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Chapter 4: The magical power of the prop gun (1)

Translator: 549690339

“Pa pa!” A few crisp sounds were heard. Tang Wen was holding a prop gun for acting and shouting,”I’ll kill whoever dares to come up first!” “He has a firearm in his hands!” Someone shouted in fear. Immediately, everyone stopped in their tracks. Instantly, Li Quan and Zhang kui were dumbfounded. Where did the old master’s fire come from? Pa pa! Tang Wen fired two more shots into the sky. Sparks and smoke immediately rose, looking very powerful. In fact, this prop gun had no bullets. After the gunpowder exploded, there were only sparks and smoke. It was just a prop gun in a TV series. This gun was originally placed in Luo Jun’s room. It was said to be a gift from a friend who acted in a Qing Dynasty drama. It looked similar to a short – handled musket from the Qing Dynasty. Tang Wen was a military fanatic, so he was naturally interested in this. Luo Jun gave it to him. He didn’t expect it to scare a group of ancient people. “Lord Jue, my name is Zhan dongwen. I’m a disaster victim from Liang province’s Dongting County. There were more than a hundred people when we came, but half of them died of illness and hunger on the way here. Now, we’re the only ones left. There’s really nothing we can do about it, and there were indeed a few broken stone strips on this bridge some time ago. We were the ones who carried the stones over to repair them. Some of them even brought their families along. No one crossed the bridge these days, and we didn’t receive any silver. We haven’t eaten for two days, we can’t starve to death. ” Zhan dongwen said weakly. “I’m also from Liangzhou. ” Tang Wen said. “Master, are you really from Liangzhou?” The monkey – faced man asked. “Of course it is. This SuMei Island was left behind by old master Tang’s ancestors.” Li Quan said. “We’re from the same hometown. Old master, can you give them some food? We don’t want much, just some food for the women, children and elderly. ” Zhan dongwen said. “You can’t go on like this. I can’t promise you to block the bridge and collect money.” Tang Wen said. “Since it’s old master Tang ‘s, as long as you give us 15 Dou of rice, we’ll leave immediately. We won’t block you anymore.” Zhan dongwen said. “You’ll die of hunger and sickness sooner or later if you continue like this. How about this, you join my Tang family as slaves. Each of you will sell your body for fifteen taels of silver, and I will give you half a tael of silver as your monthly allowance. As for the food, clothes, and other necessities, the Tang family will pay for them!” Tang Wen said. “Master, I’ve studied. Furthermore, he had trained with an old Taoist for ten years. If they didn’t insist on following me, I wouldn’t have to come to block the bridge. ” Zhan dongwen said. “I’ll give you 30 taels of silver for selling your body. You’ll get one tael of silver as your monthly allowance. By the way, do you have a family?” Tang Wen knew that this guy was the boss. As long as he took him down, this group would be settled. At that time, he would earn popularity. “Yes, there are five people in total, including my sister and my parents.” Zhan dongwen said. “The others will pay the same price as them. You can consider it yourself.” Tang Wen said. “Alright, I’ll ask them.” Zhan dongwen nodded and left. “Old master, my name is Sun Ping. Can you call my family over?” The monkey asked with a pitiful expression. “Sure, call your family over. We’ll go together.” Tang Wen said. “Alright.” Instantly, the crowd was in an uproar. Everyone was shouting and running back. In just over ten minutes, all the women and children had arrived. “So many?” Li Quan’s hands trembled in fear. “Old master, I’ve counted. There are only about 30 young and strong men. Including their families, there are 62 people. Such a big family has to eat after joining the Tang family, they will get a lot of money. ” Zhang kui said worriedly. “It’s fine, we need manpower right now. ” Tang Wen waved his hand. At this moment, Zhan dongwen brought a few people over.”Old master, this is my older sister, Zhan junru. She’s only twenty years old. Her husband had died of illness before she had a child, and now she was all alone. This is my second younger sister, Zhan qingmei. She’s already 15 years old, but she’s still single ... My father is Zhan Shifeng, and my mother is li lanyue ...” “Then aren’t you only in your early twenties?” Tang Wen was stunned. He thought,”why do you look so old? I thought you were thirty years old.” “I’m 20 too. I’m in a pair of twins with my sister. I was born early.” Zhan dongwen said, a little embarrassed. “Greetings, Master Tang.” As soon as Zhan Shifeng opened his mouth, he coughed up a mouthful of blood and sprayed it all over Tang Wen. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Zhan Shifeng said quickly. “You’ve contracted the cold wind, you need to be treated quickly. Otherwise, it will only get worse. ” Tang Wen said. “Master Tang, what will happen to my father?” Zhan junru hurriedly asked. “If there’s no medicine to cure it, it’s very likely that you’ll die.” Tang Wen said. “Old master Tang, do you know how to treat patients?” Zhan junru asked. “I know a little. I learned a little from a vocabulary school before.” Tang Wen nodded. “Can you please take a look at my father and save him? I ... I’m willing to sell myself to the Tang family as a slave!” Zhan junru knelt down and begged in fear. “No... No, junru, your husband died a long time ago and his life is already bitter. I can’t let you suffer any more. ” Zhan Shifeng quickly waved his hand. “Father, I can’t just watch you die. I’m already married, so don’t worry about me. Old master Tang, please buy me. I don’t want money, I just want to treat my father’s illness. ” Zhan junru said with tears in her eyes. “Junru, just let father die. I’ve been sick and I’ve been a burden to you. I’ll kill you. It’s better if you die. ” Zhan Shifeng said with tears in his eyes. “Master Tang, can you really cure my father’s illness?” Zhan dongwen asked, staring at Tang Wen. “It shouldn’t be a problem. However, the medicine is very expensive.” Tang Wen said. “How much silver do you want?” Zhan dongwen asked. “Three or four hundred taels.” Tang Wen said. “Master Tang, please save my father. I’ll do anything for you.” Zhan junru started to kowtow. “I’m also willing to sell my body and work for old master Tang. ” Zhan qingmei also ran over and knelt down. “Sigh ...” Zhan dongwen let out a long sigh and knelt down in front of Tang Wen.”Our whole family is willing to sell ourselves to the Tang family. We don’t want any money from the sale, but the condition is that you cure my father’s illness.” “You’d better think it through. After selling yourself to the Tang family, you’ll be a slave to the Tang family. You must be loyal to the Tang family. I didn’t force you. ” Tang Wen said with a cold expression. “Yes, we’re willing.” Zhan junru and the others nodded. “Don’t sign the contract yet. If I can’t cure your father’s illness, I won’t take a single cent. ” Tang Wen said. “I, Zhan dongwen, am convinced by old master Tang’s words. Whether he can be cured or not, we’ll sign it.” Zhan dongwen said with a determined look. “Alright, let’s write the contract first.” Tang Wen had actually retreated in order to advance, and Zhan dongwen had indeed fallen into his trap. “Master Tang, we are also willing to sell ourselves to the Tang family.” Sun Ping came over and said. Under their lead, it didn’t take long for them to sign all the contracts. “Ding dong! You have obtained 62 popularity points. You can start your second time – Travel at any time. As long as you press the wooden chain and say ‘I’m the landlord’ in your heart, it will open. ” At this moment, the Earth system responded again. Tang Wen saw the mysterious space again, and the popularity index on the big screen became ‘ 76’. At the same time, Tang Wen realized that pillars of Qi were emerging from the heads of Zhan dongwen and the others, rushing toward him. These Qi pillars were of different sizes, like a child’s hair. The adult’s hair was the size of a few strands of hair, and Zhan dongwen’s hair was the thickest, about the size of a dozen strands. Could this be what ‘popularity’ was? As he was thinking, Tang Wen suddenly felt a burst of suffocation. He found that the human qi had crazily drilled into his body. What the hell? Tang Wen was startled. In the next moment, he felt as if several acupuncture points in his body were being struck by something. It was as if wood was hitting the city gate, making a clattering sound. Could it be that this ‘human qi’ could help him to break through his acupoints? Tang Wen quickly used his family’s six mysteries to regulate his Qi. In just a few seconds, his body trembled, and he felt that those acupuncture points had been opened. Instantly, the sense of Qi in his body was ten times clearer than before. Tang Wen knew that his strength had grown a little stronger. He should have stepped into the middle – Stage of rank -9.

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