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Chapter 8: My family’s Silver mine (1)

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At present, his Foundation was still unstable, and he had not even taken back somi. It was better to keep a low profile, so he did not consider it for the time being. Zhan junru had seen the large amount of rice and flour in the other tent, but she didn’t ask about it when she was sleeping. Tang Wen knew that she was curious, so he didn’t ask because he wanted to follow the rules. This was also a test for her. The next morning, Tang Wen gave Li Quan 8000 taels of silver and asked Zhang kui to accompany him to the Yanling County Bank to exchange for gold ingots. After that, the first task he gave Zhan dongwen was to build two toilets and a few bathhouses, separated by men and women. Fortunately, there were two carpenters, a Mason, and a stonemason in the group. There were a lot of dried and fallen wood on the hill. Tang Ling provided them with sharp axes, saws, and so on while Zhan dongwen arranged for his men to do it like a butler. Below, accompanied by Zhan dongwen, the two of them started to patrol around sumei Lake. “Dongwen, what do you think our next step should be?” Tang Wen asked while walking. “Of course, we should gather all the people on somi and show them the land title deed. Let them know that this Island is yours and not a land without an owner. We can rent the land to them, but we have to collect rent. This Island is so big. If we can attract the victims to farm here, our annual income will be quite a lot. ” Zhan dongwen said. “They didn’t want to rent it at first, but now we want to rent it. You see, until now, no one has come to us. Then why?” Tang Wen said. “Then he definitely doesn’t want to pay the rent.” Zhan dongwen said. “That’s why you have to eat it bite by bite. Don’t gather all of them at once. When the time comes, they’ll have more people and we’ll be in a passive position. We’re going to swallow them up one by one, and our strength is still insufficient. We have to find ways to recruit some people to strengthen ourselves. Otherwise, the situation where I almost couldn’t come back from collecting rent will happen again. ” Tang Wen said. “We’ll recruit more people. When we have more people, we still haven’t rented anything. What will we eat and wear?” Zhan dongwen said, frowning. “I’ll think of a way to eat and wear them. Your current task is to secretly send some people down to find out their Foundation. I’m thinking that since no one has shown their faces until now, there must be someone organizing a confrontation with us. Also, the descendants of the Jiang family’s steward haven’t appeared yet. There are many problems. ” Tang Wen said. “That’s good. I’ll arrange for a few people to sneak into their group and spy on them. ” Zhan dongwen nodded. “Our first step is to find a way to gather our men and take back the fields. The second step was to repair the road, filling up all the dust on the road and widening the foundation. The third step is here. ” Tang Wen pointed to the front. “Isn’t that the place that was destroyed by the Pirates? What can we do?” Zhan dongwen asked, confused. It was because the dam built by the Tang family’s ancestors had collapsed. After the lake water leaked out, only about a mile of lake water was left, and most of the lake bed was exposed. Now, it was also overgrown with wild grass, almost turning into a mountain forest. “There used to be a simple dam here, probably built by my Tang family’s ancestors. That was why the Crouching Dragon Lake had appeared. Our third step is to rebuild the dam and allow the water flowing down the mountain to be stored and form a Lake again. ” Tang Wen pointed at the collapsed area and said. “Repairing the dam will require a lot of manpower and a large amount of silver. Although there’s only about a li of water left at the bottom of the lake, it’s enough for us to use. It’s useless to build it, so why waste the silver on it? It’s better to use money to build a house, at least let us settle down first, that will require a lot of money. ” Zhan dongwen said, shaking his head. “Hehe, you don’t understand. This Lake is too useful. You see, the fields on Sumer Island are all around the lake. We’re not only going to build the dam, but we’re also going to build it higher than before and expand the lake. At that time, they could dig ditches and channel water to the rice fields for irrigation. You see, the harvest of the land they’re farming is too low due to the drought, so they probably can’t even fill their stomachs. Why was he still willing to pay rent? Therefore, water was the most important. By then, the fields would be fertile, there would be water, and the harvest would be good. They would naturally be willing to pay rent. Otherwise, we will force them to pay the rent. The first is to incite conflict and they will fight us to the death for their lives. Secondly, if they couldn’t win, they would also escape from somi Island. At that time, what’s the point of taking an uninhabited island?” Tang Wen said with a smile. “Master, you’re too thoughtful. However, this matter is too difficult to do. How much silver would it cost?” Zhan dongwen said with a face full of admiration. “I said you don’t have to worry about the silver, I will find a way. Moreover, from tomorrow onwards, we’ll start giving out porridge. At that time, he would attract the starving disaster victims over. As such, as long as we give them food to eat, they’ll definitely be willing to join our Tang family. We’ll gradually break down their forces. By then, we’ll have more and more people, while they’ll have fewer and fewer. At that time, when our forces surpass theirs, we can consider taking back all the fields. ” Tang Wen said. “Good idea. I’ll arrange for them to do it.” Zhan dongwen nodded excitedly. At that moment, Sun Ping ran over and said that they had found a hole in the mountain behind the house when they were sawing wood on the mountain. It seemed to be carved out by humans, so Tang Wen and the other man hurried to the back. He found that Sun Ping and the others had cleared away the grass and trees, revealing a cave entrance. “This cave was originally filled with vines, weeds, and trees. Li Si only discovered it after he accidentally fell in. When we looked, we saw that it was even blocked with stones. So I was very curious, so I sneaked it in and found that it was actually a hole. ” Sun Ping said. “Li Si, what do you think happened?” Tang Ling asked. “There’s still soil on top of this hole, with weeds, trees, and vines growing on it. It’s strange, it’s as if they’re hiding the hole. However, we didn’t find anything when we went in. It’s just some scattered stones. I wonder if they were used to hide treasures. ” Li Si said. “Let’s go in and take a look. ” Tang Wen nodded, and the others lit a torch and went into the cave. He found that the tunnel was not small, and three carriages could walk side by side. It was also about 15 feet high. It was obviously man – made, and there was no more passage after about a mile. However, there was a huge hole at the end of the tunnel. It was about 200 feet high and three miles wide. Tang Wen shone the torch on the rocks and picked up the scattered stones on the ground to observe them. Immediately, he picked up a few stones and returned to the tent. She called Zhan dongwen in and shone a strong flashlight on the stones. “Eh? Why is there a flash?” Zhan dongwen’s jaw dropped in shock. Tang Wen picked up the axe and cut the stone open, then shone it at the cross – section. Zhan dongwen’s mouth was wide open as he spoke, because there seemed to be many little stars flashing. “Dongwen, take a look, doesn’t it look like this?” Tang Wen took out a silver ingot and handed it to him.”Compare it and shine it with this flashlight.” “More or less, but it’s not as bright as a silver ingot. Could there be silver inside?” Zhan dongwen asked. “This is a silver mine, and someone is secretly digging into my Tang family’s Silver mine. However, the silver content was probably too low at the end, or it was abandoned after the mining was completed. ” Tang Wen said. “Who did this? If they had been digging in the past, didn’t the Tang family have many servants? How were they going to dig? If you’re caught, you’ll be dead. ” Zhan dongwen said. “Yes, how do they dig? the Tang family will definitely find out. That’s why the Tang family’s courtyards were burned down and turned into ruins. ” Tang Yan’s face was a little cold. “Man – made?” Zhan dongwen’s mouth was wide open in shock. “No wonder Butler Jiang didn’t send anyone back to report to the Tang family after so many years.” Tang Wen snorted. “You’re saying that it was Jiang Chang who did it, and his purpose was to misappropriate the Tang family’s Silver mine?” Zhan dongwen said. “He’s the most suspicious. Besides, you see, if there are Pirates involved, then he’s colluding with them. The Pirates came out to Rob and kill, scaring the people on the island away. Once the people leave, they can openly mine the silver mine. ” Tang Wen said. “Dammit! You’re worse than an animal. ” Zhan dongwen cursed. At oneo’ clock in the afternoon, Li Quan and Zhang kui returned from Yanling city and gave Tang Wen the 800 taels of gold they had exchanged. In fact, to the people of great Chu, besides making jewelry with gold, it was not convenient to use it. That was because it was too expensive. Usually, you wouldn’t be able to find it even if you ate a meal or went to a brothel.

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