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Chapter 29: An accident (1)

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“I found a few sneaky people spying on us and following us.” Qiao Xiao said. “This is strange. Why are they peeking at us? Although I, bu Feng, have brought my men to Yanling for some time, I have not made any enemies with anyone. ” Bu Feng said. “Don’t tell me that someone has their eyes on Master Tang. Look, the owner who can offer three hundred thousand Liang is a rich man. We’ll Rob them after we’re on the road. ” GE Zi Yun said. “I don’t think so. This is Yanling city, and there are constables and Yamen soldiers here. Moreover, there are many people in Yanling city who are richer than our master. For example, the Masters of the money houses and the great clans, which one of them doesn’t have a few hundred or a million taels of silver?” Bu Feng said, shaking his head. “Look, I’m here to buy qianye workshop. The asking price of three hundred thousand taels of silver was not high, but in this era, the lower the price, the better. Moreover, qianye workshop was located in a bustling area and was in a good location, so there should be other people who wanted to buy it. However, everyone wants to lower the price, so it’s hard to sell this workshop. ” Tang Wen said. “Old master, are you trying to say that those people who peeked at us are our business rivals?” GE Zi Yun asked. “It’s possible! They wanted it too, but they wanted to lower the price. If we buy it, their plan will be in vain. Naturally, they will have to keep an eye on us. As for bandits, I don’t think so. After all, this is Yanling city, not the wilderness. ” Tang Wen said. “Then master, you have to be careful. This is their territory.” Bu Feng said with some worry. “What are you afraid of? If you dare to come, come with your legs, break your legs, and break your hands. ” Qiao Xiao said in an aggressive manner. “Let’s go visit Constable yang in the afternoon. ” Tang Wen said. “Yes, yes, we have to let them see that we have a backer too. Even if you want to make a move, you’ll have to think twice. ” Bu Feng said with a nod. “That’s not necessarily true. They are a native and prosperous clan in Yanling city. In terms of friendship with the Yamen, we are definitely not as good as them. Perhaps, Constable yang had a better relationship with them. Moreover, even if we get close to Constable yang, the prefectural governor’s Yamen is much bigger than Constable yang ‘s. For example, Tongzhi, tongjie, junyu, Baihu, Garrison, and so on. Constable yang is only an eighth – rank official. He’s not even as good as the officers in the governor’s mansion. ” GE Zi Yun said. Each Prefecture and County under the province of Chu State had six departments, namely the Bureau of Personnel, Bureau of Revenue, Bureau of rites, Bureau of military personnel, Bureau of punishments, and Bureau of works, corresponding to the six Central Ministries. For example, they were in charge of the bailiffs, the county was called the torture chamber, the prefecture was called the criminal historian, and the provincial level was called the judge. Haisheng city, which was in charge of the six southern provinces, was called the criminal Division, while the Ministry of Justice was at the national level. Yang Yun’s superior was the criminal officer, a seventh – rank minor official, but it was still higher than Yang Yun’s eighth – rank official. And the superior of the criminal officer was the passing judge. A magistrate was a sixth – ranked official, with a slightly higher rank of fifth – rank, followed by the governor and the prefects, who were both fourth – ranked. Of course, people like Lord Yi of the Jiang state capital were half a rank higher, as he was a lower third – rank official. “Let’s take it one step at a time. Let’s start with Constable yang,” Tang Wen waved his hand. “Old master, I’ll just go and ask someone.” Qiao Xiao said. “Well, that’s good. But, be gentle. Don’t kill him.” Tang Wen nodded. “Understood.” Qiao Xiao nodded and left in a hurry. After lunch, bu Feng came over nervously.”Master, Qiao Xiao hasn’t come back yet. Did something happen?” “I don’t think so. He’s very skilled, and not many people in Yanling city can defeat him.” GE Zi Yun shook his head. “Don’t be arrogant. In this world, there are many experts who don’t like to be in the limelight. Bufeng, quickly send someone out to look for them. Just go to the area around thousand leaves workshop and Scout for information. ” Tang Wen shook his head. Not long after bu Feng left, he returned and said,”master, head Liu is here. He said that he was ordered by Constable yang to contact you. It just so happens that you are in the city, so I brought him here.” “Ask him to come in.” Tang Wen said. Not long after, class monitor Liu brought him in. “Boss Liu, please take a seat.” Tang Wen pointed at the chair and said. “Master Tang, Constable yang said that he has something to discuss with you. Please come over immediately.” Class monitor Liu said. Tang Wen had seen him before since he had been to SuMei Island before. Class monitor Liu knew that Tang Wen was a Baron, and that he was rich and generous. He seemed to have a good relationship with Constable yang. He naturally didn’t dare to sit, and even half – knelt in greeting. Therefore, Tang Wen rushed to the county governor’s mansion. “Qiao Xiao is your subordinate?” Yang Yun asked as soon as he saw Tang Wen. “Yes, my personal guard. Didn’t you see it before?” Tang Wen nodded. “This is going to be troublesome.” Yang Yun frowned. “Did something happen to him?” Tang Wen was stunned and quickly asked. “He fought with someone and was caught by the six Fan School. Although he’s locked up in our cell, I have no right to let him out. So, quickly get class monitor Liu to come and inform your people. I didn’t expect you to be in the city. ” Yang Yun said. “Does the six Fan School care about small things like fighting?” Tang Wen was dumbfounded. “We just happened to bump into each other.” Yang Yun replied. “What’s going on?” Tang Wen asked. “I’m not sure. The master of six Fan School is called Kang Qingfeng, and he’s the Vice manager of the provincial Hall. When he caught someone, he threw them into prison and even told them not to let anyone near him. Even I can’t get close to it, so I can’t ask anything. ” Yang Yun said. “You’re an arrester and a Wu Jin Shi. You’re just a Deputy Manager of the six Fan School. Don’t tell me they won’t even give you face?” Tang Wen asked. “It’s useless! In this Yanling city, my words are still of some use. However, the six Fan School is the superior of us constables. They had a lot of power, and any case they were involved in was of course an important one. They were also involved in military affairs. What am I, a mere Constable, to you? If he’s the Chief of Detectives from the provincial Criminal Court, then he might be of some use. ” Yang Yun said bitterly. “Is the governor useful?” Tang Wen asked. “Of course Lord Zhang’s words are of some use. Don’t tell me you’re close to Lord Zhang?” Yang Yun asked. “I’m not familiar!” Tang Wen shook his head. “Then we’re in big trouble. The people of six Fan School are cruel and merciless. Even if you interrogate him for no reason, you’ll get into trouble. Even if he was released, he would probably have to lie in bed for a year or so. If he was unlucky, he might lose his arms and legs, or even his life. Let alone the commoners, even small officials like us would die in vain if we were killed by them, no different from killing a chicken. Back then, the Hongchuan prefect had been arrested for being involved in a case. In the end, someone proved his innocence and he was released. However, he was crippled and could only spend the rest of his life in bed. They didn’t take any responsibility for that incident and let it go. So, in their eyes, there was only the Imperial court and nothing else? “To be honest, although you have a noble title, your title is too low. In addition, you don’t have any real power in your hands, so they don’t look at you. ” Yang Yun said. Next door! Wasn’t this the same as the Jinyiwei’s East and West branches? “What if I can be promoted to count?” Tang Wen asked. “Of course, that’s better. After all, Qiao Xiao is your subordinate, the head of the Earl’s personal guards. Of course, it was only slightly better. If the count has real power, then it’s a different story. ” Yang Yun said,”by the way, I have to congratulate you on this.” “Congratulations? what kind of blessings?” Tang Wen was a little confused. “Didn’t you annihilate 72 Pirates the last time? that was 72 battle merits. I submitted it to Lord Zhang, and Lord Zhang approved it. As such, you have been promoted to a second class Baron due to your military achievements. He had planned to come to somi in a few days to deliver the official document of the change of title. In addition, there was also a token. Now that you’re here, that’s even better. I’ll take you to Lord Zhang to get it. ” Yang Yun frowned and said,”however, even if you’re a second class Baron, Qingfeng Kang won’t give you any face. ‘Unless you become an Earl. Sigh ... This is going to be troublesome. However, Lord Zhang has been having a headache over the war in the Northwest. He hasn’t been able to gather enough silver. If you ask him to come forward, he probably won’t have the time. ” “Then, I’ll have to trouble Constable yang to introduce Lord Zhang to me. I want to apply for it immediately.” Tang Wen cupped his hands, and the two of them went straight to Zhang Hongjiang. Zhang Hongjiang was dealing with official documents when Tang Wen came to see him. Zhang Hongjiang was a thin middle – aged man. He looked like he had a strong character, unlike those fat and greasy officials with big bellies. In the past, the governor of a County was also in charge of the military, and even the soldiers and horses of the county were under their control. Therefore, the governor at that time could also be called a small official of the border, while the inspector – General was called a big official of the border. Later on, the governor rebelled, and the governor was stripped of his military power, so his power naturally weakened.

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