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Chapter 3: The first bucket of gold (1)

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Tang Wen picked up the little boy and did a somersault into the shop, which dumbfounded many onlookers. The next moment, the man was hit by a car and rolled on the ground. He was handcuffed by the police. “Rollin, Rollin ... Are you okay?” A middle – aged man and a young and beautiful lady ran over to hold the child and asked. “Dad, sister, it’s so fun.” He didn’t expect Rollin to look at Tang Wen and say that with excitement. “My little devil, you almost scared me to death.” The young lady complained. “Little brother, you’re good. Thank you.” A chubby – faced police officer came over and patted Tang Wen’s shoulder. “What a coincidence, I was almost scared to death too.” Tang Wen said fearfully. “What’s little brother’s name? I’m Luo tiesheng. ” After the police left, the middle – aged man took out a business card and handed it over. “I’m tang Wen. ” Tang Wen took the business card and glanced at it. The person next door was actually ‘Jiang Chang group’s general manager’. He seemed to have a big background. “It’s all thanks to you today. I can’t repay you. Take out your phone, I’ll transfer some money to sell you a few bottles of wine.” Luo tiesheng took out his phone. “No need, it’s nothing.” Tang Wen firmly refused and pretended to leave immediately. “How about this, young man? look, it’s almost 11:30. I’ll treat you to a meal. You have to give me face.” Luo tiesheng said sincerely. “Little brother, you’re so awesome. Do you want to have a meal together?” With a pair of innocent eyes, Rollin ran over and pulled on Tang Wen’s sleeve. “Alright then, sorry for the disturbance.” Tang Wen thought for a while and nodded. “Little brother, please wait a moment.” Luo tiesheng made a phone call as he spoke, and soon, a Maybach sedan stopped in front of him. After getting in the car, they wandered to a Quiet Club. It was a private room by the stream, and a very muscular young man stood at the door. “My younger brother, Luo Jun.” Luo tiesheng introduced with a smile. “My little uncle is also a very powerful little brother.” Rollin said with a smile. “Oh, how powerful?” Tang Wen said with a smile. “I’m telling you, my uncle is the captain of the Special Forces. ” Rollin said smugly. “Don’t listen to him, he’s just a small team leader. ” Luo Jun laughed. “That’s still incredible. ” Tang Wen complimented. Then, the group entered the private room and the dishes were served. After drinking a glass of white wine, Luo tiesheng asked,”I see that you are quite skilled. Where are you from, and where are you working?” “Sigh ...” Tang Wen deliberately sighed with a sad face. “Brother, if you have anything to say, just tell me. My Luo family is quite famous in Yunhai city.” Luo Jun asked. “It’s a little troublesome. I was abandoned by my parents when I was born. Master picked me up on the roadside. He’s a weirdo, and he lives in the cave. ” Tang Wen said. “Your master is a hermit? What’s his name and where does he live?” Luo Jun was suddenly interested. After all, in modern society, many people advocated returning to the mountains and preferred to live in the wild. For example, many people lived in Zhongnan mountain. “He only told me that his surname is Tang and nothing else. I’ve asked him many times, but he didn’t say anything. He taught me to study and practice martial arts. Not long ago, he suddenly died of a heart attack. He didn’t even have time to tell me anything and soon, the rice that master had stored was finished. Therefore, I had no choice but to go down the mountain to find work. However, I found that living in the city is very troublesome. Just now, the police were checking his identity card and almost caught him. How can he be as free as in the mountains?” Tang Wen sighed. “Captured? why would the police want to capture you?” Luo tiesheng was stunned and asked. “I don’t have a household register or an ID card. My master saved some money when he treated patients in the past. After going down the mountain, he met a sister – in – Law crying at the entrance of the hospital, saying that she had no money for the operation. I gave it to her and she’s been sleeping under the bridge for the past few days. ” Tang Wen said. “This is a little troublesome.” Luo tiesheng nodded and glanced at Luo Jun. “Little brother, why don’t you stay at my house? I have many rooms.” Rollin said as he tilted his head. “No!” Tang Wen shook his head, glanced at Luo Jun, took out a porcelain bottle, and handed it to him.”You work in the Secret Service team, so you should exercise regularly. I have three pills here. They might be useful for you.” Luo Jun uncorked the bottle, opened it, and sniffed it. He sniffed and said,”good stuff. Is it to refresh yourself?” “One marrow cleansing pill. It can be used to cleanse the marrow and remove impurities from the body. The other two were great strength pills that could replenish one’s blood and Qi. Eating them would increase one’s strength by a large amount. However, it would disappear after a while. However, there will always be some left in the body, and long – term consumption will help to increase the strength. ” Tang Wen said. Luo Jun immediately took a Peiyuan pill. Not long after, he felt his qi and blood surge. He grabbed the handle of the chair and broke it. “Good stuff, this is really good stuff. I feel that my strength has suddenly increased by fifty to sixty Jin. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to break the chair handle. ” Luo Jun said excitedly. “Little uncle, you didn’t see it just now. A criminal rushed out to hold me hostage, and I was scared out of my wits. It was Mr. Tang who kicked the criminal away, pounced over, hugged his little brother, and directly flipped into the store. That speed is too fast. ” The pretty lady Luo Yu said with a look of admiration. “How about this, Mr. Tang? I’ll help you solve the problem of your household register and identity. I’ll contact you when the time comes. ” Luo Jun said. “Thanks, but my phone is broken. Give me your number and I’ll call you when it’s fixed.” Tang Wen said. “Zhang Xiong, go and buy a mobile phone and get a SIM card. We’ll use the real – Name System after Mr. Tang’s identity card is done.” Luo tiesheng told the Butler. Zhang Xiong was very efficient. After the meal, a brand – new cell phone with a folding screen was delivered to them. It was the latest model from Huawei. After saying goodbye to the Luo family, Tang Wen entered the internet café and started to search for information about this world. Two days later, Luo Jun called Tang Wen and asked him to go to the police station to get his ID card and household registration. On the fifth day, Tang Wen had basically figured out the situation in this world. This place was called planet aqua blue, and it was divided into five regions. There were more than three hundred countries of various sizes. The southern region was the largest, about three to four times the size of Asia. On the other hand, the Great Eastern Republic had a population of 1.5 billion and an area of 15 million square meters. Its system was similar to that of China ... On the eighth day, the identity card and household register were completed. The Luo family had also applied for a bank and credit card for Tang Wen. The credit limit was 200000 Yuan, and there was still 500000 Yuan in the bank card. Tang Wen didn’t want it, but Luo Jun said it wasn’t to thank him for saving his brother. It was for the pill, so Tang Wen couldn’t reject it, so he accepted it. There were only two days left before he would return. Tang Wen turned around and went to the eight blessings Golden House. After a few days of observation, Tang Wen found that silver was much cheaper than gold in the Great Eastern country. One tael of gold could be exchanged for about 50 taels of silver, while one tael of gold could only be exchanged for 10 taels of silver in Chu. There was a difference of 30 to 40 times. In the future, if he had the opportunity to transmigrate back here, he would be able to exchange the gold from Chu State for silver and bring it back. Thus, he used the three hundred thousand in his bank card to buy 1500 taels of silver. The rest of the money could be used on his credit card. With the remaining 200000 in his bank card, he had a total of 400000. He brushed rice and noodles, cured meat, several military – and – civilian tents, single – Frame beds, thin quilts, a few sharp sabers, and some first aid medicine. When he passed by the 20 yuan three pieces of tears store, he used the remaining tens of thousands of Yuan to buy a bunch of small mirrors, low – Quality perfume, lipsticks, and other small gadgets. Everything was ready, and the time was up. Tang Wen felt his body tremble and a sense of suffocation. He returned to somi Island in the green light. “Ding dong! The earth – Type host system needs ‘popularity’ to be restored. You’ll need to accumulate 30 popularity points for your next transmigration. ” As soon as he landed, he heard the system’s voice. I’m short of people now, and it’s troublesome. The next day, Tang Wen gathered Li Quan and the others. He took out the tent and told everyone to level out a piece of land first. Later, you will carry the slates from the ruins of the Tang family’s old estate over to lay them on the ground, and set up the tent on the slates. After all, these three temporary thatched cottages couldn’t withstand strong winds and heavy rain at all. When the rain came, water would leak, and when the wind blew, even the roof would be blown off. After two busy days, six tents were set up and the Tang family moved into their ‘new residence’. His mother and the other women lived on one roof, while Li Quan and the other men lived on the other. The remaining one was used as a toilet and the other as a kitchen. Tang Wen occupied two of them, one for the bedroom and the other for the warehouse. The next day, Tang Wen brought the silver and called Li Quan and Zhang kui to exchange for gold in Yanling County. Yanling County was only 70 to 80 miles away from SuMei Island, and the carriage could make a round trip in a day. “Stop!” However, as soon as they reached the other side of the island, they were stopped by someone. Somi Island was three to four miles away from the mainland. A simple stone bridge was built with stone pillars. The bridge was also paved with stone, and it could fit a carriage. “Who are you guys?” Zhang kui asked warily. Tang Wen saw that there were more than 20 guys blocking the bridge. There was also a simple straw shed at the side. “It can’t be a Bandit, right?” Li Quan started to worry. “Their clothes are tattered, and they look emaciated. They don’t look like bandits. They might be refugees.” Tang Wen shook his head. “Well, look at what they’re holding in their hands. Hoes, Sickles, wooden sticks, and so on. They don’t even have a decent knife. Bandits wouldn’t be so miserable.” Zhang kui nodded. “Who do you care about me? If you want to cross the bridge, it’s 50 copper coins per person. ” A small – eyed man waved the wooden stick in his hand and said fiercely. “A bucket of rice is fine too.” A monkey – faced man standing next to him added. “You actually tried to Rob me in broad daylight. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll report you to the authorities?” Tang Wen asked. “Report to the officials? hehe, we built this bridge. The officials should have given us money.” At this moment, a middle – aged man with a tall nose and a wide face walked out of the straw shed. He looked quite capable and experienced. “What a joke! I’m the master of this Island, and this bridge was built by my Tang family’s ancestors. When did it become your property?” Tang Wen asked coldly. “Kid, you still want to lie to us? this is a deserted island. Where did you find a master?” The monkey – faced man laughed. “Do you think I’m joking with you?” Tang Wen stared at him coldly and asked. “This bridge was broken some time ago, and we were the ones who carried stones to repair it. I don’t care who you are, you have to pay if you go over. Moreover, the carriage will cost extra money, one tael of silver per carriage. ” The man with the high nose said. “Zhang kui, let’s cross the bridge. If they dare to block us, beat them up!” Tang Wen raised his eyes and said. “Brothers, this brat isn’t giving us a way out. Beat him up!” The man with the high nose shouted, and a group of people rushed over with sticks in their hands. “They have more people, let’s retreat.” When Zhang kui and Li Quan saw this, their faces turned black. They quickly protected Tang Wen and ran back.

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