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Chapter 27: The governor is interested (1)

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“Get out of the way, she won’t dare to kill me.” Tang Wen pulled Zhan junru to the side and faced Gu hanyan with his chest out. “You ... You you ...” The knife fell to the ground with a clang. Gu hanyan was so angry that tears were streaming down her face. “I saved your life, and it was this condition that you sold yourself to the Tang family. Moreover, I, Tang Wen, appoint you as my personal servant. So, don’t even think about leaving the Tang family in this life, unless you repay kindness with ingratitude, you’re worse than a pig or a dog. ” Tang Wen flicked his sleeves and went out. “My Lord, look at this.” In the Yanling Prefecture, Yang Yun carried a small bag of things to the house of the governor, Zhang Hongjiang. He placed it on the table and opened the bag. Zhang Hongjiang stuck his head out and looked.”Isn’t it just rice?” “It’s indeed rice. But look again, this is the rice we usually eat.” Yang Yun took out another small bag of rice and opened it. Zhang Hongjiang walked over suspiciously. He picked up the rice and looked at it. He was surprised.”This rice is smooth and shiny, and the grains are full and round. It’s much better than what we ate. Where did you get it?” Due to the lack of fertilizer in Chu State, the rice was very thin and shriveled, as if it was malnourished. In addition, the rice – Grinding equipment was simple and crude, and it looked terrible. It was not on the same level as the Pearl rice produced in modern society. “Somi Island.” Yang Yun said. “Isn’t sumei an uninhabited island?” Zhang Hongjiang looked at Yang Yun in confusion. “It used to be a deserted island, but it’s different now. The owner of this Island has returned.” Yang Yun said. “There’s another Lord? Who is it?” Zhang Hongjiang was stunned. “That man is called Tang Wen. He’s only 16 years old and is from Liangzhou Prefecture. He’s a third – Class Baron and a high scholar. He had brought his family over, and there were hundreds of them. However, the Tang family’s houses on the island had all been burned down by the Pirates, leaving only broken walls and a field of wild grass. However, Tang Wen was very capable. He set up a camp, set up hundreds of tents, and installed barbed wire on the outside. He actually lived in a metal house. A few days ago, the Pirates had probably heard that the Tang family had rice and grain, so they had sent seventy to eighty people to kill them. However, the Tang family that they were colluding with was discovered by Tang Wen’s men, so they set a trap to lure the Pirates into the camp and beat them up. He killed seventy – two people and reported it to our Yanling County. So, I brought my men there. ” Yang Yun said. “Barbed wire? what kind of barbed wire?” Zhang Hongjiang asked. “The net is very strong and is more than four meters high. Even wood can’t break in. The iron wire is as thick as half a chopstick. I’ve tried it, but it’s extremely difficult to open. Moreover, the area wasn’t small. It was estimated to be six or seven hundred meters in a circle. How much iron would that require? What a big move. ” Yang Yun exclaimed. “Have you investigated his background?” Zhang Hongjiang asked. “This subordinate has been reporting to you after ten days in order to investigate the Tang clan’s background. “Tang Wen’s ancestor was conferred the title of Liangzhou count by the king because of his great contribution ...” Yang Yun said. “You mean that the Tang family has declined, and that after Tang Shixian’s death, the Tang family has less than three thousand taels of silver. In the end, he was robbed by bandits on the way and fled to our Yanling County. However, Tang Wen has only been in somi for a few months. Where did he get the money to buy barbed wire, set up a camp, and recruit servants?” Zhang Hongjiang asked. “I’ve heard about it too. It’s said that Tang Wen earned a lot of money when he was studying at Linghai Academy. ” Yang Yun said. “How much money can a scholar earn? do you really believe that?” Zhang Hongjiang raised his eyebrows and said. “Of course I don’t believe it. However, I think that, after all, the Tang family was once the count, and a starving camel is still bigger than a horse. Tang Shixian is dead, but he has to leave something for our son. ” Yang Yun nodded. “Well, that’s normal. Even a treasure left behind by our ancestor would be worth over 100000 taels of silver if sold. ” “Yes!” Zhang Hongjiang nodded. “Milord, the Tang family has always felt that they don’t have enough manpower to defend against Pirates. According to the rules of the royal family, a third – Class Baron could only have 60 guards. Therefore, Tang Wen wanted to expand his guards to fight against the Pirates. Otherwise, if the Pirates come again and again, the Tang family won’t be able to settle down. ” Yang Yun said. “Of course. However, his title is too low, so we can’t ask him to expand his guards. This is against the rules of the Imperial court. ” Zhang Hongjiang said. “So, he wanted to raise his rank. His subordinate gave him an idea, which was to donate silver. Hehe, Sir, the war in the Northwest is very tense, and they’ve given us a lot of grain and horses, which cost more than one million taels of silver. We’ve only gathered three hundred thousand taels so far. If they couldn’t complete the mission by the end of next month, the military orders would be as heavy as a mountain. At that time, we’ll have to take off all the things we’re wearing, and if it’s serious, we’ll lose our lives. ” Yang Yun said. “How much does he want to donate?” Zhang Hongjiang was suddenly interested. He had been worried about gathering money and had not had a good night’s sleep. “This subordinate doesn’t know how much, but I think that based on what this subordinate has seen, he should be able to take out tens of thousands of taels. For example, if he wants to be promoted to a Viscount, he’ll have to donate tens of thousands of taels. ” Yang Yun replied. “It’s best to donate more. Give him some benefits first. When the time comes, he’ll be happy and donate more.” Zhang Hongjiang said. “Benefits? How? We can’t even give him a title, he has no military achievements. ” Yang Yun was stunned. “You are sometimes smart, but sometimes you are stupid. Let me ask you, how many battle merits do I get for killing an enemy on the battlefield?” Zhang Hongjiang asked. “One battle achievement is equivalent to a hundred taels of silver.” Yang Yun replied. “That’s right. Didn’t he kill 72 Pirates? how many battle merits?” Zhang Hongjiang touched his chin and smiled. “Seventy – two battle achievements. According to the promotion of the title, it is equivalent to a donation of seven thousand two hundred taels.” Yang Yun was enlightened. “Right! I’ll do it, go and apply immediately. ” Zhang Hongjiang laughed. “It only takes 50 Battle Points to get from a third – Class Baron to a second – Class Baron. He can definitely get to the second class with this. When the time comes, we’ll give him a title of nobility and expand his personal guard to 80 people. Will he still donate silver?” Yang Yun was a little confused. “You’re underestimating him. What was the difference between sixty and eighty? Against hundreds, thousands, or even thousands of Pirates, this number of men was still too little. If he had money, he would even think that a first class Viscount was too low. Moreover, for the rich nobles, this promotion was also a great opportunity. Once the war is over, we won’t have this chance anymore. ” Zhang Hongjiang pointed at him and laughed. “That’s true. It’s a pity that this promotion is only for the nobles themselves. To US officials, even if we have money, we will never have this opportunity. ” Yang Yun shook his head. “We have to help him. Whatever he needs, we will do our best to help. When the deserted island is cleared and we plant crops, we can go over to collect taxes. Such a large island, if they took it all out, the annual tribute would be a lot. Moreover, this matter had to be done now. We used to think that it was a deserted island, but it’s different now. Since it has a master, it has to pay taxes. Let’s get some silver to pay for the Army first. ” Zhang Hongjiang said. “But it’s still a deserted island. There’s no food growing there, so how are we going to collect taxes?” Yang Yun asked. “We’ll collect a little first. We have to force him to be honest. If he doesn ‘t, the tax this year and next year will be different. At that time, he’ll have to find a way to plant food by himself without us urging him. ” Zhang Hongjiang laughed drily. “Daren’s method is truly brilliant. ” Yang Yun said with a smile. “They’re the aristocrats of the Chu State. When the country is in trouble, they’re from the royal family and should bear the responsibility. ” Zhang Hongjiang laughed. “Master, there’s a qianye workshop in Yanling city. It used to be a large workshop for weaving and dyeing. It occupied more than two hundred mu of land. However, in the past two years, there had been constant disasters everywhere. They couldn’t even fill their stomachs, so where would they have the money to buy cloth? Therefore, the owner is preparing to sell it. ” In the blink of an eye, a month had passed, and bu Feng had brought the newly recruited dozens of refugees back to the island. Although there were a few dozen more people, they were still far from the goal of 250 people that the great landlord had activated. Tang Wen was so anxious that he almost fell ill. That was because the foundation of the dam had been poured. Unfortunately, the cement and steel bars were in urgent need. If he did not transmigrate back to get some supplies, the dam would have to stop working. “How much silver do you want?” Tang Wen asked. He had long wanted to buy a big courtyard in the Yanling pool so that he could live there at any time. Also, the war Fox Information Hall had to strengthen their training. The yard he had bought in the past was too small and not stylish enough. It was also not convenient for the members of the battle Fox Group to train, gather information, and carry out their work. “Three hundred thousand taels.” Bu Feng replied.

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