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Chapter 20: Sorry, I Misunderstood You

“What? What’s wrong?” Zhao Lanhua, who was frightened by Ji Zhao, looked up and asked nervously.


Ji Zhao swallowed nervously and stared at the dark red poisonous snake that was hanging upside down in the bushes an inch away from Zhao Lanhua. She said softly, “Mother, don’t move!”

Zhao Lanhua was so nervous that she forgot to breathe. Beads of sweat suddenly appeared on her smooth forehead.

Ji Zhao took a deep breath. After adjusting her emotions, she picked up the scythe in Zhao Lanhua’s hand at lightning speed and slashed at the poisonous snake!

“Ji Ah Tao! What are you doing?”

A hoarse shout suddenly sounded from behind her. Ji Zhao’s hand trembled, and the scythe in her hand turned around. It failed to hit the snake’s weak spot, and instead, the snake bit her wrist!


The sudden pain on her wrist made Ji Zhao gasp.

She tried her best to shake off the venomous snake on her wrist!

When Shen Yao, who had rushed over, saw this scene, his heart sank. He quickly seized the opportunity and grabbed the snake’s weak spot!

“I...” Ji Zhao was about to explain when she suddenly felt her vision go dark. In the end, she fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

It was not until dark that Ji Zhao slowly opened her eyes.

What greeted her eyes was a plain greenish-gray tent. She blinked blankly, her gaze empty and powerless.

“Are you... alright?” Shen Yao walked to the bed and asked softly, “Are you feeling unwell anywhere?”

“I...” Ji Zhao turned her head to look at him. The moment she wanted to explain, she suddenly felt very wronged. Her tears kept falling like pearls.

“I’m sorry. I misunderstood you.” Seeing her cry, Shen Yao felt even more guilty.

“From afar, I thought you wanted to harm my mother, so I stopped you... I didn’t expect you to raise the sickle to hit that poisonous snake,” Shen Yao explained frankly. “The doctor has already come to take a look. Your life is no longer in danger, but you still have to drink medicine just in case.”

“Mm.” Ji Zhao wanted to sit down herself, but there was a sudden pain on her right wrist. It was so painful that she gasped.

Shen Yao thought for a moment and went forward to help her arrange the pillow. He then held her shoulder and helped her sit up.

“Thank you,” Ji Zhao said softly.

“Drink the medicine first.” Shen Yao let go of her uncomfortably and turned to leave.

Ji Zhao picked up the bowl of black medicine, wrinkled her nose, and drank it in one gulp.

To her surprise, the medicine actually had a hint of sweetness.

In the central room of the Shen family.

Zhao Lanhua looked at the silent Shen Yao and advised softly, “Sanlang, I know that you still have a knot in your heart with Ah Tao. However, if Ah Tao hadn’t helped me today, I’m afraid I would have been bitten to death by that poisonous snake. Also, Ah Tao gave me the money from selling the wild chickens yesterday. I think she has really repented. Moreover, she hasn’t signed the divorce letter until now. I think she has really thought it through.”

Shen Yao did not say anything. He just lowered his head and gripped the big tea bowl in his hand tightly.

Knock knock-

Ji Zhao, who was standing outside the door, raised her hand and knocked on the wooden door. Then, she smiled faintly. “Mother, it’s getting late. I’ll go back to the Earth Temple first.”

Without waiting for Zhao Lanhua’s reply, Ji Zhao turned around and left.

“Ah Tao, wait!” Zhao Lanhua anxiously shot her son a look. “The doctor said that the venomous snake is very poisonous. Ah Tao has to rest more! Third son, don’t forget that if you hadn’t suddenly appeared and frightened Ah Tao, she wouldn’t have been bitten by the poisonous snake!”

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