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Chapter 577: Luo Daimei (3)

“Right! Why are you afraid of him when you have such strength? You can definitely beat him down. Are you out of your mind to actually want him to be your master?” Liu Qianqian rebuked.

However, Fan Zhen had already finished kowtowing. He stared at Tang Wen with his bright eyes and said sincerely,”teacher, please take me in. I really want to learn from you.”

“Fine, I don’t have a disciple to serve me in the capital. You’re the first one.” Tang Wen nodded.”I’ll teach you a mental cultivation method first. Listen carefully.”

Tang Wen passed on his telekinesis directly, which was the Tianyu three-Dragon Bible.

In just ten minutes, Tang Wen asked,”have you memorized it?”

“Teacher Xie, I will remember this.” Fan Zhen kowtowed again.

“Good! I’ll give you a big gift today. ” Tang Wen said with a smile.

“A big gift? Those spirit stones and spirit pills belong to your boss. You’re just a servant. ” Cao Lulu sneered.

“Isn’t it a big gift to raise my cultivation by two levels?” Tang Wen looked at her and asked.

“Two ... Two levels of martial arts? Tang Wen, what’s the meaning of this?” Cao Lulu was suddenly stunned and asked.

“Fan Zhen is in the middle stage of the human realm. I’ll give him two levels of power today. In two hours, he’ll be in the great circle of the human realm.” Tang Wen said.

“Hehehe, Tang Wen, do you think you’re a god? do you think you can raise someone’s merit just because you want to?” Chu Hanyu burst into laughter.

“I think he’s crazy. He’s giving someone two levels of power. Ridiculous, too ridiculous.” Cao Lulu said sarcastically.


“Come, Fan Zhen. I’ll give you a big gift for your Qi channeling.” Tang Wen said.

“Teacher, you can’t do that. You’ll lose more than ten years of your cultivation. It’ll take a few years to recover. I can’t take it.” Fan Zhen quickly refused.

“Concentrate your mind and circulate your Qi, get rid of all distracting thoughts ...” Tang Wen’s psyche power resounded as he crushed the natural fruit, which turned into Qi and was sent into Fan Zhen’s body.

On the other hand, he was constantly releasing cold air to melt the fire in Fan Zhen’s body.

Immediately, two streams of mist were like long Dragons.

However, the red light on Fan Zhen’s body grew brighter and brighter. Soon, it began to emit some charred smoke as if it was on fire.

Tang Wen grabbed Fan Zhen and threw him into the lake. The next moment, Tang Wen pressed his palms into the lake.

In just a hundred breaths, a thin layer of ice formed on the surface of the lake. Chu Hanyu and the others were dumbfounded by this move.

The fire on Fan Zhen’s body continued to melt the ice water. This repeated until two hours were up. Fan Zhen roared and soared into the sky like a dragon emerging from a deep pool.

His two hands crossed, and a terrifying palm force was constantly pushed toward the forest. The forest kept on cracking, and fell in patches.

After a thousand breaths, Fan Zhen landed on the ground and knelt down.”Teacher, thank you!”

“Fan Zhen, you’ve reached the great circle of the mortal realm?” Luo Yu asked in disbelief.

“It’s all thanks to teacher. I’ve indeed reached the great circle of the mortal realm. ” Fan Zhen nodded.

“Master Tang, we all like it when you come to the nameless class.” All the students in the nameless class bowed to Tang Wen.

“Teachers, do you have any objections?” Yang Chaoran asked Liu Shuang, the second master. She used to be yang xiongliang’s assistant in teaching.

“No problem, we will cooperate with Master Tang to teach the students well.” Liu Shuang and the others said hurriedly.

“Chu Hanyu, do you still want to drop out?” Tang Wen asked.

“If you give me a level one martial art, I’ll listen to you from now on.” Chu Hanyu said shamelessly.

“Senior Sister Chu, you can’t make such a rude request.” When Fan Zhen heard this, he was indignant.

“You can be promoted by two levels, so why can’t I be promoted by one?” Chu Hanyu asked fiercely.

“I’m teacher’s personal disciple, are you?” Fan Zhen sneered.

“There’s no way I’ll acknowledge him as my master. ” Chu Hanyu turned around and left in a Huff.

“Senior Sister, wait for me.” Seeing this, Cao Lulu also ran away.

“Tang Wen is only responsible for teaching on behalf of the master, which means he is teaching on behalf of the master. But he is still a student of the Xuan house.” Yang Chaoran said.

“Dean Yang, can I go to the nameless class?” A tall and thin young man walked out and asked.

“Senior brother, why are you going to the nameless class? Don’t you know what the nameless class is for?” A beautiful woman beside him quickly said.

Tang Wen finally understood. He was Jiang chunshan, one of the four geniuses in Beijing, who was as famous as Luo Daimei.

Of course, he was also the Big Brother of the Xuan house.

“Master Tang, I’m Jiang chunshan. I would like to learn from you in the nameless class.” Jiang chunshan said.

“I can’t teach such an expert like you since my cultivation is too shallow. Only the Masters of the profound class can teach you.” Tang Wen shook his head.

“I’ve already reached a bottleneck. If I continue to stay in the profound class, I estimate that I won’t be able to break through the shackles within two years. i𝑛𝗻rℯ𝒂𝒅. 𝓬o𝘮

Therefore, he had to find a new breakthrough point.

Master Tang’s arrival has given me hope, so I want to try changing the environment. ” Jiang chunshan said.

“Tang Wen, can you teach him?” At this time, a cold snort could be heard.

Tang Wen glanced at it from the corner of his eye and saw that it was a strong middle-aged man. He had a stubble beard and looked very fierce.

“Martial Dragon! Since Jiang chunshan has decided on his own and he has indeed reached a bottleneck, it’s good for him to try in a different environment. ” Yang Chaoran quickly said.

“Teacher, this martial Dragon isn’t simple. He’s a member of the long clan in Beijing.

His own strength was extraordinary, and it was said that he was only half a step away from the heaven realm.

He was the Chief Instructor of the Xuan house, and he was in charge of the Xuan class. Don’t get into a conflict with him.

This person doesn’t even recognize his own family, and even Dean Yang usually gives him some face. ” At this moment, Fan Zhen’s voice came to Tang Wen’s ears.

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