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Chapter 6: The construction of the security team (1)

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Other than the two dishes and the soup, there were two cans of caviar and beef mince. Liu qingmei kept sighing that the food was delicious, appetizing, and went well with the rice, while Zhan junru and Xing ‘er, who were standing and waiting on her, were drooling. “All of you, come at me together.” Tang Wen looked at them and said. “No, we’ll serve you two first.” Xing ‘er and Zhan junru hurriedly shook their heads. Tang Wen didn’t say anything else, knowing that they were going to pick up the leftovers. The rules of this world had to be followed. Otherwise, if the servant girl and the master ate together, it would be a mess. “Dongwen, we’re a family now. Sumi Island was bought by my ancestor and was later handed over to the third Butler of the Tang family, Jiang Chang, with a group of people to manage it. Later, the Tang family made so much money that they forgot about it. No one had come here for decades, and my mother only found the title deed when she was packing up her belongings. You’ve been around here for a while, so you should know something about the island. Tell me about it first. ” After the meal, Tang Wen gathered Li Quan, Zhang kui, and Zhan dongwen for a discussion. “I’m not sure about other things, but I’m told that a lot of disaster victims fled here decades ago. It was said that the island was quite prosperous at that time. After that, they were targeted by Pirates who often came to Rob them. “However, many more victims went in later on. I’m not sure how many people there are now, so it’s very chaotic. I’m afraid it won’t be easy for master to take over the land. ” Zhan dongwen said. “So, you will choose a group of people to form a guard team. You will be in charge of everyone’s safety while Zhang kui will be in charge of the safety of the Tang family.” Tang Wen nodded. “Bu Feng, Chen Fa, Sun Ping, Li Si ...” Zhan dongwen immediately called over a dozen people and said,”among them, bu Feng has practiced martial arts and has the strength of an early – Stage rank -9. Although Chen Fa, Sun Ping, and the others have never practiced martial arts before, they have practiced a few moves with me during the two years we were fleeing. However, he had not been able to reach rank -10 because he did not have a marrow cleansing pill. However, he did have some strength. The Tang family’s guard team would be temporarily formed by them. However, we don’t have any weapons on hand, so I guess we’ll have to buy some swords. ” “Li Quan, move the sabers over and distribute them.” Tang Wen said. Li Quan carried a bunch over, giving each of them one. “Good blade!” Bu Fengmao used all of his strength to cut off a piece of wood as thick as a fist, and then he shouted. It must be known that the Chu Kingdom’s knife – forging level is very low. The blade was heavy but not very sharp, and it looked rough. Martial artists often relied on force and inertia to cut people to death. This is mainly limited to the Chu dynasty’s level of steel refining. Of course, there are also master craftsmen in the Chu dynasty, but after all, there are not many of them. The price of a good knife was also astonishingly expensive. One knife cost more than a hundred taels of silver, and some even cost a few hundred taels of silver. Ordinary people could forget about it. The knives that Tang Wen had bought from the Great Eastern Republic were all made of fine steel, so they were naturally not bad. “It’s been a few decades. The third steward, Jiang Chang, should be dead, but he should have descendants. Why is there no one?” Zhan dongwen said. “Why didn’t he go to Liangzhou to report to the Tang family when he encountered a great disaster? did something happen? There’s something strange about this, we have to investigate it slowly. ” Tang Wen snorted. Zhan dongwen was very capable, and even arranged for a few guards to patrol at night with sabers in hand, to prevent wild beasts or human attacks. After all, suma Island had been deserted for decades. The weeds were taller than humans and the primitive jungle was dense. It had long become a paradise for wild beasts. In the evening, candles were lit in the tent. Tang Wen was also a little tired and was ready to sleep until midnight to travel to the Great Eastern kingdom and get some supplies back. After all, the number of people had increased by quite a bit, and the things needed for eating, drinking, and peeing had also increased. At this moment, the curtain was lifted slightly, and Zhan junru entered. “What’s the matter?” Tang Wen asked as he sat on the bed. “Grand Madam asked me to come and serve you, master. She also said that from now on, I will be the one to serve you.” Zhan junru’s face was slightly red as she spoke. “No need. I’m used to being alone. Go back. I’ll call you if I need you.” Tang Wen said. “Master, it’s not convenient for you to have no one to serve you. I will serve you well. I’ll sleep on the ground and won’t disturb old master’s rest. At that time, if master needs anything, you can directly call me. ” Zhan junru said, her face even redder. “I really don’t need it. You can go back.” Tang Ling said with a serious face. “That’s good. ” Zhan junru’s face was full of disappointment. She bowed and left the tent. F * ck, I’m not Liu Xiahui. Although Zhan junru isn’t pretty, and even a little dark, how can I stand a woman sleeping under the bed? Of course, the most important thing was that Tang Wen’s Secret couldn’t be known to outsiders. In the middle of the night, Tang Wen touched his wooden bracelet and muttered in his heart, I’m a big landlord! In an instant, he entered that space again. He noticed that the numbers on the big screen had changed: Popularity index: 76. Land area: 2338 hectares [Martial arts boundary: rank – nine intermediate] [Wealth index: 150 taels of gold] [Luggage carrying Capacity: 200 tons] [Time travel: 13 days] “Ding dong! [The earth – based system is severely damaged. It can only open the door to popularity points below 1000 points.] When you have accumulated 1000 popularity points, you can open the second door, and that is another world. ” As soon as the voice finished, Tang Wen found that several doors appeared on the space wall at the same time, marked with 1000,5000,10000 ... Numbers. However, only the door without a number was flashing with green light, while the doors with numbers were gray. Tang Wen walked over and tried to push it, but he couldn ‘t. It seemed that his popularity index was not enough to open other doors, so this guy could only go back and open the door without a number. Instantly, the runes embedded in the ground flickered, and at the same time, the dog – like totem on the wall barked. A ray of green light hit the door, and the light shadow quickly ran to both sides. It was as if he was flying in a space – time Tunnel. Soon after, they landed! Tang Wen found himself standing in the corner of a small alley in Yunhai city of the Great Eastern Republic. Tang Wen turned on his phone and found that there were more than a dozen missed calls. Most of them were from Luo Jun, so he called back. “I say, Mr. Tang, where have you been? I’ve been calling you and you said that you’re not in the service area. Did you go into the cave again?” Luo Jun’s voice was heard. “I still owe you money, so I went back to make some pills. See, I rushed back immediately.” Tang Wen replied. “Just in time, my friend is here too. Let’s meet at the usual place.” Luo Jun hung up the phone while Tang Wen called and went straight to the Lanting club. Soon, the Tang Army drove a Wrangler over. Two more people jumped down from it, a chubby one and a skinny one. “My friends are song Qingyang and Zhang Zhongjing.” Luo Jun introduced them as soon as he got off the car. They greeted each other and entered the room. After taking a few sips of tea, Tang Wen took out a bottle of medicine and handed it to Tang Jun.”This is what you wanted.” “Mr. Tang, didn’t you say you wanted to forge a sharp sword last time?” Luo Jun took the medicine bottle and stuffed it into his bag. “Yeah, I want to get a few. I’ll practice on a regular basis. It’s not good to use a weapon without a proper handle.” Tang Wen nodded. “Haha, director song runs a knife factory. All kinds of vegetable knives, saw knives, and even antiqued swords were produced. Moreover, all the steel used was imported from overseas. Moreover, they even went to the film and television company for props and swords. Of course, some special knives were regulated by the country. It’s fine for you to play a few rounds, but you can’t do bad things. ” Luo Jun said jokingly. “How can I! I don’t want to form the Axe Gang, so why don’t you just kill me?” Tang Wen shook his head and smiled. “Hahaha, that’s true.” Luo Jun laughed. “This is my business card. If you need anything, just contact me, Mr. Tang.” Song Qingyang handed him his business card. “Mr. Tang, I’ve also tried that medicine last time. The effect is quite good. If you still have some, I’d like some too. ” At this time, Zhang Zhongjing, who had been silent all this time, said. “I’ve forgotten to introduce him to you. Brother Zhang has opened a Martial Arts Center. People call him ‘seventh master’, and he’s a well – known figure in Yunhai. He even took in more than ten disciples, and he can’t even walk properly. ” Luo Jun joked. “Wouldn’t I be a crab? You Rascal, do you even use such a metaphor to describe people?” Zhang Zhongjing replied with a smile. “There’s still some medicine left, but there are factories everywhere now, and the pollution is serious. The air is filled with a foul smell, and I have to personally go to the deep mountains and old forests to pick these herbs. The air there was good, and the pills refined there were strong enough. Otherwise, you can try using the ones from the wholesale market. The effect will be far worse. ” Tang Wen said. “I understand. Just state your price, Mr. Tang.” Zhang Chongjing nodded.

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