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Chapter 24: Conquering a person starts with the stomach (1)

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“Sir yang has come a long way for the Tang family’s Affairs, you must be tired and hungry. Why don’t we have lunch together?” Tang Wen said. “Alright, sorry for disturbing you.” Yang Yun nodded. “Tell dongwen that we’re going to let the constables have a good meal today. Make a few more dishes, two meat and three fish.” Tang Wen said. After that, Tang Wen brought Yang Yun to his private ‘room’. After the dishes were served, Yang Yun could not help but sniffle. “Sir yang, let’s have a few drinks.” Tang Wen said. “This yang would rather respectfully accept.” Yang Yun said with a smile. “Hanyan, bring out two bottles of wine from the back. Today, Sir yang and I will each have a bottle. Let’s drink to our hearts ‘content.” Tang Wen said. “Wine?” Yang Yun was stunned. He saw Gu hanyan carrying two black – looking wine bottles on a silver tray. Tang Wen picked up the wine opener. At this time, Gu hanyan said,”master, I’ll do it.” “You know how to drive?” Tang Wen was stunned. It was because there was no wine in the great Chu State. Most people would drink white liquor or rice wine that was brewed by their own family. “I’ve seen others drive it before. ” As Gu hanyan spoke, she picked up the wine opener and started spinning it. Not long after, he pulled the cork out and poured the contents into the wine glass. “This thing is really magical. It can open the bottle with a light twist.” Zhan junru looked at the wine opener in surprise. “If you can drive it, it means you’ve seen it before. Do you know where this wine came from?” Yang Yun asked Gu hanyan curiously. “It’s from the West. This bottle is very expensive. ” Gu Hanyan. “Everything from the West is expensive. This yang thanks Lord Jue for your hospitality.” Yang Yun said. “It’s very valuable. How much does it cost?” Tang Wen looked at Gu hanyan with interest. “I’ve seen two bottles in a big winery, but they’re the treasure of the winery and aren’t for sale. However, I later gave it to a precious guest of the winery in exchange for a top grade marrow cleansing pill. ” Gu Hanyan. “Top grade marrow cleansing pills are extremely rare in this world. They are generally controlled by big sects and the six Fan School of the Imperial court, and are not sold. It’s used to raise talented disciples, and is regarded as a treasure by all the major sects and the Imperial court. ” Yang Yun said. The medicinal pills in Chu State were divided into low grade, middle grade, high grade, and high grade, which were the highest grades. High – grade medicinal pills were extremely difficult to refine, and the success rate was extremely low. This caused it to have a price but no supply. “That’s why I said it’s valuable. ” Gu hanyan said. “Sir yang, have a taste.” Tang Wen laughed. Yang Yun raised his wine glass and took a small sip. The next moment, he closed his eyes as if he was savoring the taste. After a long time, he heaved a long sigh of relief. It’s profound and has a unique flavor, completely different from white wine. ” “Sir yang, try this!” Tang Wen pointed at the plate of ‘canned tuna’. There were fishermen in great Chu, but they mostly fished in the coastal waters. Moreover, because their fishing gear was too outdated, they couldn’t catch tunas at all. Therefore, the aristocrats and high – ranking officials of great Chu were not able to eat tuna. Yang Yun picked some and ate them. His mouth twitched and he said,”the taste is unique and delicious. I’ve never tasted anything like this before.” “Hahaha, Sir yang likes it. Later, I’ll bring back a bottle of wine and canned food. You can taste it well and give some suggestions when you come back next time.” Tang Wen laughed. “How can we do that? they’re too expensive.” Yang Yun was obviously not saying what he meant. “Junru, pack it up and put it in Sir Yang’s carriage later.” Tang Wen said with a smile. “Then I’ll go back and have a taste?” Yang Yun cupped his fists and said. Wasn’t it just a normal bottle of zhangyu jiebaina? It was only a hundred Yuan. As for the canned food, it was also only a hundred Yuan. Yang Yun wouldn’t take it back as a family heirloom, would he ... Tang Wen laughed in his heart. Time travel, what a good system. Earth landlord system, I love it, I love it. In the end, he opened another bottle after two bottles and let Yang Yun drink most of it. After all, in Yang Yun’s eyes, he had stuffed his stomach with a few hundred taels of silver. “A luminous cup of grape wine, the lute will urge you immediately if you want to drink. Drunk on the battlefield, Lord grim, ancient war, a few people return. ” Tang Wen was in a good mood and casually became a palindrome plagiarist. He didn’t notice that Gu hanyan was suddenly stunned. Her eyes were shining as she sneaked a glance at Tang Wen. Could it be that this woman also knew poetry? “Good poem!” Yang Yun slammed the table and nodded.”Although I’m just a martial artist and not an expert in elegant matters, I’m not an expert. However, Lord Jue’s poem was too imposing. What a good drunken battlefield, but what a good ancient war with a few people ...” “The first part is bold and the second part is sorrowful. The two styles are combined into one poem. Master is indeed a high scholar from the Linghai Academy. I heard from Li Quan that when master participated in the Linghai village examination, he was only one step away from the top scorer.” Gu hanyan said softly. Damn, this was written by ‘Wang Han’, so I’ll just copy it. “Oh, there’s such a thing?” Yang Yun touched his beard and asked Tang Wen. “I’m busy with my family. All the candidates are studying poetry and etiquette before the exam, and I haven’t picked up a book for half a year.” Tang Wen said. “That’s such a pity. Otherwise, the jieyuan position of Linghai would have been yours, Lord Jue,” Yang Yun shook his head and sighed. “You can’t say that. Tie Wen Jing is indeed a talented person.” Tang Wen shook his head. “Tie Wen Jing, this person seemed to have entered the Imperial scholar examination two years ago. Moreover, he had gotten a lucrative position and was demoted to the governor of Jiangzhou Prefecture. I think he’s from Linghai Academy as well. Could he be a senior brother of Lord Jue?” Yang Yun asked, slightly taken aback. “We can be considered fellow disciples.” Tang Wen nodded. “That’s such a pity. If Lord Jue and tie Wen Jing had participated in the imperial examination together, he would also be a magistrate now. At the very least, he would be a County Magistrate. At that time, he will be a county official, and with the title of nobility, his future will be boundless. ” Yang Yun touched his beard and sighed. The system of great Chu was that titles could be inherited, but having a title didn’t mean that one would have an official position. In order to become an official, one had to pass the imperial examination. Of course, nobles also had special privileges. For example, if you made a great contribution, the imperial family could directly appoint you as an official without having to participate in the imperial examination. A Lord without an official position was just an honor, a campaign, and a hollow. A Lord with an official position was a Lord with real power. After sending Yang Yun off, Li Quan came in and said,”old master, every Constable has prepared three taels of silver and a bucket of rice. Isn’t this too much? If they go to other Places to Work on cases, it would be good if they could get half a tael of silver. ” “Hehe, Li Quan, there’s a saying that goes,” cast a long line to catch a big fish. ” Yang Yun was a Wu Jin Shi and definitely had good martial arts. How could you say that he would not have a glorious day in the future? We’ll need them in many ways in the future, so don’t worry about the money. ” Tang Wen shook his head. “Since you’re a Wu Jin Shi, why are you only a Constable? Isn’t this just burying talent?” Li Quan asked, puzzled. This was because the head constable of a County was only an eighth – ranked official, not even comparable to a County Magistrate. “There must be many reasons for this. Think about it, he’s in trouble now. If we help him, we’ll also benefit when he’s successful in the future. Tell bu Feng to find out more about Yang Yun and the reason why he was demoted. This person is probably still of great use. ” Tang Wen said. “Well, a martial arts scholar has to be at least a level Seven master.” Li Quan nodded. “Rank -7, you’re underestimating our great Chu’s Wu Jin tu.” Tang Wen shook his head. “Could it be that it’s not just rank -7?” Li Quan asked, scratching his head. “Great Chu only recruits a few hundred Wu Jin scholars every imperial examination. How many martial artists do great Chu have? There were probably thousands of people who participated in the imperial examination every year. Moreover, there was no age limit for the candidates. They could take the exam until they were 80 years old. Some martial artists never got in, and as they grew older, their skills became more profound. Of course, the young candidates would be at a disadvantage. Therefore, it was very difficult to get into the Wu Jin Shi examination. “Only those with at least rank -6 strength are qualified.” Tang Wen said. “Rank -6, that’s much more powerful than Qiao Xiao.” Li Quan was taken aback. “The hall Master of the six Fan school’s Linghai province branch is probably at this level. It’s not a loss to befriend such an expert.” Tang Wen said with a smile. “Old master, the water blocking canal has been built. Can we start working on the dam?” At this moment, Zhan dongwen came in and asked. “Sure, let’s start in the afternoon.” Tang Wen nodded. “I think we should pick an auspicious day. We still have to set off firecrackers to celebrate. It’ll be auspicious if we move the soil then!” Said GE Zi Yun, who had come in with him. “We can ‘t!” Tang Wen waved his hand.

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