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I became the Prime Minister's Adored Wife after Transmigrating

Chapter 104 - 104 Locust Flower Pot Sticker

104 Locust Flower Pot Sticker

For example, there was a round flat pot placed on the hearth.

When Shen Erlang first saw the design of this pot, he was quite puzzled.

It was not until Ji Zhao used this pot to make delicious savory crepes that Shen Erlang was convinced!

Indeed, if one wanted to make delicacies with different flavors and styles, they had to use different cooking utensils!

After cleaning her hands, Ji Zhao began to make pot stickers.

If she wanted to make fragrant and crispy pot stickers, the requirements for the filling and for the outer skin were higher.

Ji Zhao had prepared the corresponding ingredients. Just as she was about to mix the fillings, she happened to see a locust flower placed on a drying rack not far away from her from the corner of her eye. Her heart skipped a beat and she decided to make a different locust flower pot sticker.

When mixing the filling, she added a spoonful of locust flowers into it. Not only could it neutralize the greasy taste of the meat filling, but it could also add an elegant fragrance to the filling.

When the outer skin and filling were ready, Ji Zhao began to make the pot stickers.

First, she had to place the filling in the middle of the outer skin. Then, she had to apply a little water at the top. After folding it, he had to squeeze the middle and open both sides.

She then added oil to the round pot and kept it at low heat. She placed the pot stickers in an orderly manner and waited until the bottom turned golden yellow. Then, she added a suitable amount of water and fried it for 15 minutes. After a while, the fragrance filled the air.

Before the pot stickers were brought out, she sprinkled white sesame seeds evenly.

After a while, the entire kitchen was filled with a faint fragrance.

“Ah Tao, what delicious food are you cooking?” Second Sister-in-law Shen eagerly walked into the kitchen and asked with a smile, “I just woke up and smelled that fragrance! It smells so good!”

“Second Sister-in-law, I made pot stickers,” Ji Zhao replied with a smile. “There’s also porridge I made this morning in the pot over there!”

Pot stickers with plain porridge was equivalent to a blissful breakfast!

As expected, Ji Zhao’s pot stickers were swept clean by the Shen family again!

Shen Dashan burped a few times before reluctantly putting down his chopsticks!

“Look at you!” After returning to the old couple’s central room, Zhao Lanhua frowned and complained, “Everyone knows that Ah Tao’s cooking is delicious, but you didn’t have to be so overly supportive just now, right?”

“Lanhua, you didn’t taste it?” Shen Dashan suddenly grinned at her. “Ah? You really don’t remember?”

“There are locust flowers in those pot stickers!” Shen Dashan said anxiously. “Do you remember the first time we met, you and my mother-in-law prepared locust flower rice together?”

That was why Shen Dashan, who had never been a foodie, ate more locust flower pot stickers!

“Oh, I remember now.” Zhao Lanhua smiled and nodded. “I still remember the dark green robe you were wearing!”

“Lanhua, you still remember?” The overjoyed Shen Dashan asked happily.

“How many years has it been?”

Zhao Lanhua waved her hand casually and went to the kitchen without looking back.

Staring at her back, Shen Dashan felt a little lost.

Many years later, he found the robe that he had worn before in Zhao Lanhua’s closet. Naturally, he couldn’t stop smiling!

At this moment, in the kitchen.

Ji Zhao was cleaning up the mess.

“Ah Tao, is there anything I can help you with?” Zhao Lanhua pushed the door and asked with a smile.

“Mother, I really don’t need your help here. Why don’t you go back to the central room and rest?”

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