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Chapter 7: The considerate little servant (1)

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“You’re Luo Jun’s brother, so I shouldn’t have said that. However, this medicine was indeed too difficult to make. The marrow cleansing pill was expensive, and the ingredients required thirty – year – old wild ginseng, Lingzhi, etc. Each pill cost 50000 Yuan. Of course, the marrow cleansing pill was used to clean the bones and wash the marrow. A few would be enough. On the other hand, the origin nurturing pill is used a lot and can be used in normal times, so it’s a little cheaper. One pill costs twenty thousand. ” Tang Wen said. “How much do you have? give me all of it, I’ll transfer the money to you immediately.” Zhang Zhongjing said. Tang Wen took out two bottles and handed them over.”Take a look.” Zhang Zhongjing took it and counted,”five marrow cleansing pills, 15 Vitality Pills, 550000 Yuan. Is that right, Mr. Tang?” Zhang Zhongjing said. “You can give a whole number.” Tang Wen said. “Thank you so much, brother Tang.” Zhang Zhongjing was also very straightforward and immediately transferred the money over. Tang Wen’s heart bloomed with joy. 500000 Yuan could buy more than 2000 taels of silver in the great Dong Republic. These medicinal pills were also expensive in Chu State, so Tang Wen spent 300 taels. However, the price difference was seven to eight times, which was a huge profit ... Of course, it was considered expensive here. There shouldn’t be many people who used it, but it was also a way to make money. “Do you want a cultivation technique?” Tang Wen asked. “You still have other cultivation techniques?” Luo Jun’s eyes widened. “Of course there are. My master left behind a few sets. However, some of them could not be passed on to outsiders, but there were still a few sets that could be passed on. The houses in Yunhai are so expensive, I need a place to settle down. ” Tang Wen said. “I want it, of course I want it. Hurry up and take it out.” Zhang Zhongjing was suddenly in high spirits, even more excited than when he saw the marrow cleansing pill. “This is the six mysteries returning to truth technique, a cultivation technique. One set costs 300000. There’s also a set of footwork called floating Willow steps.” As Tang Wen spoke, he immediately stood up and with a flash of his body, three Tang wens appeared in the room. Instantly, the three guys in the room were dumbfounded. When the floating Willow steps was cultivated to the major accomplishment stage, one would be able to create over a dozen shadows at the same time. Naturally, when facing an enemy, one would not be able to tell which was real and which was fake. Of course, in his previous life, this master had only managed to form three Shadows after practicing for a few years. It would take at least five to six years to master it. Of course, if your power increases, your cultivation speed will naturally be faster. “I also want one!” Luo Jun said. “There’s really martial arts in this world? I thought they were all just fancy tricks. ” Song Qingyang said with a dazed look. “Of course there is martial arts, but it’s not as amazing as the ones on TV. Our special task force also has special training methods, and we even invited some old monks and Daoists to perform and explain. However, compared to Mr. Tang ‘s, all of them are trash. ” Luo Jun said. “State your price, Mr. Tang. I want all of them.” Zhang Zhongjing was a little impatient. “Floating Willow steps costs 200000 Yuan per set. However, there’s one thing I have to make clear. These mental cultivation methods and martial arts moves were very hard to practice, and they could not be completed in one or two years. You must be mentally prepared. Otherwise, you will think that I’m lying to you if you don’t see much effect after practicing for a few months or half a year. ” Tang Wen said with a serious face. “Of course, of course, we all know that.” Zhang Chongjing said as he nodded. In this way, another million Yuan went into Tang Wen’s pocket. Song Qingyang invited Tang Wen to sit in his car. Tang Wen knew that this guy wanted to make some money from him after seeing that he had earned 1.5 million Yuan in the blink of an eye. Tang Wen also wanted to order a batch of swords from him, so he naturally got into his car. Song Qingyang brought Tang Wen to his tool factory and introduced him to various tools, such as a vegetable knife, a saw knife, an axe ... “The sword I want must be made of good steel. Do you have titanium steel?” Tang Wen asked. “Of course there is. Some of our knives are a little mixed. However, if you want to use titanium to make your swords, that’s too expensive. ” Song Qingyang said. “How much does this one cost?” Tang Wen pointed at a prop knife that was nearly a meter long and asked. “That’s expensive. It’s estimated to be around 50000 to 60000 Yuan.” Song Qingyang said. “Then this one.” Tang Wen pointed at the three – fingers – wide, antique – looking sword prop and asked. “This one uses much less materials, about 20000 Yuan.” “Give me twenty of them, and make me a few short daggers, a few short daggers ...” “This is between you and me, don’t tell anyone.” Song Qingyang said in a low voice as they walked out of the factory. “Then I’m just looking for trouble.” Tang Wen smiled and got into the car. Only 700000 was left from 1.5 million. Tang Wen then went to the eight fortune Golden House. Due to the limited smelting level of the great Chu State, the color of the gold was not very good. There was only about 80% gold in it. 120 taels of gold had only been sold for 2.4 million. In that case, he had 3 million in his card. He bought back 10000 taels of silver with 2 million, and the remaining 1 million was used to buy medicine, tents, sofa beds, barbed wire ... Cement, and a mini drone. Ten days later, the swords and knives were ready. Tang Wen gave them a try. It was not bad that the swords and sabers could cut through the thin iron sheet under the influence of strength. Thus, he had transmigrated back to Chu State. “Ding dong! For the third time, I need to accumulate 60 popularity points. ” The conditions were getting more and more difficult. It was easier to earn money, but it was harder to recruit people than to earn money. Tang Wen felt a bit of a headache. He took the flashlight and prepared to go out of the tent to get some fresh air. Just as he lifted the curtain, he was stunned. He found Zhan junru curled up in a ball and crouched by the door, her whole body chattering, and her lips turning purple from the cold. Although it was only March here and it was fine during the day, the sea breeze at night was quite cold. “Why don’t you go back to the tent?” Tang Wen asked in surprise. “I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... Zhan junru nagged. “I’ll let mother know tomorrow. You can go back first. ” Tang Wen said. “I can’t say. I asked the Grand Madame for it. This servant is a Tang family member, so of course I have to serve master. ” Zhan junru said firmly. “Sigh ... You can come in first.” Tang Wen’s eyes were a little wet. He went into the tent, took out a down jacket, and put it on her. He also took a scarf and wrapped it around her soft face. “I’ve never worn such warm clothes. ” Zhan junru’s eyes reddened. “Why don’t you warm yourself up on the bed first?” Tang Wen deliberately pointed at the two – meter – wide Simmons bed that had just been set up. “That’s master’s bed. I can’t sleep there. I’ll just sleep on the ground.” Zhan junru’s face turned slightly red as she shook her head. However, his eyes were secretly looking around. “Don’t you feel curious?” Tang Wen asked. “I’m curious. I was so curious that I almost died. ” Zhan junru nodded. “But you look so calm?” Tang Wen stared at her. “Master will tell me when it’s time. If master doesn’t tell me, then I can’t ask. That would be against the rules.” Zhan junru replied. “You’re so considerate. ” Tang Wen praised. “I ... I want to be master’s considerate servant.” Zhan junru’s face was red, and she mustered up her courage. “The most important thing for a considerate servant is to know the rules and be sensible. You have to keep the old master’s Secret and can’t even tell your own brother and father. Of course, I won’t harm them. ” Tang Wen said with a serious face. “This servant will listen to master.” Zhan junru nodded. “You must be hungry, let’s make some supper.” Tang Wen said with a smile. “Master, what do you want to eat? this servant will cook it.” Zhan junru immediately removed the scarf and took off her down jacket. “No, we’ll do it ourselves today.” Tang Wen smiled, took out the instant noodles, and a few packets of dried chicken feet and fish. He put them on the table and said,”try this first.” “Old master, you eat first.” Zhan junru shook her head lightly. “Didn’t you say you would listen to the old master? if the old master told you to eat, you would eat. ” Tang Wen opened the package. She took a five – Spice chicken foot and handed it over. Zhan junru took it and licked it lightly. Instantly, her pupils twitched. “Is it good?” Tang Wen said with a smile. “It’s weird, but it’s really delicious. I’ve never eaten anything so delicious before.” Zhan junru said excitedly. As for the seafood beef noodles, Zhan junru didn’t even have a drop of soup left. Tang Wen also taught her how to make instant noodles, how to use a kettle, a thermos, and even how to brush her teeth and use a flashlight. Next, a 1.2 – meter – wide Simmons mattress was brought in from another tent. He set up a bedside table, a wardrobe, a mirror, and so on. A screen was used to separate the tent into one large room and two small rooms. The large room was used to receive guests, while the small room was used to sleep. The large room outside had a sofa, a flat table for tea, an armchair, a rocking chair, a desk, a bookshelf, and so on. He had wanted to get a television, a computer, or a DVD player, but it would be too shocking if there was no electricity here.

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