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Chapter 9: Spatial transformation (1)

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It would be more convenient to use copper coins or broken silver. Of course, because gold was expensive, it was much more convenient to transport it than silver. At 1:30 pm, Tang Wen brought Zhang kui, Zhan Dong, Li Quan, and bu Feng into the cave. The Empress opened the box and revealed the swords. Tang Wen picked up his saber and slashed at a thin iron sheet, making a crisp sound. Sparks flew in all directions. Tang Wen slashed a few more times, and the iron sheet had already become an ‘iron bar’. “Good blade, what a good blade.” The eyes of Li Quan and the others turned green as they gasped in admiration. “You guys try.” Tang Wen handed the knife to them, and they began to slash with all their might, feeling even more excited. After that, Tang Wen distributed the palm – sized bow and dagger to them, which attracted a lot of praise. “From now on, you have to practice more. Pick another ten or so and give them swords and sabers. Take them to practice.” Tang Wen said,”as for this small bow, there are only a few of them. At present, only the few of you are equipped with them. However, because it’s small, it can be disassembled and equipped at any time. ” Next, bu Feng went to pick a dozen people. These guys were very motivated and practiced all the way until Sixo’ clock in the evening when they came back for dinner. Tang Wen really wanted to start transmigrating again and Exchange the 800 taels of gold for supplies and silver. Unfortunately, he had yet to obtain 60 popularity points, so he could only give up for the time being. The next day, a few large pots were set up in front of the lake to give out porridge. Sun Ping and the others knocked on the gongs and shouted at the top of their lungs,”old master Tang is giving out porridge! It smells so good! Anyone who’s hungry can come and have a share.” However, not a single person came in the first two hours. “Are they not hungry?” Zhan dongwen couldn’t sit still any longer. “Ask a dozen people to put on their tattered clothes and pretend to be disaster victims. Go around the bottom and come here from all directions to eat porridge.” Tang Wen said. Li Quan had sent someone to do it, and it was indeed effective. It gave them a ‘fake’ show. Not long after, a few people came over and asked,”are you really giving out porridge? do you need money or something?” “It’s free. You’ll be full. There’s also some shredded meat in the porridge. Our old master Tang is a kind man, so he’ll let you have a taste of the meat.” Zhan dongwen shouted at the top of his lungs. Instantly, dozens of disaster victims rushed over with bowls, snatching a bowl and eating it in full swing. By the afternoon, the number of victims had increased to 100. “Master, should we tell them about our recruitment?” Zhan dongwen asked. “There’s no rush. We’ll talk about it in three days. ” Tang Wen waved his hand. In this way, after three days, more than two hundred people had gathered. “Everyone, our old master Tang has said. If they were willing to sell their bodies to the Tang family as slaves, they would receive fifteen taels of silver each, and they would receive half a tael of silver as a monthly allowance, as well as full meals. They would wear old master Tang’s clothes and live in old master Tang’s house. They would also have a meal of meat for three days, with two dishes and a soup for each meal. If you don’t want to sell yourself to old master Tang, you can also work for us. Of course, if you know martial arts, you can get more taels of silver based on your strength. ” Zhan dongwen said. “How much is it if you don’t sell your body and work for it?” Someone asked while holding a bowl. ” 40 copper coins!” Zhan dongwen replied. “Do you provide food?” A thin man asked. “No meals, but you can exchange copper coins for rice from Master Tang. It’s 20 copper coins per Jin. You’ve all eaten the rice just now. Master Tang’s rice is of the highest quality. Moreover, there was no sand in it. Although it’s the same price as the market, old master Tang’s rice is better. ” Zhan dongwen said. “How much is the meat?” ” 160 copper coins for 500 grams of meat.” Zhan dongwen said. “Everyone, we can exchange the rice you bought for porridge. However, there’s no meat in the porridge. Only by selling your body to my Tang family will you have meat to eat. ” Tang Wen stood up and pointed to a wooden table next to him.”This is the food for the servants of the Tang family, although they can only eat meat once every three days. However, there would usually be a bowl of meat soup and two dishes for every meal. If you know martial arts, you can add one more dish and have meat for a meal a day. Zhan dongwen and the others know martial arts and are our Tang family’s guards, so they eat better than the others. ” Looking at the Tang family’s maidservants eating with such a delicious aroma, many disaster victims could only swallow their saliva. “Old master Tang, my name is Zhao du and I’m a martial arts practitioner. I have a wife and children at home, do you want them too? Food is still provided?” A man with dark skin asked. “Your wife should be able to work for the Tang family. The old man will do some light work. There’s no need for children, they don’t have to work. In the future, if there’s a chance, I’ll set up a school. Let your children all have education. I want them all. ” Tang Wen said. “Alright, I’m willing to sell myself to the Tang family.” Zhao du said. “You’ve practiced martial arts before, so there are 100 Jin, 200 Jin, 345600 Jin of these iron locks. Come and move them. I’ll give you as much silver as you can move them. ” Tang Wen pointed at the iron lock that Li Quan and the others were carrying. Zhao du walked in front of the 600 – pound iron lock. He gathered all his strength and shouted,”rise!” However, the metal lock only moved a little and was not lifted. Zhao DU’s face immediately turned red. “It’s fine. If the 600 – pound one doesn’t work, you can try the 500 – pound one. ” Tang Wen encouraged him. So, Zhao du went to try another five hundred catties, but he still couldn’t lift it. In the end, he rushed to the one that weighed 150 kilograms. With a loud roar, he finally picked it up. “Good, your silver from selling your body will be increased to thirty taels. You will receive two taels of silver as a monthly allowance and be assigned to the guard team. Every member of your family is ten taels of silver, and your monthly allowance is half a tael of silver. You can do some light work, and my Tang family will pay for your food and accommodation. ” Tang Wen said. Zhan dongwen finished writing the contract on the spot. Zhao du pressed his thumbprint on it and ran off excitedly. Soon, he brought his wife, children, and mother over. Tang Ling arranged tents for them. Of course, the men and women were separated while the children followed their mothers. For the time being, Tang Wen didn’t have enough tents, so he couldn’t build one for each family. Once there was one, there would be two. In one day, more than 50 strong men were sold to the Tang family. Including their family members, the number of people reached 72. In addition, sixty people had become short – term workers for the Tang family. Tang Wen wasn’t in a hurry. He believed that they would all become slaves of the Tang family in the future. After all, the difference in treatment between short – term workers and Tang family servants was too obvious. Just the two dishes and meat soup were enough to defeat their strong will. “You’ve accumulated 60 popularity points. You can activate your third time travel.” At this moment, there was a response from the earth – Type master space. The next moment, all 72 of them charged at Tang Wen. After entering the palace for the second time, Tang Wen hurried back to his tent and used the six mysteries returning to truth technique to guide the human qi into his body. That kind of pain pressed down again, and two acupuncture points in his body were hit by the human qi, making a loud bang. After half an hour, the bitterness was over, and he felt as comfortable as if he was soaking in a hot spring. Tang Wen looked at the space and found that the data displayed on the huge screen had changed: Popularity index: 148. Land area: 2338 hectares [Wealth index: 1500 taels of gold] [Martial arts realm: rank – nine advanced] [Luggage carrying Capacity: 300 tons] [Time travel: 15 days] The reason for the increase of one level of skill was definitely because of the addition of the 72 people. In the middle of the night, Tang Wen rose into the sky again. When he landed, he realized that it was still daytime in Yunhai city. Hence, he chose a remote area and rented a large warehouse that was more than a thousand square meters. After that, he went straight to the eight fortune Golden House and sold it for 9.6 million Yuan for 800 taels of gold. He took out six million to buy back 30000 taels of silver, and the remaining three million or so were used to buy cement, steel bars, tents, rice, flour, water pipes, and other supplies. He also added a stone crusher and a sand grinder because Tang Feng was going to rebuild the dam after he returned. Therefore, he took the video of the Crouching Dragon Lake to the provincial Design Institute and spent 500000 Yuan on a water conservancy construction drawing. In addition, he spent ten days learning about water conservancy from the expert. He even took a video so that he could review it whenever he went back and didn’t understand. This time, they had also purchased a batch of office equipment, such as computers, office tables, conference tables, and so on. Since there was no electricity in Chu State, they could only use a battery to replace it. The most important thing was that Tang Wen also borrowed a few million from the Luo family to purchase a small surveying and mapping drone. At that time, he would survey the whole picture of somi. The next time he came back, he would make a complete Island Construction planning map of somi. Otherwise, it would be a waste if he were to demolish the buildings and rebuild them when he had money to develop them. This time, they returned with a full load, a total of 300 tons of supplies, of course, 200 tons were cement. This was because Tang Wen was preparing to build a dam and a canal to revive the Crouching Dragon Lake. ‘Ding – Dong, the fourth activation of time travel requires you to accumulate 100 human qi. Once his popularity reached 1000, the system would upgrade it to 2.0. At that time, you’ll travel even further. The system will select a second destination for you to transmigrate to, instead of being limited to the Great Eastern Republic. ” This was a great temptation. Tang Wen was looking forward to the situation of his second target’s transmigration and where it was. However, as soon as he came back to his senses, he heard the sounds of intense fighting and shouting.

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