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Chapter 576: Luo Daimei (2)

He was afraid that if it was a disobedient one, she would be in the way.

“I’ve heard about it. It seems that he had an argument with Tang Wen. Yang xiongliang said that if he’s here, Tang Wen won’t be here, and if Tang Wen is here, he’ll leave. ” At this moment, a student shouted from below.

“Tang Wen! Is this what happened?” Chu Hanyu and Cao Lulu’s faces darkened when they heard this and they glared at Tang Wen.

“There are! However, yang xiongliang was prejudiced against me. He said that I was selling things in the school and installing toilets, which made the school a mess.

Princess, you can tell me that I’m here to serve you and make your life more comfortable.

It’s more convenient to practice martial arts in daily life, so why is it a mess?” Tang Wen asked.

“Of course not, but you can’t drive him away, can you?” Chu Hanyu said.

“Princess, don’t be mistaken. He was the one who wanted to drive me away and asked Dean Lin to beat me up. Of course, the Academy wouldn’t agree to such an unreasonable request, so he left in a Huff.” Tang Wen said.

“I’ll investigate this matter. If you’re the one behind this, I’ll skin you alive!” Chu Hanyu said in a sinister tone.

“Princess, don’t be rude. Tang Wen will not only be a student of the nameless class, but he will also be the substitute teacher in charge of the class. ” Yang Chaoran said.

“Substitute teacher, Dean Yang, you mean Tang Wen is replacing yang xiongliang?” Chu Hanyu was shocked and stared at yang Chaoran. Yang Chaoran’s scalp was numb from her stare.

“This is the decision of the General Hospital.” Yang Chaoran braced himself and replied.

“She’s simply playing the zither randomly! Tang Wen is just a new student, how can he replace the teacher? furthermore, he’s taking over yang xiongliang’s position, the biggest teacher in the nameless class. ” Chu Hanyu asked fiercely.


“The Academy is treating the nameless class like a child’s play. What else can we learn? let’s just drop out.” Cao Lulu shouted.

“Right! If the Academy doesn’t care about us, why should we go to school? we might as well go to heavenly Saint Academy. ” Luo Yu followed closely behind the two of them and shouted.

“Drop out, drop out, drop out ...” Instantly, all the students in the nameless class raised their arms and shouted.

Yang Chaoran suddenly panicked. If these gods of fortune all dropped out of school, then his head would be big.

What’s more, he couldn’t afford to offend so many high-ranking officials and dignitaries. Yang Chaoran’s forehead was sweating.

“Stop!” Tang Wen suddenly waved his palm in the air, and it exploded like thunder. All the students from the nameless class stopped in their tracks.

“You’re dropping out, right?” Tang Wen asked with a cold expression.

“Of course. You’re just a country bumpkin. What qualifications do you have to be our teacher? why must you drop out of school?” Chu Hanyu sneered.

“Those who want to drop out can, but whoever can beat me can drop out.” Tang Wen said.

“Hehehe, you’re so weak?” Chu Hanyu laughed contemptuously.

“Senior Sister Chu, this country bumpkin is too arrogant. Let me go first and break one of his legs.” As tie Junfeng spoke, he leaped forward and jumped in front of Tang Wen. 𝒊𝒏nr𝐞𝘢𝐝. 𝒄𝒐𝗺

“Good, good! Beat him up! Beat him up until he cries for his parents and his mouth is full of flying teeth!” Cao Lulu clapped her hands and shouted excitedly. This woman was simply a spoiled second generation.

“Alright, senior sisters, senior brothers, junior brothers, junior sisters, watch me!” Tie Junfeng showed off. He jumped up and struck at Tang Wen with a palm strike that could split a mountain.

Suddenly, a light green palm blade appeared in the air and slashed at Tang Wen’s thigh with a terrifying sharp edge.

“Get lost!” Tang Wen opened his mouth and roared. He extended his psyche power and instantly turned it into a foot that aimed at tie Junfeng’s butt and kicked.

Tie Junfeng suddenly felt as if he had been kicked hard behind him, and his entire body flew far away with a howl.

A few seconds later, there was a loud explosion, and the water splashed up ten meters high.

It must be known that Tang Wenguang’s current telekinesis strength was as high as 600000 Jin, and he could injure a human realm powerhouse with just his telekinesis.

Moreover, tie Junfeng had yet to enter the human realm. How could he be Tang Wen’s opponent?

“You know demonic Arts?” Cao Lulu pointed at Tang Wen in surprise.

“Junior Sister Cao, don’t be fooled by him. That was a sound wave attack, not some demonic technique.” Chu Hanyu was still relatively calm, but this country bumpkin was indeed quite capable, which made Chu Hanyu look at him in a new light.

“Eat my palm!” Luo Yu made her move. Her palm force created a rainbow in the air and attacked Tang Wen.

“Let’s go catch fish in the lake. ” Tang Wen snorted. Luo Yu felt as if she had been forcefully tied up by a rope and was thrown out. Her entire body was no longer under her control as she whistled and flew into the lake.

Not long after, with a loud bang, he ‘swam’ with tie Junfeng.

“Fan Zhen, you go!” Chu Hanyu shouted.

That was because Fan Zhen’s strength could be ranked in the top three in the nameless class.

“I’m not his match, so I won’t embarrass myself.

Moreover, Tang Wen’s strength is outstanding, and he’s completely qualified to be our nameless class’s teacher.

So, I have no objections to Fan Zhen. ” Fan Zhen bowed to Tang Wen and stood back up.

“Fan Zhen, you dare to disobey this Princess?” Chu Hanyu was furious and pointed at Fan Zhen, looking like she was going to eat him.

“It’s not that I don’t want to listen, but I really have no choice. Princess, please don’t force fan zhenwo. ” Fan Zhen shook his head with an indifferent expression.

“If you don’t listen to me, your father can forget about getting promoted this year.” Chu Hanyu said in an aggressive tone.

“Teacher, please accept me as your disciple!” To her surprise, Fan Zhen ignored her and went straight to Tang Wen, kneeling down.

“Fan Zhen, do you have any backbone? You’re one of the top three in the nameless class. You wouldn’t be too bad even if you were to be placed in the profound class. Even Jiang chunshan said that you’re not weak. ” Cao Lulu was so angry that her face turned red.

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