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Chapter 1: If You’re Capable, You Go Ahead!


A basin of cold water was splashed on Ji Zhao’s face. She immediately opened her eyes and saw countless strangers’ faces!

The clothes these people were wearing were very strange, and everyone looked at her with an indignant expression.

She reached out and touched her abnormally painful head. Only then did she realize that her palm was sticky and there were eye piercing blood stains everywhere she looked.

“She’s awake! Hey! Everyone, look, The wife of Sanlang of the Shen family is awake!” Someone shouted, his tone gloating!

“What a scourge! She actually didn’t die after rolling down such a high hill? Tsk tsk!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Why didn’t she fall to her death? The heavens are really blind!”

“After such a thing happened, will the Shen Sanlang still want her?”

“Pfft! Our Shen family doesn’t have such a shameless wife! How dare she despise our third son?” A middle-aged woman in the crowd put her hands on her hips and pointed at her nose angrily!

“Isn’t that so? This Ji Ah tao is too shameless! She wanted to ask her lover to elope on the second day of the wedding. Isn’t this retribution? I heard that her lover didn’t go to the appointment at all!”

Ji Zhao raised her hand to cover her head and sat up from the grass with difficulty.

It hurts!

The feeling of pain all over her body was too uncomfortable!

“Shh, everyone, stop talking. The third son of the Shen family is here!”

Ji Zhao subconsciously looked up and saw a tall figure in navy blue.

However, that person’s legs were a little unsteady as he limped over to her.

“Ah Tao, if you really don’t want to marry me, I’m willing to write a divorce letter and let you go.” The man stood in front of her and looked down at her. “You don’t have to use such an extreme method.”

“I...” Ji Zhao slowly looked up and met that pair of cold and emotionless black eyes. Her head hurt as if it had exploded, and then a large number of memories surged into her mind.

She had transmigrated into a book!

It was the same book that she had complained about two days ago!

The female protagonist, Ji Ah Tao, was a goddess-like beauty. Her adoptive grandmother sold her to the crippled third son of the Shen family, Shen Yao, in Shanghe Village for two taels of silver.

As the author’s male lead, although Shen Yao’s opening was a little miserable, it was as if he had a cheat in his later life! His lame leg was cured by a divine doctor. Later on, he even rose to the top and became the Grand Secretary of the current dynasty! On the other hand, the female lead, Ji Ah Tao, was simply the author’s enemy. She was dealt a good hand but she played it terribly. In the end, she even successfully courted death.

Ji Zhao, who had read the entire novel, felt tired and did not like it. She could not help but write a long negative review in the book review section. In the end, she was rebuked by the author: Don’t talk nonsense, if you’re capable, you go ahead!

In the end, when Ji Zhao woke up, she really transmigrated into the book!

The time she transmigrated was on the second day of her wedding. Ji Ah Tao had stolen all the assets of the Shen family and was about to elope with the poor scholar Zhao Xian, who had admired her for many years. In the end, Zhao Xian broke his promise and the dejected Ji Ah Tao actually rolled down the hill.

In the original book, Ji Ah Tao would disappear for a few years. When she reappeared, she had already become crazy and silly.

Unexpectedly, she became Ji Ah Tao and even returned to the village in a daze.

At this moment, Ji Zhao was in a terrible mood!

The current Ji Ah Tao was simply a street rat in Shanghe Village that was hated by everyone!

On the second day of her marriage, she wanted to elope with a man. She was simply engraving the word ‘shameless’ on her forehead!

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