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Chapter 590: Xuanxi branch (4)

“It’s a dangerous journey with thousands of mountains and rivers. I’ve troubled you. ” Zhang Xiaotian smiled and said,”come on, let’s have some tea inside.”

“Have you found the location?” Tang Wen asked.

“I’ve already found one. Your subordinate, Hongwu, has already built the building.

It had two floors, with the lower part being a shop and the upper part being occupied. It was very large and could accommodate thousands of people.

Don’t worry, brother. Once your goods are on the shelves, I’ll immediately arrange for people to come and protect the supermarket. ” Zhang Xiaotian said.

“I’ll have to trouble the city Lord in this aspect. As for the Commission, we’ll do it according to our original agreement, what do you think?” Tang Wen replied.

“I’m sorry, brother, but I might have to add 5%.” Zhang Xiaotian said.

“City Lord, you’re going back on your word.” Tang Wen’s face darkened when he heard that. How could this guy be so unreliable?

“Brother, I have my own difficulties. However, I didn’t add much. You can add half a Commission.” Zhang Xiaotian said.

“Alright, half it is then. In the past, when I was in Xuanwu city, I already had a city’s fief. Now that I’m in the Western mystic region, I should have a place to stay. ” Tang Wen said.

“Don’t worry. You can choose from the hundreds of cities under my command. I’ll reward you with whichever city you like. ” Zhang Xiaotian’s answer was straightforward.

“Yes, I’ll tell you after I understand.” Tang Wen said.

“Middle middle!” Zhang Xiaotian nodded and said,”by the way, brother, has the princess left yet?”


“Not yet, he’s waiting for me to go back. He said he’s going to open a supermarket in Tianyu. There should be more rich people there. Brother, have you been to the Qing-Yun realm?” Tang Wen shook his head.

“I’ve never been to heaven city, but I’ve been to Mystic City.

Mysterious city was the center of mysterious domain, similar to heaven city.

That kind of prosperity isn’t something our xuanxi city can compare to. Furthermore, there are many experts there. ” Zhang Xiaotian sighed with emotion.

“Oh? What level of strength is he at?” Tang Wen asked curiously.

“Let’s put it this way, they are not on the same level at all.

Although I, Zhang Xiaotian, do not dare to say that I am the Lord of the Western mystic region, I am still the junior of the Lord of the region.

However, with my strength, I’m not bad in the Western mystic region and can dominate the Xuanwu region.

However, when I arrived in Xuan city, I was scared silly.

Because even the guards hired by a rich family are stronger than me. This was because the mysterious city was the center of the mysterious domain, and the strength of the mysterious West region was only ranked above average in the entire mysterious domain. It had not even reached the high grade.

Only the five elemental domains like profound wood, profound gold, profound fire, profound water, and profound earth can be considered to be of a higher grade, and are one grade higher than our profound Western domain.

Xuan city is above these five cities and is the center of the region. Of course, it’s the best. ” Zhang Xiaotian said.

“The Black Tortoise region is weaker than the black Western Region, so the region master of the Black Tortoise region is probably a heaven realm expert.

The Western mystic region was stronger than the Black Tortoise region, so the region Lord should have a profound realm expert.

If the Western mystic region was above average in the entire mystic region, then wouldn’t the five elemental domains have experts in the hihuang realm?

From this, it could be deduced that mysterious city was the pinnacle of the mysterious domain.

They must have experts stronger than the yellow realm. What level are they at?” Tang Wen asked.

“I’ve heard my ancestors talk about the division of skills. Above the yellow rank is the martial ancestor realm. I heard that there is an even more mysterious martial origin realm.” Zhang Xiaotian said.

“Then there must be such experts in the Xuan city and heaven city regions.” Tang Wen said.

“I’m not too sure about that. ” Zhang Xiaotian shook his head and sighed.”Brother, to tell you the truth, I also want to stick to the original Commission. After all, I’ve already said this.

But why did you go back on your word? it’s not that I’m unkind.

It’s the higher-ups who specifically wanted me to offer these goods to you. ”

“Is that the master of the mysterious domain?” Tang Wen was stunned and thought to himself,”I can’t be that famous, right?” The Tang family’s goods had suddenly spread to the master of the mysterious domain?

“You still don’t understand. There are tens of thousands of cities of all sizes in the mysterious domain.

However, the vast majority of city Lords were under the jurisdiction of the five elemental cities.

They are our superiors, just like how the Black Tortoise region has to pay tribute to the black Western Region every year. ” Zhang Xiaotian said.

“Who’s your superior?” Tang Wen asked.

“Xuanmu city.” Zhang Xiaotian said,”I don’t know what’s going on, but I started installing it after I brought your goods back.

I don’t know who sent it to Mystic Wood City, so the city Lord of Mystic Wood City asked for a large batch of goods. I’ve calculated that it’s probably about half of my Commission.

That’s why I don’t dare to tell you too much. It’s not good to say too much.

Besides, you need to pay for your business, and I’m worried that I’ll scare you away.

That was why he suggested an additional 5%. In fact, I’ve only gotten less than 10%.”

“Hehe, how about this? I, Tang Wen, will help you pay for the offerings of your mysterious West City.” Tang Wen smiled.

“Hehe, I had no choice. Brother, please forgive me.” Zhang Xiaotian cupped his hands.

“Hehe, if it’s raised that high, it’ll be difficult to continue this business. After all, we have to make a living.” Tang Wen smiled again.

This Zhang Xiaotian seemed to be full of sincerity on the surface, but in fact, he was constantly exploiting him. He was really ruthless.

“Brother, I won’t play dumb with you. First, you asked for a city and I’ve given it to you. Today, I’ll give you another big gift. ” Zhang Xiaotian said.

“Oh, a big gift? I’d like to hear what big gift it is.” Tang Wen glanced at him.

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