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Chapter 22: Constable yang (1)

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System, you’re really F * cking awesome. You gave me a 250 Yuan bonus. Tang Wen looked up at the sky, speechless. At present, the popularity index had reached 608 people. With another 250, it would be more than 800 people. It seemed that it was not far from the goal of breaking a thousand people. However, there was basically no one else on Sumer Island. If they wanted to bring in people, they had to bring them in from other places, which was a big difficulty. When he landed, Tang Wen was suddenly stunned and thought of a problem that he had overlooked before. That was, there was a huge difference between the time and space of Yunhai city and the time and space here. Just like this time, he had stayed in Yunhai city for almost a month. However, when he returned, he realized that only one day had passed in Chu. It seemed like the time ratio in Yunhai city was 30:1. In this way, he would have enough time to do things when he transmigrated back to the modern world. As soon as they landed, Tang Wen called Zhan dongwen over and picked a group of people to build the mobile temporary house first. This kind of mobile house was very convenient, all of them were fixed by screws. As long as he had a screwdriver, a wrench, and a hammer in his hand, it would be enough. Moreover, the mobile temporary houses that Tang Wen brought back were all the kind of luxurious mobile temporary houses with strong heat insulation and thick layers of alloy. Tang Wen began teaching Zhan dongwen and the others step by step. This kind of work was easy to learn. “Master, this house is really magical.” After Tang Wen ‘s’ villa ‘was installed, Zhan dongwen exclaimed in surprise. “The Western Devils are much smarter than we are. These inventions are only the tip of the iceberg. They still have many more wonderful things. Just don’t take it to heart in the future.” Tang Wen said with a smile. “Master, I’m about to die from the shock.” Li Si laughed. “That’s right, old master. I reckon that even the mechanical aristocratic families would find it difficult to surpass you. I used to think you were a disciple of the Gongsun family. ” GE Zi Yun said. “The Gongsun family is the forefather of the mechanism Arts. It’s a pity that we didn’t have the chance to meet them. Otherwise, I’ll have to ask them for advice. ” Tang Wen said. “The Gongsun family is famous in great Chu, and they all have their noses up in the air. Even if the top ten sects of great Chu came to ask them for advice, they wouldn’t even respond, let alone us!” Zhao du said. “Our master is not bad either. Perhaps, they will have to come knocking on our door in the future.” Zhan dongwen said with confidence. “By the way, did you find any clues about the people who attacked us last time?” Tang Wen asked. “Those people are very strange. It’s as if they suddenly appeared out of nowhere. There’s no clue at all.” Zhao du shook his head. “They’re Pirates, and once they’re done, they’ll slip away by boat. How can we find any clues? Therefore, we have to strengthen our defense from now on. ” Zhan dongwen said. “Dongwen, we can’t just defend ourselves. We have to take the initiative to attack. Otherwise, we won’t be able to guard against it and we won’t be able to keep being beaten up. When will this end?” Tang Wen snorted. “Of course, when our personal guards are built, we won’t be afraid of them. We don’t have enough manpower at the moment, so we can only withdraw to the area around the Crouching Dragon Lake. We still haven’t figured out what’s going on on on the island, so the next step is to search the entire Island. ” Zhan dongwen said. A day later, a few dozen people started to build several large mobile houses. Tang Wen organized people to move his things in. Tang Wen and his mother used these mobile temporary houses, one was used for office meetings, and the other was used for receiving guests. “It’s so beautiful!” Zhan junru rushed into her room and exclaimed in shock. “Old master is really smart, you can even get these.” Gu hanyan looked at her own room and nodded. “Big sister, look, there’s actually a toilet in our room. Isn’t it stinky?” Zhan junru pointed at the portable bathroom. That was because the mobile house had three small rooms, one big and two small. Tang Wen’s room was 17 to 18 square meters, and Zhan junru and the two girls ‘room was also 10 square meters, with a luxurious bathroom. “Why would it stink? this is called a toilet. After you go to the toilet, press this with your hand and flush it.” Tang Wen took the two women into the bathroom and demonstrated the principle of flushing the toilet. “Why don’t you two try it too?” “Amazing, it’s really amazing. It’s not smelly, it really isn’t smelly at all.” Zhan junru tried and called out. “Yes, it’s alright.” Gu hanyan nodded. “Master, is the bathroom separated by a transparent thing? Why isn’t there a wooden bucket inside?” Zhan junru pointed at the dry and wet bathroom separated by frosted glass and asked. “Jun ru, do you think this white porcelain jar is a bath barrel?” Gu hanyan pointed at the bathtub that could accommodate three people at a time. “Why does the tub look like this? There’s a lot of holes up there, won’t it leak?” Zhan junru shook her head. “Hehe, of course not. It’s called a Jacuzzi. When you put water in it, it will rush into your body from all sides, and it’s very comfortable. ” Tang Wen laughed and immediately let the water in. He pressed the switch and the water was flushed. Suddenly, the water in the bathtub started to surge. Of course, the solar panels had not been installed yet, so they could only replace it with a super – Capacity storage battery. “Sister, look, my hands are still itchy.” Zhan junru put her hand inside, and instantly, she felt her hand getting itchy from the water, and couldn’t help but cry out. “Of course it’s itchy with water.” Even though Gu hanyan said that, she still reached into the bathtub out of curiosity. Her eyes twitched as she splashed the water into the bathtub. “How about the three of us charge together?” Tang Wen looked at the two of them with an evil expression and smiled. “Swish!” The two girls blushed and left the bathroom. “Hehehe, junru is still okay, but as for you, I’m not interested.” Tang Wen said to Gu hanyan on purpose. “Master, from now on, I’ll take care of you while you bathe.” When Zhan junru heard this, she puffed up her chest and looked smug. After all, Gu hanyan was old. What was there to fight with a fifty – year – old woman? “That’s good, of course. ” Tang Wen said with a smile. “Old master, Yanling Jun arrester Yang Yun has arrived with a group of constables. It was bu Feng who accompanied them.” At this moment, Zhao du came over to report. “Alright, bring Constable yang to the living room.” Tang Wen nodded, put on the Jue hat, and went out of the room. He found that bu Feng had already led more than a dozen constables over. The bailiff in the lead had thick brows and big eyes, which were bright and full of spirit. “Constable yang, this is our Master Tang.” Bu Feng quickly stepped forward and introduced Tang Wen. “Yanling County’s Constable Yang Yun greets Lord Baron,” Yang Yun cupped his fists and said. “Good day, Constable yang. Please come in.” Tang Wen nodded and went to the living room. He felt that this Yang Yun was a little arrogant. Originally, he was going to kneel down on one knee when he saw his Lord. However, he had only cupped his fists and greeted them with the etiquette of the martial world, which was somewhat against the rules. There was an antique wooden sofa in the reception room with soft cushions on it. Tang Wen had spent millions on a set of mahogany furniture, which was completely modeled after the furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Zhan junru and Gu hanyan served them tea. Yang Yun was stunned and looked at Gu Hanyan. Maybe he thought that Master Tang had some sort of fetish. Zhan junru was not bad, but what was an old and ordinary woman like Gu hanyan for? No matter how inferior a noble of Chu state’s servants were, they should still be beautiful. Not to mention, they had discovered dozens of tents the moment they entered. There was also a barbed wire fence camp outside, and just the barbed wire fence around the camp was worth a lot. Moreover, Yang Yun realized that there were quite a number of people living here. In addition to these few imposing manors (temporary houses), Yang Yun was surprised. “Good tea!” After Yang Yun took a sip of the special West Lake Longjing tea, he could not help but stroke his beard and exclaim. “Hehe, if Constable yang likes it, you can bring a pack of it with you when you go back later,” Tang Wen said with a smile. “This looks a little like Yunfeng and Maojian, but it doesn’t look very similar. I’ve drunk it once at the prefectural governor’s house before, and I felt that the taste was different. ” Yang Yun said. “This is West Lake Longjing tea, the Western Japanese ‘s.” Tang Wen said with a smile. “It’s from the West? that’s expensive. ” Yang Yun was shocked again. “It’s okay. After all, the West is too far away from us. It’s not easy to transport things back from there. ” Tang Wen nodded. “Of course, of course. Everything in the West is expensive.” At this time, class monitor Liu, who was sitting below, nodded and responded. “Where is the West? none of us have been there. However, the Imperial court had once sent an official to the West. When the Lord returned, he said that it was too difficult. There were thirty ships when they set off, but only three or four were left when they returned. More than half of the guards who followed them were killed, some of them killed by the Pirates. Some fell into the sea and drowned, some died of illness, and so on. Therefore, the Western stuff that the Lord brought back at that time was very expensive. All of them were owned by the royal family. Sometimes, when the king was happy, he would take out one or two items to reward the generals who had made great contributions. Our County Governor, Lord Zhang’s ancestor had once received a reward, and it has been passed down as a family heirloom for several generations. ” Yang Yun said. “It must be an extraordinary item.” Tang Wen said with a smile.

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