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Chapter 2: You Want to Poison Me?

“Let’s go home.”

Shen Yao said coldly and held her hand as they walked through the crowd.

Ji Zhao was speechless.

As a reader of the original novel, she read the entire book without missing a word. She knew very well that Shen Yao was a person with especially strong self-esteem! His newly married wife was in a hurry to cheat on him on the second day of their marriage. Who could bear that?!


The wooden door was pushed open and Shen Yao let go of her expressionlessly.

Then, he went to the kitchen.

Just as Ji Zhao was dumbfounded, he turned around and returned.

“Drink the medicine first.” Shen Yao handed her the large blue and white porcelain bowl.

“There’s poison in the medicine? Are you trying to poison me to death?” Ji Zhao hurriedly opened her eyes and asked anxiously!

“If I really want you to die, I don’t have to waste the money to get the medicine. This is to prevent a cold. You’ve been unconscious for so long and caught a cold. You need to drink some medicine to prevent it.” Shen Yao glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. The sarcasm in his eyes was self-evident. “Also, I know you don’t really want to marry me, so you can leave. However, you have to return the two taels of betrothal money that the Ji family took. You should return all the money you took from the Shen family.”

What he said was the truth. Ji Zhao could not defend herself, but she was new to the Shen family and would probably die if she left. Therefore, she had to stay in the Shen family. She blinked and pretended to be pitiful. “I’m a weak woman. If you really divorce me, I won’t have anywhere to go. I know my mistake. Why don’t you give me another chance? I promise I won’t do anything stupid in the future! I can swear!”

Ji Zhao quickly got off the bed and faced Shen Yao. She raised her hand and swore, “If I do anything to let you down again, I’ll be dismembered!”

Seeing her swear seriously, Shen Yao pursed his lips and did not respond.

“Drink the medicine first.” After a moment of silence, Shen Yao raised his hand and pointed at the bowl of cold medicine on the cabinet.

Ji Zhao hurriedly picked up the bowl of medicine, pinched her nose, and drank it in one gulp. 𝘪n𝐧𝓻eа𝒅. 𝘤o𝘮


How bitter!

“I forgot to mention that this medicine was brewed by Sister-in-law. She even added two taels of Chinese goldthread.” Shen Yao picked up the empty bowl and walked out.

Ji Zhao instantly felt depressed!

In terms of who hated her the most in the Shen family, it must be Sister-in-law Shen!

The Shen family was prosperous. The head of the family was Shen Dashan, and the mistress was Zhao Lanhua. Zhao Lanhua gave birth to three sons in a row. The eldest son, Shen Lei, had already married Madam Feng from the same village three years ago. Now, the couple was running a pastry shop in the county city. The second son, Shen Zhang, was a carpenter. He had already married Madam Jiang a year ago. The third son was the person Ji Zhao married-Shen Yao.

However, the female protagonist was not willing to marry Shen Sanlang. Therefore, after she entered the Shen family yesterday, she actually went crazy and pushed Second Sister-in-law Shen, who was already pregnant!

Fortunately, Eldest Sister-in-law Shen quickly supported Second Sister-in-law Shen. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Later on, Eldest Sister-in-law Shen reprimanded the female lead, but the female lead scolded her for being a hen that could not lay eggs!

In short, the female lead had just entered the house and almost angered the two sisters-in-law to death...

The more Ji Zhao thought about it, the more regretful she became! Why did she have to talk nonsense? Now, she had really become the Ji Ah Tao in the book!

The more she thought about it, the more frustrated Ji Zhao became. She slapped herself twice!


It hurts!

“Hmph!” Second Sister-in-law Shen, who was standing outside the door, narrowed her eyes and sneered at her attitude. Then, she spat out the melon seed skin and clapped her hands to rid of the dust, preparing to leave.

“Wait!” Ji Zhao hurriedly shouted.

“Are you trying to push me again?” Second Sister-in-law Shen subconsciously took a few steps back, her eyes filled with suspicion.

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