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Chapter 23: Civilization progress (1)

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“It’s a painting, but it’s different from the techniques used in our country’s law. The style is strange and very wonderful. Unfortunately, there was a fire once and that painting was burned. The county governor’s father was heartbroken. He had been lying in bed, sick, like a madman. He would cry from time to time. Lord Zhang racked his brains over this and invited dozens of judges, but none of them worked. ” Yang Yun said. “What kind of painting is that to make Lord Zhang’s father so crazy?” Tang Wen asked. “When that painting was still around, our great Chu’s National Art master, Liu yuanzong, made a copy of it. Later, Lord Zhang spent a lot of money to buy it. However, even though Liu yuanzong’s brushstrokes were godly, the techniques and paint used in Western paintings were different. It was difficult to draw the essence of the painting. I’ve seen that drawing before. It’s a handsome man with something like ‘apoio’ on it. Great master Liu surmised that it might be the name or seal of the handsome man in the portrait. ” Yang Yun shook his head and sighed. APOIIO? Isn’t that Apollo, one of the twelve Olympian gods of ancient Greece? Tang Wen was shocked. How could there be a legend of God Apollo in this world? Could it be that the ancient European civilization had also appeared in the ancient process of this world? The Great Eastern Republic was similar to the parallel Space of modern Huaxia. Could this world be similar to the parallel Space of ancient Huaxia? “Jun ru, bring me the painting that’s hanging on the east wall of my room.” Tang Wen said. Because this was an opportunity to befriend Governor Zhang. Jun ru nodded, turned into the bedroom next door, and brought out the European oil painting. Of course, this oil painting was of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, one of the twelve main gods. Yang Yun glanced at it and was stunned. She pointed at the letter ‘Athene’ and said,”that’s strange. Why do you have a similar name on your drawing?” Moreover, the style of the painting is somewhat similar to that of master Liu ‘s. ” “This painting of mine is also from the West.” Tang Wen said with a smile. “The Baron is really a refined person. He actually managed to get his hands on such a treasure.” Yang Yun stroked his beard and sighed. “Hehe, my ancestor once made a great contribution to the war and was conferred the title of Liangzhou count by the imperial family. It’s a pity that my Tang family is getting worse with each generation. This painting has been passed down, and it’s my Tang family’s heirloom. ” Tang Wen lied through his teeth. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Yang Yun stood up and bowed to Tang Wen. Then, he said,”I was a little disrespectful to Lord Jue earlier. I may not be talented, but I’m still a Wu Jin Shi.” “What are you saying? this Tang should be the one being impolite.” Tang Wen shook his head and finally understood. Previously, Yang Yun had not knelt down to pay his respects when he saw him because he had a title. According to the rules of the great Chu royal family, those who had achieved great merits could see officials without kneeling down to pay respects. Just slightly cupping one’s hands or bowing one’s head would do. Even an elementary scholar would receive such treatment. However, Yang Yun had been a Wu Jin Shi for so many years. How did he end up as a lowly Constable in Yanling County? That would at least be a seventh – rank official. “Just now, bu Feng already brought me to see the corpses of the Pirates. These people are simply guilty of the most heinous crimes, to actually want to Rob the Lord’s property. I, Yang Yun, will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly and give Lord Jue an explanation. However, Lord Jue was actually able to exterminate more than seventy Pirates, showing off the might of our great Chu. Yet, not a single person on my side has died. This yang is truly impressed!” Yang Yun cupped his fists and said. “That was also a coincidence. It was them who colluded with the servants of my Tang family, and we finally saw through them and invited them into the pot. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll only see my dead body. No, it’s not just me, it’s hundreds of corpses from my Tang family. ” Tang Wen said. “Sigh ... Our Yanling County is a bit remote, and SuMei Island is even more remote. Many people had died during the years of war and famine. The Pirates along the coast became even more rampant, and the Imperial court was helpless. They could only pull back their forces and protect a few fortresses. Most of the Navy was stationed at the checkpoint and had no time to care about a place like somi Island. Especially recently, when our dynasty is at war with the great Qin Kingdom, the sun Kingdom on the other side of the sea is also getting restless. The Admiral was also helpless and further pulled back the Navy forces. They were all placed on the east side of the provincial capital to protect the city. Otherwise, once the sun nation’s bandits break through our eastern line of defense and we lose our provincial capital, both the Linghai mountains and our country will be in danger. As a result, the Imperial court was unable to deal with the Pirates, so they became more and more rampant. In fact, there had even been a pirate massacre on the island last month. It was simply sinful. It’s a pity that I, Yang Yun, only have martial arts, but I’m unable to annihilate these thieves and return the Linghai mountains to peace. ” Constable yang shook his head and sighed. “Therefore, I have no choice but to train my personal guards every day to ensure the safety of SuMei Island in Yanling. I also want to protect the safety of the surrounding Pirates and do something for the court. It’s a pity that the Imperial court has given me the quota of 60 personal guards. If the Pirates attacked again, and Yanling County was beyond their reach. I’m afraid the island will be destroyed, blood will flow like a river, and corpses will be strewn all over the land. ” Tang Wen said. “Chao ting, Chao ting’s difficulties.” Yang Yun said. “Sir yang is also very busy every day. Recently, disaster victims and refugees from other provinces have come in. Once the victims and refugees were unable to endure their hunger, they were bound to commit some acts of robbery or even murder. Sir yang would also have a big headache. This Tang is very grateful that Sir Yang can take the time to come to my SuMei Island. However, I’m also powerless. If the Imperial court can give me more slots, I can form an even stronger personal guard Army. At that time, we will be able to deal with the Pirates and protect the island. This will also solve some problems for the Yanling County. ” Tang Wen said. “There’s a chance this time. ” Yang Yun thought for a while and suddenly said. “Oh?” Tang Wen deliberately froze and looked at Yang Yun. “Recently, the war in the Northwest has been tense. The great Qin Empire has led 80 divisions and tried to take over the three provinces of our great Chu. Thus, the Imperial court issued an emergency notice. If the nobles of Chu State want to be promoted, they can be promoted by military merits. ” Yang Yun said. “Of course I know this. However, I’m just a scholar who can only serve the country, but I don’t have the strength to restrain a chicken.” Tang Wen said. “Hehe, it’s different this time. If we can donate money and food, it’s also a form of support for the resistance against the great Qin.” Yang Yun smiled and shook his head. “Could it be that donating money and food is also considered a battle merit?” Tang Wen was stunned. It was not uncommon to donate money to buy officials in ancient times. Of course, the official positions bought through donations were usually some idle officials with only name and no real power, just for show. “Of course!” Yang Yun said. “How do you want to donate it in exchange for military merits?” Tang Wen asked. “One hundred taels of silver for one battle achievement. For example, if you want to become a Baron, you need to donate fifty battle achievements to become a second class Baron.” Yang Yun said. “That’s five thousand taels of silver. ” Tang Wen nodded. “Right! However, if you want to be promoted to a first rank Baron, it will cost you ten thousand silver. ” Yang Yun said. “This doesn’t seem cheap. It’s chaotic now, and wails are everywhere. There are many victims and refugees who have starved to death. It’s too difficult to earn some money. Moreover, that’s ten thousand taels of silver. Is it too difficult?” Tang Wen deliberately shook his head and sighed. “Of course. Lord Jue, please think about it. Without this opportunity, how would it be possible for you to be promoted to a rank 1 noble? If you joined the Army and led the troops to war, you would only get one war merit point for every enemy you killed. Even if you were to be promoted to a second class Baron, you would still have to kill fifty enemies. First class had to kill a hundred enemies, so it would definitely be a narrow escape to advance. Moreover, compared to donating money, you could lose your life on the battlefield if you’re not careful. Donating money, on the other hand, is much safer. ” Yang Yun nodded. “Indeed, none of them are easy. However, what if I become a Viscount?” Tang Wen nodded. “Fifteen thousand taels for a third class Viscount, twenty thousand taels for a second class, and twenty – five thousand taels for a first class.” Yang Yun said. “If I want to be promoted to an Earl, wouldn’t that cost 30000 taels?” Tang Wen asked. “Earl, that’s different. A Viscount can be promoted to Earl at least 100000 taels of silver, and he’s still a third – rank uncle.” Yang Yun shook his head. Tang Wen calculated in his heart. 100000 taels of silver was not a big deal for him, and it was not a bad idea to donate to the title of Earl. At that time, according to great Chu’s laws, the third uncle’s personal guard Army could be expanded to 300 people. At that time, he would have enough power to protect somi. Of course, at present, he did not have many people. Even if he donated a third uncle, he would not be able to take out 300 people to build a personal guard. This was for the future. Tang Wen was worried that the war would stop in the future. The matter of donating money and grain to promote the rank of nobility would have to be stopped again. At that time, he would lose the opportunity. “I’m quite interested in this. ” Tang Wen said. He noticed that Yang Yun’s eyes suddenly lit up.”Then we have to hurry. If Lord Jue is interested, I will report this to the governor as soon as I return.” “Sure!” Tang Wen nodded. “Master, it’s time to eat.” At this moment, Li Quan came in and reported.

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