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Chapter 25: Chapter 24 – wonderful (1)

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“Why not? It had always been like this. Don’t talk about a big project like the dam, even building a house should be like this. ” GE Zi Yun asked in confusion. “We’re still in the early stages. You see, the Pirates “problem hasn’t been solved yet. We can’t be too arrogant. If we do, we’ll attract more Pirates. Therefore, we have to do it quietly and make a fortune in silence. ” Tang Wen said. “That’s true, let’s do as the old master said, secretly do things and get rich in silence. ” Zhan dongwen said with a nod. “Dongwen, we now have two excavating iron horses. With the two iron horses as the main force, we’ll clear out the bottom of the dam first. To dig deep, the foundation must be strong and big. The lower part also needed to be installed with a drain ... You must strictly follow the drawings I’ve drawn. By the way, I asked you to invite a few old masters over some time ago, did you manage to invite anyone?” Tang Wen said. “Yes, I did. Their asking price is too high, ten silver taels a month. We’ve invited more than a dozen, and it’ll cost more than a hundred taels a month. This dam will take at least half a year to be built. That’s a few thousand taels of silver. It’s simply cannibalistic. ” Zhan dongwen said with a pained expression. “It’s fine. They’re all experienced construction workers. In some aspects, you must listen to their commands. However, you have to explain to them clearly what I’m teaching you. You can’t just follow what they say. ” Tang Wen said. “Understood.” Zhan dongwen said with a nod. After Zhan dongwen left, Tang Wen had been thinking about starting a Science and Technology crash course. For example, he could control excavators, stone shatterers, road rollers, and shovels. For example, if these machines were broken, they would need a mechanic. Of course, it was fine as long as they could fix some small problems. It was absolutely impossible for them to fix the electronic components. If the electronic components were broken, the machine would be scrapped. Below, Tang Wen called Zhan Zhao and led the twenty – odd people to a place with plenty of sunlight to install the solar panels. The official name of this thing should be ‘photovoltaic power generation’. It was based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, using solar cells to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. Photovoltaic power generation equipment was extremely refined, reliable, stable, long – term, and easy to install and maintain. The last time he transmigrated to Yunhai city, Tang Wen had studied for more than ten days before he finally got the hang of it. Moreover, this batch of photovoltaic power generation equipment ordered by Tang Wen had a simpler installation requirement. The photovoltaic factory had also made considerable improvements, and ordinary people could do it in a few days. Half a month passed by quietly. The photovoltaic power generation had been installed and tested, and the results were good. In this way, all the tents were installed with electric lights, and the outside of the camp was also installed with large wall – strength searchlights. The dam construction site was even more important. When the electricity was sufficient in the future, Tang Wen was also prepared to install street lamps along the lakeside. The moment all the light bulbs lit up, everyone was shocked. “Is this a night – luminescent Pearl?” “How much are these night – luminescent pearls worth?” “The old master said that those are not night – luminescent pearls, but electric lights.” “It’s too bright, I can see it clearly even at night. ” …… Tang Wen found it funny that the ancient people in the square were talking about it. Wouldn’t they be scared to death if they installed some colorful lights when they were free? Of course, photovoltaic power generation still took up a large area. Tang Wen was preparing to bring back some wind turbines when the time was right. However, the wind turbine was too big and heavy, and Tang Wen didn’t have the technology in this area. It could only be installed and brought back after transmigrating. A large wind – powered generator weighed 400 to 500 tons. The 6 MW wind turbine’s blades weighed about 70 tons, and the rotor of the generator weighed about 100 tons. The stator of the generator was about 140 tons, and together with the weight of the cabin and the tower, it was about 460 tons. After installing it and bringing it back to the island, it did not have the ability to stand up, because to stand it, it would require large cranes, cranes and other equipment. This was a little complicated, and Tang Wen didn’t have the ability to do it for the time being. “Master, these lights are so useful. From now on, I’m no longer afraid of the dark.” After returning to the temporary house, Zhan junru spoke excitedly like a child who had yet to grow up. “Old master, are these all from the West?” Gu hanyan asked. “Of course, these are all western stuff. We can’t make them here.” Tang Wen replied. “The Westerners are really smart, how can they think of so many useful things. Look at this bedside lamp, it’s turned on with just a press, and the brightness can be adjusted. ” Gu hanyan said. “Come on, I’ll teach you how to use the jacuzzi ...” Tang Wen turned on the water and let the water wash up. The two women reached out to try it and felt very comfortable. “You can also use it in the future.” Tang Wen finished his story in a serious manner and went out. “Sister, why don’t we try?” “It’s good that it’s not good, this is master ‘s. ” “If there’s anything, just clean it up. Moreover, the old master said that we can use it, so we can just try it once. ” Downstairs, the sound of fighting could be heard.

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