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Chapter 589: Xuanxi branch (3)

She was wearing a red rose-colored tight-fitting sleeve top and an emerald-green chiffon floral skirt. At her waist, several golden soft smoke silk knots were tied into a happy bow.

Her hair hung low and was inserted with a Jade hairpin, showing her slender figure. Her eyes were demonic and soul-stealing, as if there was a trace of evil blue silk pattern embedded in them.

“Young master, where are you going?” Tang Wen was stunned for a moment, and the ning family’s young lady asked with a disdainful smile.

“This is my first time in xuanxi, I wonder how I can get to the city Lord’s mansion?” Tang Wen came back to his senses and asked.

He understood now. In that instant, the woman had actually used a mind-confusing technique.

The blue lines in her eyes were the charm of confusion. If it weren’t for Tang Wen’s powerful telekinesis, he would have been charmed by her.

“You’re not a local?” The woman was stunned.

“From Xuanwu city,” Tang Wen replied.

“You’re going to the city Lord’s mansion?” The woman asked.

“Yes.” Tang Wen nodded.

“You’re from Xuanwu city. Do you know someone from the city Lord’s mansion?” The woman seemed to be interested as she sized up Tang Wen.

“Hehe.” Tang Wen only smiled and didn’t answer. He asked,”may I know your name, miss?”

“Ning Yan,” The woman replied in a straightforward manner.


“You can just call me Tang Wen.” Tang Wen replied.

“Miss, Yu Nong is really annoying.” The servant girl sitting next to Ning Yan suddenly said.

“Sigh ... Yun ‘er, she can get that treasure but we can’ t. Let her be.” Ning Yan sighed and frowned.

“That treasure is indeed magical. It can actually disguise a person’s appearance. Moreover, it can be released and looked at again. It seems that even a living thing can be stored inside. ” Yun ‘er said.

“It was brought back by the city Lord from the mysterious Western Region the last time. It’s said that it came from the mysterious dark region, but unfortunately, it was all robbed by them as soon as it came back.

Even my ning family only managed to get a mobile shower room that can spray water, but it’s a pity it’s too small.

Everyone at home is waiting to take a bath, so there’s no way to queue up. ” Ning Yan said.

“Of course, Yu Nong is smug. Her family has a complete set of them. It’s said that you can use them to go to the toilet and take a bath.

You can also take a bath. There’s also something called an electric bath heater inside, so you won’t catch a cold when you take a bath in winter.

I heard that they even have treasures in the kitchen, something called a gas stove and an induction stove.

There’s also an electric rice cooker that can cook, and so on. Those things are all very magical. ” Yun ‘er said excitedly.

What the f * ck? It can’t be something I sold to Zhang Xiaotian, right?

The things that could hold people were naturally mobile phones and mobile bathrooms ...

Tang Wen immediately took out a tablet and started playing. The two women’s eyes were immediately attracted to him.

“The two ladies are so beautiful, let me take a video of you.” Tang Wen said as he turned on the camera function.

“Yours is so big, how can you fit a person in there?” Yun ‘er shrieked in excitement.

“Young master, can you sell yours to me?” Ning Yan could not help but ask.

“Mine is better than the one you said Yunong has. So, it’s very expensive.” Tang Wen said.

“Is this enough?” Ning Yan took off a Void Bag and threw it to Tang Wen, who peeked inside.

F * ck!

Such a big move?

There were at least 1000 upper spiritual stones inside.

This ning family was truly a nouveau riche.

“This ...” As soon as Tang Wen answered, Ning Yan handed him a Void Bag.”There are two hundred superior-grade spirit pills in it. There are all kinds of spirit pills.”

“Okay, I’ll teach you how to use it ...” Tang Wen nodded and calmly took the void Bag.

Below, Ning Yan and her servant were having fun. Their laughter came from the carriage, which confused the housekeeper and the guards of the ning mansion.

It seemed that her young miss had become familiar with that strange man in an instant.

“Tian Yang, first send this young master Tang to the city Lord’s residence, then immediately head to the Yu family.” Ning Yan shouted at the coachman.

“Miss, we just left the Yu Residence, why are we running back?” The Butler asked in confusion.

“Why are you so long-winded? just do what I tell you to do.” Ning Yan snorted.

Hehe, I’ll go back to the Yu family and show off to Yu Nong ...

“Women are so complicated.” Tang Wen shook his head in his heart.

“Miss ning, actually, I wanted to tell you that I have everything that the Yu family has.” Tang Wen said.

“What did you say? you even have the complete set? how is that possible?” Ning Yan could not believe it.

“Hehe, I’ll tell you the truth. The goods in your city Lord Zhang Xiaotian’s hands were all transported by our business partners in the dark mysterious domain.

He had come to xuanxi city to look for fortress Lord Zhang because he had been invited by him to open a shop here.

At that time, once it opened for business, it would have all kinds of goods. If you want to install a toilet bowl in the ning residence, I’ll have everything in the kitchen.

You can send someone to the city Lord’s mansion to find me. If you need it, I can send someone to install it for you first.

That’s because the group of people who helped them install it before were my men. ” Tang Wen said.

“Yes, yes, of course. I’ll buy a set of everything you have. There’s no need to discuss this. The ning mansion will be the first to place an order. I’ll arrange for someone to come over in the afternoon.” Ning Yan was excited.

“Alright!” At this moment, the carriage stopped. It seemed to have arrived at the city Lord’s mansion. Tang Wen nodded and got off the carriage.

“Hahaha, brother, you’ve finally come.” After receiving the report from the guard, Zhang Xiaotian strode out with a smile and personally went to the gate to welcome Tang Wen.

“Hehe, it’s too difficult to transport this batch of goods over.” Tang Wen said with a smile.

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