially cooked noodles for her.

“Mother, what are you doing? It smells so good.” Second Sister-in-law Shen lifted the curtain and entered the kitchen with a smile.

“Earlier, your eldest brother asked someone to bring back two pig bones, so I made bone soup,” Zhao Lanhua replied straightforwardly. “Second Wife, quickly set up the bowls!”

“Okay!” Second Sister-in-law Shen’s eyes lit up when she heard that there was bone soup to drink! 𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

“Mother, are you at home?” Ji Zhao, who was standing by the door, raised her hand and knocked on the unlocked door of the Shen residence.

“I’m in the kitchen! Ah Tao, come over directly!” Zhao Lanhua quickly responded and said to Second Sister-in-law Shen, “Second Wife, set up an extra bowl.”

“Oh.” Second Sister-in-law Shen reluctantly took another bowl and muttered softly.

This Ji Zhao was really lucky!

Zhao Lanhua ignored her and continued to pull noodles.

Ji Zhao walked into the kitchen with a basket on her back. “Mother, I dug up a lot of yams and picked up a few wild duck eggs.”

“Really?” Second Sister-in-law Shen’s eyes widened in surprise. She quickly walked to Ji Zhao’s side and looked around curiously.

“Yes.” Ji Zhao smiled happily. “I didn’t expect my luck to be so good today.”

“Don’t worry about that for now. Go wash your hands and eat together later!” Zhao Lanhua quickly said.

“... Okay, thank you, Mother!”

After dawn, in the Shen family’s central room, everyone sat around the square table.

Shen Dashan looked at Ji Zhao, who was sitting at the corner, with a complicated gaze. In the end, he did not say anything.

“If Ah Tao hadn’t saved me yesterday, I’m afraid I would have died.” Zhao Lanhua thought for a moment and said in a low voice, “Let’s not talk about the past. In the future, Ah Tao will eat with our family. If anyone has any objections, feel free to mention it to me.”

Everyone tacitly kept quiet. After all, Zhao Lanhua had the final say in the Shen family.

“Since no one has any objections to this matter, don’t just stand there, eat!”

After stewing the bone soup for the entire night, the fragrance was very strong.

The chewy noodles were soaked in bone broth, followed by delicious sour bamboo shoots and delicious fried eggs. The three different textures formed a rich layer, making one intoxicated. After eating all the noodles and taking a sip of the broth, the taste was so beautiful that it made one speechless.

“Looking at the sun outside, I’m afraid it’s going to be another dry day today.” Shen Dashan was the first to put down his bowl and chopsticks. He said worriedly, “Third son, go out with me later. The two of us will strive to water more land.”


“Second wife, help me pack lunch, peel some yams, and wash some dried mushrooms.” Before leaving, Zhao Lanhua instructed Second Sister-in-law Shen before turning to look at Ji Zhao. “Let’s go.”

“Mother? Where are we going?” Ji Zhao was very puzzled.

“Let’s go back to your family,” Zhao Lanhua said firmly. “Don’t stand there foolishly. Let’s go and come back quickly. We should be able to make it back in time for lunch.”

Ji Zhao nodded obediently and followed behind her.

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had just walked 1 kilometer when they were stopped.

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