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Chapter 581: You idiots (1)

“That’s true. How can a small place like Liangzhou produce any Masters? Even a connate cultivator can sweep across a state. ” Qi Yuan nodded.

“However, that person is too messy. Plus, I think Lin Yifeng is crazy too. ” Luo Daimei said.

“What’s wrong with Lin Yifeng?” Qi Yuan asked. 𝙞𝒏𝒏𝑟e𝗮𝘥. c𝒐m

“He did whatever he wanted in the Xuan house. He took the toilet into the bedroom and some other things.

However, the most puzzling thing was that Tang Wen was appointed as the teacher.

Li xiongliang was chased away and Tang Wen was in charge of the nameless class.

Although the nameless class was made up of people who got in through connections, the lowest threshold for the nameless class in the Xuan house was the intentionless realm.

Moreover, since it was a relationship class, all the students in it had a strong background.

For example, there were princesses, the daughter of Duke Cao, the son of the Minister of War, and the daughter of a first-class guard.

These people all had status and reputation. The Academy was messing around like this, wasn’t it afraid that they would be dissatisfied?

What could Tang Wen teach? He didn’t even know how to teach students?

When I came back, I found that Tang Wen was still building something next to the school gate. It’s said that he was selling things. ” Luo Daimei said.

“Lin Yifeng couldn’t have gone crazy, there must be a coincidence. If Tang Wen didn’t have any ability, he wouldn’t have allowed him to mess around. We must investigate this matter. ” Qi Yuan said with a serious expression.


“By the way, you said he’s selling spirit stones and spirit pills. Where did he get the spirit stones?” Su Fang asked.

“I’ve asked around about it. It’s said that they’re all from the West, including the snake skin.” Luo Daimei said.

“Snakeskin? what snakeskin?” Qi Yuan asked.

“Recently, I need some high-grade materials for my cultivation, so I went to find Dean Lin. “I didn’t expect that Tang Wen would also come to Dean Lin to make a high-grade moving talisman ...” Luo Daimei said.

“Thousand-year snakeskin and demonic beasts of the spiritual perception realm, these have long gone extinct. Where did Tang Wen get them? Could it be that they were transported from the West like the spirit stones?” Qi Yuan frowned.

“I’m not sure about that, but the spirit stones are absolutely true.

Because when I went down the mountain, I met some students from the Xuan house who wanted to give me spiritual stones.

I took it and gave it a try. It’s really good, and there’s plenty of spiritual energy inside.

Moreover, the quality is even better than the one you gave me.

It was said that not only did Tang Wen have low-grade spirit stones, but he also had mid-grade and high-grade spirit stones, as well as a high-grade limit-breaking pill that could be exchanged for one million taels of silver.

The school has also purchased a batch of spirit stones and spirit pills from Tang Wen to speed up the students ‘cultivation progress. ” Luo Daimei said.

“I have to investigate this matter immediately. If the spiritual saint college has spirit stones and we don ‘t, it will be troublesome in the future.” Qi Yuan’s face was solemn.

“You want to investigate Tang Wen?” Su Fang asked.

“We have to investigate this matter quickly. We can’t let the spiritual saint Academy take the initiative.

Otherwise, with the spirit stones in their hands, they’ll be able to cultivate a large number of experts, and our Academy will be in a passive position.

I have to figure this out as soon as possible. If possible, I have to find Tang Wen. I think the martial Saint college has also started this in secret. ” Qi Yuan said.

At this moment, Tang Wen was drinking with the seventh Prince, Chu luoxiang, in a restaurant. Chu Cong was also present.

“Teacher, why did you go to the spiritual saint Academy? Didn’t we agree to go to heavenly Saint Academy?” After drinking a few glasses of wine, Chu luoxiang asked in confusion.

“It was a freak combination of factors ...” Tang Wen told him about Liu huaisheng.

“This Li Yuan, he deserves to die!” Chu luoxiang slapped the table in anger.

“Forget it, I will settle this score with him in the future. However, even though I’m not in heavenly Saint Academy, I might still have some interactions with Luo Daimei. This time, I have an opportunity. ” Tang Wen said.

“What chance?” Chu luoxiang’s interest was piqued.

“She needs good materials, such as animal skin or something. She might use it to draw talismans.” Tang Wen said.

“Then I’ll go back to the palace and get it.” Chu luoxiang said.

“I don’t think she’s interested in the palace either. However, I have a piece of snake skin that she’s very interested in. “I was at Dean Lin’s house this afternoon ...” Tang Wen took out the snakeskin and handed it to Chu luoxiang.

“A thousand-year-old snake, a demonic beast in the spiritual perception realm. Don’t even talk about drawing talismans, even asking a blacksmith to make an armor would be considered perfect. ” Chu luoxiang touched the snakeskin, fondling it lovingly.

“That’s true. Once it’s made into armor, it can probably withstand the attacks of an earth realm expert. Luo Daimei likes this kind of good stuff. When the time comes, seventh Prince, you can send it to her. Haha, you’ve won the heart of a beauty. ” Chu Cong, who was at the side, nodded and said.

“As long as she likes it, even if she wants the moon, I’ll go and pluck it down.” Chu luoxiang said with an infatuated expression.

“Sigh ... Luo Xiang, love is a matter of mutual consent.

Sometimes, it was useless to be hot-headed.

I can’t help but pour a bucket of cold water on you. Your strength is too far away from hers. ” Tang Wen shook his head.

“Teacher, what’s her cultivation level now? You’ve reached the human realm, right?” Chu luoxiang asked, startled.

“Human realm, she’s an earth realm expert. He might even reach the late earth realm. ” Tang Wen said.

“Earth realm?” Chu Cong’s eyes were wide open, and his face was full of disbelief.

“She ... She’s really entered the earth realm?” Chu luoxiang’s lips twitched in disbelief.

“It’s absolutely true. You know that there are four great geniuses in the capital. Jiang chunshan from the spiritual saint college and Chu Xilong from the martial Saint college.

I don’t know which school Luo Daimei and Li Hengjiang from heavenly Saints Academy are from.

However, Luo Daimei was ranked first.

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