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I Am The Landlord In Another World

Chapter 592 - Xuanxi branch (6)

Chapter 592: Xuanxi branch (6)

Hehe, this was called cooking a frog in warm water. He had unknowingly trapped it.

In any case, we can just push this matter to Mystic Wood City. He won’t go to Mystic Wood City, so only God knows. ” Zhang Xiaotian laughed drily.

“That’s true. ” The two of them burst into laughter.

The 10,000-square-meter ‘Tang xuanxi supermarket’ was located in the eastern city of xuanxi. Hongwu even found a salesperson.

Tang Wen unloaded the goods in a few huge warehouses and began to sort them out and put on price tags.

They only finished their work around three in the afternoon and had just finished clearing the trash when Ning Yan came over with a group of people.

Looking at the Grand and well-lit supermarket, Ning Yan and the others almost went crazy with joy. She rushed in excitedly with her men.

“Steward hou, I want this one, and this one too. This one ...”

“Also, What is this? I heard you’re the shop’s sales assistant. Quickly introduce it to me.”

The ning residence’s Senior Manager, hou Qing, followed behind her with an account book in hand. It took an hour before Ning Yan stopped and went back to the counter to ask the cashier to calculate the total amount.

“Miss ning, the items you’ve purchased will cost a total of 123800 upper spiritual stones.

You can exchange half of the spirit stones for gold and silver of the same value, or you can exchange them for low-grade or mid-grade spirit stones. ”

The cashier’s sweet voice rang out. Butler hou’s hand trembled, and he suddenly looked embarrassed. After all, the amount was too big.


“Young ... Young miss, I think it’s better to ask the master.”

“What? can’t the ning family afford 100000 upper spiritual stones?” Ning Yan glared at him and asked coldly.

“Of course I can, but the amount is still too large. I have to get old master’s approval.” Hou Qing wiped the sweat from his forehead and explained.

“There’s no need for approval. I have the final say. Pay up immediately. If you don’t have enough spirit stones, you can use gold and silver as payment.” Ning Yan said with an overbearing expression.

“Young miss, the amount is too large. This old servant does not dare.” Hou Qing was on the verge of tears.

“Load all the things into the carriage and transport them to the ning residence!” Ning Yan ignored him and shouted at her subordinates.

Hongwu looked at Tang Wen and Tang Wen nodded. So, the supermarket deliveryman began to ship the goods according to the order.

“Listen up, immediately arrange for a few people to go to the ning mansion and install all the things that need to be installed. Don’t relax,” Tang Wen said.

“Don’t worry, master. We have been working with Master Wu Yunpeng for more than a year. It’s just a small matter.”

“Young master Tang, I’m going back to the manor.” Hou Qing said to Tang Wen.

“No problem. Do you think I don’t trust the ning residence? Moreover, this supermarket is opened by me and the city Lord. Butler hou, please go ahead with your work. ” Tang Wen smiled and went to the city Lord’s mansion.

Because Zhang Xiaotian said that he was going to hold a welcome party for Tang Wen at night.

“City Lord, we’ve already made a lot of money even before the opening of our supermarket. We’ve contributed more than 20000 top grade spirit stones to you today.” Tang Wen smiled and reported the good news as soon as he sat down.

“Who received the news so quickly?” Zhang Xiaotian was also stunned.

“It’s miss Ning Yan of the ning family. ” Tang Wen said.

“How did she know about your supermarket?” Zhang Xiaotian was stunned.

“I met her on the way here this morning. I even took a ride in her family’s carriage ...” Tang Wen said with a smile.

“Hehe, Ning Yan is indeed a little willful. However, I’m guessing that ning Xiong is probably throwing a tantrum right now.” Zhang Xiaotian laughed drily.

“He can’t lose his temper even if he wants to. Ning Yan is the favorite of the ning family’s elder.” Grand Master Xiao Cheng laughed from the side.

“The ning residence is really rich. They took out more than 120000 upper spiritual stones just like that.” Tang Wen touched his chin, shook his head and sighed.

“His family owns a large-scale spirit mine, so of course he’s rich. The ning family’s wealth can be ranked among the top three in our xuanxi city.

However, even though the ning family was rich, a hundred thousand high-grade pills was not a small amount.

I have to congratulate you on this too, brother. You’ve earned a lot of money even before opening. ” Zhang Xiaotian said with a smile.

“City Lord, to be honest, I don’t earn as much as you.” Tang Wen had a bitter look on his face.

“Hehe, little brother, you can’t say that. I’ll drink with you tonight.” Zhang Xiaotian said with a smile.

“The city Lord promised to give me a city.” Tang Wen said.

“I’ve told you this morning that there are hundreds of cities under my mysterious West City.

I’ll give you whatever you want, I’ll never go back on my word.

Of course, some cities already have owners, so I can’t give them to you. As long as they don’t have owners, I’m fine with it. ” Zhang Xiaotian said.

“I’ve heard that fenghai city is a beautiful place. How about you give it to me, elder brother?” Tang Wen said.

“Brother, you really know how to pick a place. Forget it, since I’ve already said it, I’ll give it to you. It’s fenghai then.” Zhang Xiaotian said.

“It’s mainly because the ocean wind city isn’t far from our xuanxi city. It’ll be convenient for us to come back. Grand Master, please settle this immediately.” Tang Wen said.

The reason why Tang Wen was so close was, of course, because he only wanted to get a city.

At that time, the land and population would definitely be large, all within the scope of their own territory.

At that time, the system would remind him that as long as the procedures were completed, he would be able to level up again.

With an increase in his power, he would have a better chance of going to the alansha sea in a few days.

As for the city itself, Tang Wen wasn’t particularly interested in it.

Therefore, he picked a small city near xuanxi city. As expected, Zhang Xiaotian accepted it.

Advisor Xiao was also very fast. In just an hour, he had completed all the procedures, including the land deed and the person deed.

“Ding-dong, you have met the transmigration conditions. You can transmigrate from here to another plane.

Moreover, the system notification said that the land and population this time were both very large. If you successfully advance, the system will give you a new function, which is to travel between the same plane.

Since it was in the same plane, it was different from traveling in a different space and time. Therefore, the requirements were much lower.

For example, you needed 60000 people to travel to a different time, but you didn’t need that much to travel to the same plane. You only needed about 5% of the people and land to travel to the same plane.

So, using the standard requirement of 60000 popularity points as an example, at this stage, you only need to obtain 3000 popularity points to be able to travel anywhere in the same plane. ”

F * ck!

The system’s new function seemed pretty good. Moreover, the conditions for traveling were not high and could be easily achieved.

At that time, he would be able to teleport from xuanxi back to Xuanwu in the blink of an eye. This was similar to the long-distance teleportation of the immortals in the legends.

The evening’s welcoming banquet was actually a show. Zhang Xiaotian had invited the high-ranking officials, dignitaries, and famous people of xuanxi city, including some of the city Lords under his command.

Tang Wen also arranged for people to perform his own things on stage, such as all-purpose clothes and washing machines ...

As for the bathroom, the city Lord’s mansion had already been installed. The guests were the first to experience the beauty of the bathroom and the benefits of the electric lamp ...

Naturally, all of them agreed to come to the supermarket to order tomorrow.

When he got home at night, Tang Wen called Hongwu and the others into the underground cultivation room to let them enjoy the benefits of being popular.

This time, it was extremely popular. The population of the city had reached more than five million and the land area was hundreds of thousands of hectares. Hongwu had entered the initial stage of the earth realm.

Now that Hongwu’s power had increased, it would be easier for him to manage the supermarket in xuanxi city. As for the supermarket in Xuanwu city, Wu Zi would naturally be in charge of it.

After enjoying the popularity bonus, Tang Wen glanced at the big screen in the space. The data was updated as expected:

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