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Chapter 21: First battle victory (1)

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“Someone’s attacking. Kill them!” Zhao du shouted loudly and brought his men with him. Meanwhile, Zhan dongwen and his men immediately closed the metal gate and charged over. There were only about 30 people left on the other side, and they immediately panicked. Qiao Xiao and Zhan Zhao made their moves, picking on the tough ones. On the other hand, Tang Wen’s side had more people. It was a five – to – six fight, and with their sharp knives, they completely had the upper hand. After a series of frenzied killing, another ten or so died. “Throw away the knife and surrender, I won’t kill you!” Tang Wen shouted from behind. “Brothers, don’t be fooled by him. We have a family. Kill them. We’ll be good men again in 20 years!” Someone cried out as Qiao Xiao and Zhan Zhao joined forces and cut him in two. After another round of killing, another seven or eight people died. Damn it, the remaining seven or eight guys were not afraid of death and killed themselves with their blades. The seven or eight guys who had been shot down by the arrows and were not dead yet had also killed themselves with their blades. In the end, not a single one was caught alive. Tang Wen directed the injured to be carried into the medical room and immediately got busy again. It took a few hours to finish bandaging. Although no one on his side died, more than ten people were injured. Tang Wen was considering if he should train a few assistants to help. Otherwise, he would not be able to handle more injured people in the future. “They should be Pirates. Only Pirates would be so fierce. Moreover, I reckon that some of their family members are being controlled, so they have no choice but to fight with their lives on the line. ” After that, Tang Wen gathered a few leaders for a meeting. GE Ziyun said,” “They should be accomplices of the group of people who attacked us last time.” Tang Wen nodded. “A tall tree attracts the wind. They saw that old master Tang had a lot of silver and food, so they set their eyes on him. In the future, there will probably be more reinforcements. ” Zhan Zhao said. “So, from today on, the guard team will be expanded to sixty people. Zhao du was in charge of picking people, and Qiao Xiao was in charge of training. They had to strengthen the training. The guards didn’t have to do anything else, they just had to do special training. In the future, when we have more manpower, we’ll have to arrange for some hidden sentries to lurk around the lake. We’ll be able to find out if anyone else comes in and warn them in advance. ” Tang Wen said. “Master, more people died this time. We have to report it to the authorities.” GE Zi Yun said. “Bufeng, go back to Yanling County immediately and report this to the officials. Ask them to send someone down to deal with this.” Tang Wen said. Tang Feng gathered everyone on the field at 9 am. Looking at those bloody bodies, many people were even shivering. “I, Tang Wen, have built a home for everyone with great difficulty. Everyone will have food, clothes, and medicine if they are sick. However, there were still some people who were jealous. These bandits wanted to destroy our home, especially these three people. Betraying others and colluding with bandits, what do you think we should do?” Tang Wen pointed at Li Yu and the other two who were kneeling on the ground. “Kill them!” “They are animals, animals, they should be soaked in pig cages.” “Burn them with fire.” …… “Master Tang, please spare us. We won’t do it again.” Li Yu and the other two were so scared that they cried and screamed. They kowtowed so hard that their foreheads were covered in blood. “I’ve said it before, I won’t kill you if you two atone for your crimes. Get out of here and leave somi. I don’t want to see you again. Untie them!” Tang Wen snorted. Zhao du untied the rope. “Thank you for not killing me, Master Tang.” Li Yu and Zhang Sheng madly kowtowed a few more times and left in a sorry state. “Old master Tang, can you please spare me?” When Liu Dang saw this, he was so frightened that he began to kowtow and beg for mercy. “You can ‘T. You’re different from them. You have a very bad conscience. If the two of them are animals, you’re worse than an animal. So, I’m going to hand you over to the authorities. ” Tang Wen said with a cold expression. “Spare me ... Spare me ...” Liu Dang immediately collapsed to the ground and began to cry. Colluding with Pirates was a capital crime. “Remember, the three of them are the lesson. I hope you remember that once you enter the Tang family, you are a member of the Tang family. I hate people who are half – hearted. From now on, if you find such a person, kill his entire family!” Tang Wen threw out a harsh sentence. He had established his might, so he went back to his tent to catch up on sleep. He slept until noon and after lunch, Tang Wen told him not to be disturbed. Hence, she touched the wooden bracelet and shouted in her heart,’I’m a big landlord.’ Suddenly, the space opened, and Tang Wen went through the door. With a flash of green light, he crossed back to Yunhai city of the Great Eastern Republic. He looked at his phone and saw that Luo Jun had called him many times. He contacted Luo Jun and Luo Jun told him to meet him at the usual place. They opened a private room when they arrived at the club, and Luo Jun arrived not long after. “You’ve been watched, Mr. Tang. ” Luo Jun said. “Who is it?” Tang Wen was startled and startled. “Hehehe, it’s nothing. You seem to be doing some gold and silver business recently?” Luo Jun laughed. “That’s right, I found master’s treasure vault. There’s quite a lot of gold there. According to his master, he had accidentally discovered a cellar that year. It’s all gold when we dig it out. It seems to be left behind by ancient people. ” Tang Wen lied. “Actually, the tax department has their eyes on you. You’ve made many big deals, so you have to pay taxes. Therefore, I suggest you register a trading company first. Actually, I have a friend who owns a trading company and I wanted to introduce him to you. That was because he wanted to sell it. If you turn around, you can do business legally in the future, and you’ll just have to pay taxes. ” Luo Jun said. “That’s what I should do. Why don’t you contact your friend and we’ll go over to take a look?” Tang Wen nodded. “Alright, let’s go over after dinner.” Luo Jun nodded.”By the way, do you still have that pill?” “There’s still another batch. ” Tang Wen replied. “Zhang Zhongjing is rich this time.” Luo Jun said. “We’re rich. Isn’t he a martial arts school?” Tang Wen asked. “You’re the one who paved this road for him. Not only does he have a martial arts school, but he also opened a civil and martial arts school with more than a thousand students. It was just that he sold those pills to his students and made a fortune. That’s why he called me when he couldn’t get through to you. He said that he wanted another batch, and this time, the quantity was a lot. Besides, we also want a batch of them. However, if the amount is large, can you make it cheaper? after all, we’re the financial Group, and if it’s too expensive, we won’t be able to get approval. ” Luo Jun said. “If you guys want it, I’ll give you a 20% discount, but Zhang Zhongjing won’t be able to.” Tang Wen said. “Thank you very much. I’ll give you 20 marrow cleansing pills, 50 energy cultivation pills, and 50 strength pills.” Luo Jun said. Tang Wen immediately gave him the pills. Luo Jun took the money and transferred it to him.”I’ll pay for the Secret Service team first. You can return the money to me after the higher – ups approve it.” “This bottle is for you.” Tang Wen took out another bottle. “I can’t take your medicine for free.” Luo Jun shook his head. “This medicine is middle – grade, better than theirs. Keep it for your own use. Although there were only a few pills, the effect was better. I can’t make much because this herb is hard to find. We’re brothers. Anyway, we made it ourselves, so I’ll give it to you. ” Tang Wen said and forced the medicine bottle into his hand. “Then I’ll take it.” Luo Jun was also very straightforward. He took it and carefully stuffed it into his pocket. After that, the two went to Hengjiang trading company for an inspection, and Tang Wen decided to take over. Luo Jun was in charge of the procedures, and Tang Wen just had to transfer the money to the other party. It was a small company with a registered capital of only five million Yuan. The previous owner wasn’t doing well and was about to go bankrupt. In addition, he had a good relationship with Luo Jun, so the transfer fee wasn’t expensive. Tang Wen reinvested the capital and raised the registered capital to 10 million Yuan. A few days later, the company was set up. Tang Wen gathered the staff for a meeting and then handed the company over to the General Manager, Zhao Jiang, to manage. He was the boss behind the scenes. He didn’t want to rely on this company to make money anyway. It was just a cover. It would be much easier with the company as a cover, so he changed to a few gold shops. Of the 16000 taels of gold that Tang Wen had brought over, 8000 taels of gold were exchanged for 400000 taels of silver bricks. The remaining 8000 taels were sold for 96 million. Of course, this time, because the transaction was done in the name of the company, more than 40 million Yuan was taken away, including tax. The knives, shields, bows, bulletproof vests, and training equipment cost Tang Wen more than 10 million. The remaining 30 million or so were used to purchase a batch of rice, mirrors, water pipes, medical equipment, and medicine, such as X – ray machines and small B – Mode ultrasound machines. Five million tons of them were concrete and steel bars. He also bought an excavator, solar panels, and a few large mobile houses. Fortunately, he had earned more than ten million from the medicinal pills this time, which solved Tang Wen’s urgent need. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to get it. When he landed, the system made another “ding” sound.”You need to accumulate 250 popularity points for the seventh time.”

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