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Chapter 17: You’re Still Too Young

“Mother, why don’t you make do in the shop tonight? I’ll buy some of your favorite white cut duck later.”

“No, there’s still a lot of work at home. I came to the city today to treat your third sister-in-law’s injuries.” Zhao Lanhua thought of another matter and hurriedly instructed, “By the way, pack two boxes of good pastries for me later.”

“Mother, what do you want to eat? I’ll prepare it immediately.” Shen Dalang asked.

“Ah Tao, what flavor do your grandparents like to eat? Is it sweet or salty?” Zhao Lanhua suddenly looked up at the distracted Ji Zhao.

“Mother? You want to buy pastries for my grandparents?” Ji Zhao was very surprised. “Mother, there’s really no need. Let Big Brother keep the pastries in the shop to sell.”

“Ah Tao, you’re still too young.” Zhao Lanhua looked at her deeply and said earnestly, “Although your situation with my Sanlang is a little special now, no matter what, you’re still husband and wife in name. Tomorrow, you have to return to Pomegranate Village to visit your grandparents.”

“But Mother...”

“Don’t be in a hurry to decline. Eldest, go prepare two boxes of pastries first.” Zhao Lanhua sent the puzzled Shen Dalang away.


“Mother? Do you still want to chase me back to Pomegranate Village?” Ji Zhao looked at Zhao Lanhua anxiously and asked what was on her mind.

“You’re thinking too much.” Zhao Lanhua smiled indifferently. “Other than the Shen family, no one else knows that you and Third Brother have divorced, so we still have to do this on the surface. Today at the village entrance, you heard what those people said about you behind your back, right?”

“Mother, their mouths are on other people’s faces. Just let them say whatever they want. I don’t care.” Ji Zhao smiled nonchalantly.

“Ah Tao, just because you don’t care doesn’t mean that I don’t care either. Besides, if you don’t return to Pomegranate Village to visit your family, won’t you give those gossipers a chance to frame my third son?” Zhao Lanhua smiled generously and said in a very honest tone, “You still have to do things appropriately. You don’t have to think too much. I’m mainly thinking about my third son’s reputation.”

4:30 pm.

Eldest Sister-in-law returned, her face full of joy.

“Mother, husband!”

“Have you sold all those wild chickens?” Zhao Lanhua looked at the bright smile on her face and smiled.

“Auntie Zhao, you’re really amazing. You even guessed it?” A round-faced little girl standing beside Sister-in-law Shen said with a smile, “No wonder my sister said that you’re the best!”

“Chunyan’s mouth is getting sharper!” The smile on Zhao Lanhua’s face deepened.

“Sister, Auntie is praising me for being amazing. You can’t say that I’m stupid again in the future!” Feng Chunyan held Sister-in-law Shen’s arm affectionately and said with a smile.

“You, you!” Sister-in-law Shen tapped her forehead helplessly.

When Ji Zhao, who was standing obediently at the side, heard the name Chunyan, surprise flashed across her eyes.

Feng Chunyan, Eldest Sister-in-law Shen’s biological sister. She was just 12 years old this year and had a lively and straightforward personality. She was also very efficient and capable. She helped her sister and brother-in-law manage the pastry shop... Ji Zhao suddenly thought of the plot in the original novel. If the plot did not change, Feng Chunyan would definitely encounter a calamity during this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

“Mother, those wild chickens have all been bought by Hongxing Restaurant.” Eldest Sister-in-law Shen took out an exquisite gray pouch embroidered with lotus flowers from her sleeve and poured out the silver fragments in the pouch. “Seven wild chickens. The restaurant owner gave us a total of seven taels!”

Seven taels was almost half a month’s income for the pastry shop! It could only earn so much when business was good!

“Ah Tao, you were the one who caught the chickens. Keep this silver.” Zhao Lanhua glanced at Ji Zhao, who was in a daze, and called out softly.

“Oh,” Ji Zhao replied in a daze.

The others looked at her curiously.

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