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Chapter 585: You idiots (5)

“Principal, I don’t know what I did wrong. “The elders were there at the time, and Tang Wen was indeed arrogant and rude ...” Li Yuan came over with an aggrieved expression.

As a result, he was kicked away by Qi Yuan again.

“I wish I could beat you to death, you blind dog!” Qi Yuan angrily pointed at Li Yuan and cursed.

Liu huaisheng and the others were trembling in fear. They lowered their heads and didn’t dare to make a sound or even breathe loudly.

“Director, this ... What’s going on with Tang Wen?” Qiu baitie, the Dean of the heaven house, dared to ask after a long while.

“Liu huaisheng, what do you think happened?” Qi Yuan glared at him. Liu huaisheng was so frightened that he quickly stood up and bowed.”Dean, it’s like this. A friend of mine recommended Tang Wen. I originally wanted him to study in the heaven-tier class.

However, ever since the war in the Northwest started along the coast, the Imperial court’s requirements for martial artists ‘skills had increased significantly.

Therefore, the Academy’s rules had changed. Even if there was an elder’s recommendation, it had to go through an assessment.

It’s just that you have priority in the assessment and don’t have to line up. ”

“It’s an assessment, but how can you kick Tang Wen out?” Qi Yuan asked.

“At that time, we only said that we were going to beat him up, but in fact, he left on his own and we didn’t beat him.

That was because he was too arrogant and didn’t even look down on the heavenly courtyard.

He actually said he wanted to go to the Xuan house. Deputy headmaster li was so angry that he said he wanted to beat him out. ” Liu huaisheng said.


“Are you all pig-headed? a new student came in. If he doesn’t have any skills, would he dare to arrogantly say that he would go to the Xuan house in front of you? Isn’t there an old saying that without a 30% chance, one wouldn’t dare to ascend the mountain? however, the spiritual saint college has a good eye for talent. ” Qi Yuan said.

“Could he have gone to the spiritual saint college?” Liu huaisheng was stunned.

“That’s right. He said that a friend recommended him to you, so the spiritual saint Academy directly let him enter the nameless class of the black Division.

Although it was a nameless class, it was still Xuan courtyard.

But look at all of you, what have you all done to chase away a genius?

“After that kid arrived at the spiritual saint Academy, a few major events happened. At first, he didn’t go to class, but later, he actually rebuilt his house ...” Qi Yuan said.

“Qi Yuan, you’re saying that Lin Yifeng gave the nameless class to Tang Wen? Furthermore, Tang Wen is also the head teacher of the nameless class?” Qiu baitie was shocked.

“It’s true. You guys, you guys, think about it. If Tang Wen didn’t have any ability, how could he control the nameless class?

Every Academy had a nameless class. What kind of students were they?

It was said that when yang Chaoran went to announce this, some of the students in the nameless class were definitely not convinced and provoked him.

What was the result? tie Junfeng threw a punch, but before his fist could even touch him, Tang Wen roared and sent him into the lake to drink water.

Immediately after, Luo Yu stepped forward, but the outcome was the same-she fell into the lake.

In the end, the princess called Fan Zhen. Don’t you know Fan Zhen?” Qi Yuan snorted.

“Of course I do. Fan Zhen is a mortal realm expert, the son of the Vice Minister of the Ministry of War. Although he is going to the nameless class, he is indeed extraordinary.” Liu huaisheng nodded.

“Fan Zhen should be able to restrain Tang Wen.” Li Yuan laughed bitterly.

“Suppress my ass! Fan Zhen directly knelt down in front of Tang Wen and acknowledged him as his master. This shocked everyone at the scene. ” Qi Yuan said.

“Isn’t this a little too crazy? Wasn’t tang Wen only nineteen years old? What right does he have to be Fan Zhen’s master?” The head of the educational Administration Hall, Gu Qiu, said.

“But Tang Wen accepted Fan Zhen’s three kowtows and nine kowtows without any hesitation. He even gave Fan Zhen a big gift on the spot. Do you know what it is?” Qi Yuan said.

“Money? It shouldn’t be silver, but a treasure related to martial arts. ” Liu huaisheng asked.

“Realm!” Qi Yuan said.

“Realm? How do you give away realms?” Li Yuan was stunned and couldn’t help but ask.

“You’re only in the early stage now. Aren’t you giving me a free realm by raising your cultivation to the middle stage?

Tang Wen actually had a heaven-defying treasure on him, and with the high-grade limit-breaking pill that was worth a million taels each, Fan Zhen advanced two Yuans in a row and entered the perfected mortal realm.

Paragon! Tang Wen was actually able to help a mortal realm expert break through a small realm, it was too heaven-defying.

Why did you drive him away? otherwise, if he stayed, the ones who should break through should be the geniuses of our Academy.

You’ve ruined everything. I’ve also received news that the spiritual saint college is currently being renovated. The bedroom will be directly equipped with a bathroom.

They even have electric lights ... They even have top grade spirit stones and spirit pills for sale. ” Qi Yuan said.

“Then what should we do? Top grade spirit stones are rare treasures. If we were to buy all of them for the spiritual saint college, they would definitely be the strongest in the three colleges. ” Qiu baitie was anxious.

“Deputy headmaster Liu, I’ll leave this matter to you.” Qi Yuan said.

I ... I’m not familiar with Tang Wen. Besides, although I didn’t say anything last time, I still offended him.” Liu huaisheng was sweating.

“Since Tang Wen’s friend recommended him and wrote it to you, you can go to Tang Wen’s friend and ask him to help you.

We must get a batch of spirit stones and spirit pills from Tang Wen as soon as possible.

“As for the bathroom lights, we’ll wait for them to finish installing them and see how they turn out. If they’re good, our college can’t let them go.

After all, it would be very convenient if the bedroom came with a toilet.

If spiritual saint college has it, we must have it. Otherwise, if their conditions improve, I’m afraid our students will switch sides and go to the spiritual saint college. ” Qi Yuan said.

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