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Chapter 5: You’ll have a good life with me (1)

Human qi could actually strengthen one’s skill. It seemed like this was also a path of cultivation. “Li Quan, bring them back to the camp. I have a lot of food and cured meat in my tent. I’ll go with Zhang kui. We’ll talk about the rest when we get back. And dongwen, pick a few people to come with me. ” Tang Wen said. So, Li Quan took a group of people and went straight to somi Island. Around Teno’ clock, the group finally arrived at Yanling County. Tang Wen led Zhan dongwen and the others into a small restaurant and ordered three dishes and a soup. There was also a plate of meat and a bucket of rice. They ate so much that their bellies were round and they burped out of the building. After that, Tang Wen went straight to the Zhang bank and exchanged 1200 taels of silver for 120 taels of gold. “Dongwen, I’ll give you 500 taels of silver. Take them to buy some clothes. The rest of the money was used to buy horses, mules, and flatbed carts. We’ll gather at the intersection after we’re done and go back together. ” Tang Wen gave the silver to Zhan dongwen. “Don’t worry, master. I’ll take care of it.” Zhan dongwen was taken aback for a moment, but then nodded, took the silver, and left with his men. “Master, aren’t you afraid that they will run away with the silver?” Zhang kui said worriedly after Zhan dongwen left. “I’m scared!” Tang Wen nodded. “If you’re afraid, why give it to him? why don’t I go and keep an eye on them?” Zhang kui said. “Their families are still in our hands, what are you afraid of? Also, I’d like to give it a try. If Zhan dongwen doesn’t even want his parents and siblings anymore, just treat it as buying a lesson. ” Tang Wen smiled. “This is a big lesson. That’s 500 taels.” Zhang kui muttered. ” 500 taels to see a person clearly, it’s worth it!” Tang Wen didn’t think much of it, but Zhang kui was worried. Tang Wen turned around and went to the floating fragrance brothel, the best brothel in Yanling County. He spent twenty taels of silver to pick the top hostess, Li Chun ‘er. “Chun ‘er greets Lord Baron.” This time, Tang Wen came over wearing the crown hat issued by the royal family. This kind of hat was uniformly made by the Royal craftsmen, and people without a noble title were not allowed to wear it. Moreover, the hat was also divided into different grades. One could tell one’s identity at a glance. This was the status symbol of the Chu state’s aristocrat class. “This Lord has come here to ask miss Chun ‘er for a favor.” Tang Wen nodded and sat down. “Please Speak, Lord Jue.” Li Chun ‘er said politely. “I brought back a bunch of western stuff. These are mirrors, lipsticks, and perfumes. Take a look.” Tang Wen took it out of the bag. Li Chun ‘er was dazzled by what she saw. She said in surprise,”master Jue, when I look in the mirror, it’s as if I’ve run in.” And this perfume, it smells so good. The lipstick is so good, it turns your lips red after one application. It’s so bright and beautiful. ” “The mirror is one tael of gold each, and the lipstick and perfume are half a tael of gold each. You have many sisters and know many people. I’ll give you half a tael of silver as Commission for every piece you sell. I’ll leave a batch with you first, and send the letter to Paradise Island after it’s sold out. At that time, I will arrange for someone to pick it up. If you still need more goods, then we will talk about it. ” Tang Wen said. “I don’t want the Commission. When the time comes, you can just exchange the Commission for these mirrors and lipsticks. I have many relatives, so I want to give it to them. ” Li Chun ‘er shook her head. “Sure, I’ll give you a 10% discount.” Tang Wen nodded, told Li Chun ‘er to write the deed, and then left. He wasn’t afraid that Li Chun ‘er would steal his things. After all, how would a commoner dare to steal from a noble? Unless you don’t want your head anymore. It was almost oneo’ clock in the afternoon when he was done. Tang Wen went to the martial arts Center to buy a few marrow cleansing pills, 20 energy cultivation pills, and a set of martial arts techniques. He still owed Luo Jun from Yunhai city a few hundred thousand Yuan for the medicine he ordered. It was almost twoo’ clock when they finished their work. The two of them went straight to the intersection. “Master, look, where are they waiting for us?” Zhang kui pointed excitedly at Zhan dongwen and his gang from afar. “Yes, Zhan dongwen passed the initial test.” Tang Wen smiled. “Master, there have been droughts and floods in the past two years. The fields in the neighboring provinces have not reaped a single grain. How could there be grains to feed the livestock? Therefore, the price of livestock was rising. In the past, a normal horse was worth 30 taels, but now it had risen to 40 taels. The mule was about the same, and even the flatbed had grown a few taels. “Five hundred taels of silver used up seven taels of silver to buy clothes for them ...” Zhan dongwen took out a piece of paper and handed it over. On it was a detailed record of the prices and figures of the items sold. “There’s no need for that, dongwen. I want to believe you! It’s not the end of the time, let’s go. ” Tang Wen waved his hand and left without even taking the paper. Zhan dongwen was stunned, and he couldn’t help but secretly size up Tang Wen. Tang Wen knew that Zhan dongwen was peeking at him, so he pretended not to know and continued walking. He thought to himself,”you even dare to write it on the list, do you dare to steal my silver?” In order to win over the hearts of his subordinates, he had to make them feel the trust his master had in him. Only in this way could others follow him with all their heart. In his previous life, Tang Wen was the hospital director of the provincial Hospital, so he knew how to use people. The sunset covered the sky and shone on SuMei Island. From a distance, it really looked like an Island in the sunset. It was quite spectacular and charming. Tang Wen and the others had also rushed back to somi Island and found that it was cold outside the tent. “Why haven’t you started a fire to cook?” Tang Wen asked. “The old Madam said that she was full for lunch, so she doesn’t want it for dinner.” Li Quan came over and said. “Master, the population has increased, we should save it.” Old ding Jiang er said. “Old master, when I was escaping in the past, I didn’t even have a full meal a day. Today’s a good day, so let’s rest tonight. We still have work tomorrow. ” Zhan dongwen said. “Who said so? Li Quan, Zhang kui, you two go to the warehouse and bring out the food and the iron pot. Let’s start a fire and cook now. Also, bring out 50 kilograms of cured meat for everyone to eat to their heart’s content. ” Tang Wen said. “Wen ‘er, it’s a time of famine, so we can’t just eat and drink. We have to think about the future.” At this moment, Liu qingmei walked out and said. “Mother! Don’t worry, I’ll make the arrangements. From today onwards, your son will let you enjoy a peaceful life. Everyone, follow me. I can’t let them not have enough food and clothes. ” Tang Wen said with determination. “You child, all of this costs money. You didn’t take charge of the household before, so you didn’t know how expensive rice and firewood are. You also know how little money our family has ...” Liu qingmei frowned and said. “Mother, I’ll help you back to rest. You guys set up a fire and cook!” After Tang Wen finished explaining, he helped Liu qingmei into the tent, opened the bag, and said,”mother, look.” “Where did you get so much gold?” Liu qingmei was shocked. “I earned it from selling paintings and calligraphy when I was studying at Linghai Academy. So, mother, you don’t have to worry about me from now on. I have more than that.” Tang Wen said. “Sigh ... Why didn’t you take it out earlier? otherwise, we wouldn’t have to sell our ancestral home.” Liu qingmei sighed, and her eyes were a little red. “I just received it today too. It’s a transfer from the Academy’s master from the provincial capital.” Tang Wen lied. “Sigh ... Wen ‘er, you’ve really grown up. You know how to earn money. However, he still used it sparingly. We don’t have a house yet, so we have to save some to build a house. “Moreover, you don’t even have a wife. From now on ...” Liu qingmei cried. “You will have all of this in the future. Mother, just wait to enjoy it.” When he got out of the tent, he found that several big iron pots had been set up with stones in front of him, and firewood as thick as an arm was burning brightly. Zhan dongwen’s mother, li lanyue, was busy with work with a group of women. The vegetables and meat on the door had been cut into a pile, and the child was drooling at the side. An hour later, Li Quan shouted at the top of his voice,”time to eat! Time to eat!” “Everyone, let the elderly, women, and children get food first. We’re all men, so we’ll all stand at the back. ” Tang Wen commanded. “Line up, line up.” Zhan dongwen ordered everyone to line up. Zhan junru and Li lanyue were in charge of getting food and vegetables. They put the rice into the big bowl first, then added more vegetables. Of course, there was no table. Everyone was holding a large bowl and squatting on the ground, eating in full swing. In fact, it was just a pot of stir – fried preserved meat with potatoes, a pot of dried bamboo shoots, and a pot of tomato egg soup. After all, there was no refrigerator here, and fresh vegetables and meat would go bad easily. Therefore, what Tang Wen bought in Yunhai city was basically dried vegetables and meat, which could be preserved for a long time. But for this group of disaster victims who had not had a full meal for a long time, it was no different from the enjoyment of a five – Star hotel. Tang Wen accompanied his mother to eat in the tent. Of course, there was a small wooden table.

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