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Chapter 588: Xuanxi branch (2)

Although the heavenly insect’s flying speed was about three times that of a Flying Eagle, the capital was too far away from somi Island. It took Tang Wen two days to get there.

After a short break, Tang Wen emptied a few large warehouses and went straight to the xuanxi city in the xuanxi region.

This was because Tang Wen wanted to open up a new market.

After all, the leeks in Xuanwu city were almost all harvested. They had to open up a second battlefield and continue to make money.

Tang Wen had already made the arrangements before he left. Moreover, the city Lord of xuanxi city, Zhang Xiaotian, had bought a batch of toilets and other things. Naturally, Wu Yunpeng had personally brought a group of workers to install them.

Tang Wen had also instructed that once the installation was completed, he had to build a large supermarket in xuanxi city and wait for him to bring the goods over.

At that time, the agreement with Zhang Xiaotian was that Zhang Xiaotian would be responsible for the safety of the Tang family’s supermarket, and he would get a cut of the Tang family’s goods.

With a flash of green light, Tang Wen landed on the top of a tall mountain not far from xuanxi city.

Looking at xuanxi city from afar, Tang Wen was also shocked.

Xuanxi city was too big. Xuanwu city was already big enough. However, it was nothing compared to xuanxi city.

No wonder the Black Tortoise region was only a vassal of the black Western Region, and they still had to offer Tributes every year.

However, there were also guards at the city gate of xuanxi city. If one wanted to enter, they would have to show a ‘person’s notice’. Of course, people from all regions could post it.

Tang Wen glanced at it and sighed in his heart.


The strength of the Western mystic region was indeed not something that the Xuanwu region could compare to. Without looking at anything else, just the strength of the soldiers guarding the city gates was much stronger than the Xuanwu city.

That was because the head of the thin middle-aged man who was guarding the city gate was actually a human realm expert.

Finally, it was Tang Wen’s turn. Tang Wen handed over the identity card. The city guard glanced at it and said fiercely,”he’s from the Xuanwu region. Tax is 1000 taels of silver.”

“Why do those from the Black Tortoise region have to pay taxes instead of those from the Black Tortoise region? And you’ve collected quite a lot?” Tang Wen was furious.

These city guards who relied on their power obviously wanted to bully the people from the outer region, so Tang Wen decided not to spoil them.

“Why are you talking so much nonsense? if you continue to talk so much, arrest him and throw him into the prison!” The city guard glanced at Tang Wen and pointed his whip at him.

“Little brat! Do you know why I’m charging you a thousand taels of silver as tax?” At this moment, the middle-aged leader walked over and sneered.

“I don’t know!” Tang Wen shook his head.

“That’s because your Black Tortoise region was originally our black Western region’s slave. You’re just servants, do you understand?

Of course, you servants have to pay taxes when you enter your master’s territory.

You think a thousand taels is too much, but I think it’s too little. ” The middle-aged leader said arrogantly.

“Do you think my token is worth a thousand taels?” Tang Wen took out the token that Zhang Xiaotian had given him before he left and stuffed it into the middle-aged leader’s hand.

The man took a glance and his hands trembled. He quickly wiped his eyes and was so frightened that he quickly bowed. He held the token with both hands and said,”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please come in.”

“Captain, how come he doesn’t need to pay taxes?” One of the city guards was probably out of his mind as he asked in a silly manner.

“Collect your mother’s taxes, get lost!” The head of the team slapped him unceremoniously and knocked him to the ground. Then, he asked Tang Wen,”young master, my name is Liu Qing. This xuanxi city is huge. Do you need a carriage?” If you need me to send you in, I’ll send a car. ”

“Alright, I’m new here and I’m not familiar with this place. I’ll just call a taxi.” Tang Wen nodded.

“You, come here. That’s right. Get the carriage here.” Liu Qing pointed to a luxurious carriage that had just entered.

“Are you blind? this is the ning residence’s carriage.” At this moment, a man who looked like a housekeeper walking beside the carriage suddenly became furious. He pointed his whip at Liu Qing and scolded.

“The ning residence, the ning residence is even better. The ning residence’s carriage is easy to sit in. Send this guest to the designated place first, or else, don’t leave today. ” Liu Qing’s face fell.

“This is miss ning’s carriage, how can you let an outsider sit in it?” The Butler was furious.

“You have to sit even if you don’t want to. If you keep talking, arrest him.” Liu Qing had gone all out today. In any case, this young master Tang had the backing of the city Lord, so what was there to be afraid of?

“What, do you want to die?” At this moment, a middle-aged man with a saber came up from the side of the carriage. His hand was on the hilt of his saber as he stared at Liu Qing with a murderous look.

Tang Wen’s heart skipped a beat. What a fierce killing intent.

This guy was only a guard of the ning residence, but his cultivation had actually reached the earth realm.

Tang Wen wanted to ask Liu Qing to change to another carriage, but he stopped at this moment. He was now interested in the ning mansion.

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you dare to kill us?” Liu Qing puffed out his chest and sneered in disdain.

“Why wouldn’t I?” The saber-wielding man said coldly. The aura around him became even stronger, and his killing intent had already enveloped the surrounding area.

“Someone is causing trouble, send the alarm!” When Liu Qing saw this, he shrunk his neck and shouted.

“Alright, Song Yun! I’ll give him a ride. ” At this moment, a female voice was heard from the car.

“But miss, how can you sit in the same car as a stranger? what if he’s a bad person?” Song Yun’s face was tense.

“Alright, let him come up.” The woman inside snorted coldly.

“Please, please ...” Liu Qing quickly bowed and invited Tang Wen to the car.

“Many thanks.” Tang Wen said casually.

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare.” Liu Qing quickly waved his hand, and Tang Wen lifted the curtain and got in the carriage.

She was stunned ...

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