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Chapter 578: Luo Daimei (4)

“Half-step heavenly realm.” Tang Wen responded.

“It should be so.” Fan Zhen replied.

“The northern desert has the Feng clan, the southern seas Penglai island’s Luo clan, the northwest region’s Zhan clan, the floating clouds city’s Yan clan, the world Fort’s Gongsun clan, the capital’s long clan ... Could his long clan be one of these famous clans in the great Chu dynasty?” Tang Wen asked.

“That’s right. The long family can be said to be one of the top three families in the capital, especially long zhantian. Even the imperial family has to show him some respect.

Long zhantian was martial Dragon’s grandfather, so he doted on this grandson of his.

Ten years ago, martial Dragon had been given five years ‘worth of cultivation. As a result, martial Dragon had stepped into the half-step heavenly realm at the age of thirty-five.

In the capital, the only sect that could go against the long family, other than the royal family, was the taiqing sect, one of the top two sects in great Chu’s ten sects.

A few years ago, long zhantian had fought with the Supreme elder of the taiqing sect, Gu Jilong.

This is because long zhantian said that Gu Jilong’s name is the opposite of his. His surname is long, but you, Gu Jilong, actually dare to put ‘long’ in the third word. This is disrespectful to the long family. ” Fan Zhen said.

“What’s the result?” Tang Wen asked.

“I’m not sure. I think it’s about the same.” Fan Zhen said.

“That long zhantian must be a heaven realm master.” Tang Wen said.

“Not necessarily.” Fan Zhen replied.


“Not necessarily. Could it be that there are experts Stronger Than Heaven realm?” Tang Wen was also a little surprised.

“It’s said that the old man in the Imperial Palace is an expert in the ‘profound realm’.” Fan Zhen said.

“If Tang Wen wants her, I’ll let her go if she can beat me,” Martial Dragon said.

“You’re making things difficult for me. Tang Wen is only 19 years old. How can he beat you?” Yang Chaoran’s face changed.

“I don’t bully the younger generation.” As martial Dragon said this, he stomped his foot on the ground, drawing a one-meter circle around him. Standing in the middle of the circle, he said,”if he can get me out of the circle, I’ll admit defeat.”

“Can we use weapons?” Tang Wen asked.

“Of course you can, feel free to use it!” Martial Dragon said arrogantly.

After all, Tang Wen was far too young. Martial Dragon would rather die than believe that Tang Wen would be able to send him out of the safe zone.

“Then I won’t be polite.” Tang Wen reached out and took out a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher.

“The power of my hidden weapon is not small, I’m just afraid it will hurt you.

Because you’re standing in the circle, it’s not easy to Dodge. If you do, you’ll be out.

Of course, if you don’t draw a circle, my hidden weapon usually won’t hit you. ” Tang Wen said.

“No matter how powerful your hidden weapons are, are they as powerful as the Gongsun family ‘s?” Martial Dragon scoffed.

“I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. Let me try my hidden weapon first.” Tang Wen said as he aimed at a rockery 100 meters away.

There was a loud bang, and everyone was shocked.

They saw that the small rockery that was more than three meters tall had collapsed, and broken stones were flying everywhere.

Tang Wen blew into the rocket launcher and loaded it with another bullet before aiming it at martial Dragon.

Martial Dragon wanted to say something, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. For a moment, he felt extremely awkward.

“Hmm, let me take a look. I have to aim.” Tang Wen shifted the rocket launcher, causing martial Dragon’s lips to Twitch.

“Hold on,” Yang Chaoran quickly said.

“What instructions do you have, director yang? please speak.” Tang Wen said politely.

“Your hidden weapon is indeed powerful, but if you didn’t draw a circle, you definitely wouldn’t have been able to hit martial Dragon. Martial Dragon was currently in the middle of the encirclement, so it would be difficult for him to Dodge. If he did, he would definitely be injured. So, how about we call it a draw?” Yang Chaoran said.

“What do you think, instructor long?” Tang Wen said.

“Forget it. Since director yang has said so, I’ll give him some face and call it a draw today.” Martial Dragon had no choice but to head down the slope.

In fact, this guy’s face had lost color just now. If Tang Wen really wanted to shoot him, he would definitely be furious.

However, he couldn’t afford to lose face if he had to admit defeat.

“Since it’s a draw, I think it’ll be fine if Jiang chunshan studies and cultivates in two classes at the same time. The head instructor is you, martial Dragon. Isn’t that the same?” Yang Chaoran tried to smooth things over.

“Forget it, it’s decided.” Martial Dragon finally gave in.

“There will be a major renovation in the Xuan house these days, so the school has decided to have ten days off. Pack up your belongings and move them out to store in the Academy’s warehouse. Once the reconstruction is completed, move them back. ” Yang Chao announced.

It was a holiday, so naturally, the students were shouting in excitement.

After all, it was tiring to draw talismans during normal times. It would be great to play with them for ten days.

Downstairs, they were all busy packing up and moving things into the warehouse.

At the same time, the Tang family’s construction team settled in and began to dig the foundation.

Of course, the public toilets also needed to be rebuilt, and the sewers had to be dug.

“Master, there’s a problem here.” Said Wen Jinyuan as he inspected the construction site.

“What’s the problem?” Tang Wen asked.

“The stones we found are quite far from the capital. How are we going to transport a large amount of gravel and sand back?

If they hired livestock to transport it, they wouldn’t be able to find so many in such a short time.

And master, you said that the trucks are not allowed to enter the capital for the time being to avoid causing panic. ” Wen Jin Yuan said.

“It’s really not suitable for our cars to enter the capital for the time being. After all, this new thing is too attractive.

We have to give the people in Beijing a chance to slowly accept this.

As for how to transport the sand and stones back, hehe, there’s a lot of ready-made labor force. We just need to make good use of it. ” Tang Wen said with a smile.

“The people Zhan dongwen sent over are all official construction workers, and there aren’t many of them. If they were all sent to transport sand and stones, the construction site here would be deserted.

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