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Chapter 20: The three traitors (1)

Translator: 549690339

Tang Wen suddenly felt as if something had torn his glabella open. Suddenly, a beam of light clashed with the acupuncture point between his eyebrows, and Tang Wen’s head buzzed. In an instant, he could see a trace of human qi rising from everyone’s head through their brows. Could this be the legendary third eye? Tang Wen was startled. It was like the second aperture God had a third eye and would have scared others. He quickly ran to the mirror and looked at himself. Fortunately, he did not grow an extra eye. However, there was a pattern in the middle of his eyebrows. The pattern was only the size of a strand of hair and looked a little like a dragon pattern. You wouldn’t be able to see it if you didn’t look at it with a magnifying glass. There were both big and small human qi. The small ones were only the size of a strand of hair, while Qiao Xiao’s human qi was the size of a straw. Moreover, Tang Wen also noticed a strange phenomenon. The vast majority of these six hundred people had their human auras directed towards him, but there were also a very small number of people whose human auras fluctuated. He looked up at Gu hanyan and saw that her aura was straight up into the sky, as if she didn’t care about it. Compared to Gu hanyan, GE Ziyun and Qiao Xiao’s popularity was slightly more on his side. Zhan dongwen’s popularity was leaning towards him, more so than Qiao Xiao and the others. The popularity of people like Zhan junru, Li Quan, and Zhang kui were all leaning towards him, as if they were worshiping Him. As for the group of people who had just been recruited, most of their popularity fluctuated. They were slightly biased towards him and seemed to have a good impression of him. Tang Wen looked at them one by one curiously. In the end, he was stunned. Next door! There were actually three people whose popularity was the opposite of his. What did this mean? His popularity was the opposite of his own. Could it be that the three of them were two – hearted and wanted to betray him? Otherwise, why would the popularity of the game go in the opposite direction of his? The realm had already warned him before. “Li Quan, secretly find out the details of those three people and report it to me. Be quick.” Tang Wen called Li Quan over and gave him an order. Li Quan nodded and went out. However, when Tang Wen was about to examine these people’s Qi again ... A sudden pain came from between his eyebrows, and suddenly, the screen went black, and their popularity could no longer be seen. An hour later, Tang Wen adjusted his Qi and circulated his cultivation. He wanted to channel his inner Qi between his brows so that he could see his human qi again. It seemed that the human eye had something to do with his own skill. To see the human qi, one had to destroy one’s cultivation and circulate one’s Qi. One could see it under the circumstances of expending one’s inner Qi. However, inner Qi is a combination of strength. You’ll be tired if you keep using force. Therefore, he couldn’t keep his anger eye open every day. It was fine to use it occasionally, but he would be exhausted if he kept it open every day. During his second observation, Tang Wen found something strange. He found that using human eyes to see things was particularly clear. He could even clearly see a fly forty to fifty meters away. What a great treasure! At this moment, Li Quan and Zhan dongwen came in. “The three people are Li Yu, Liu Dang, and Zhang Sheng. They are all disaster victims who have fled to the island. It had been a year since he came to the island, and this was the second time he had been recruited. The three of them are already over thirty years old. They can’t even afford to marry a wife, let alone have children. ” Li Quan said. “They’re in the guard team now, and they’re all rank -10 martial artists. They’re Zhao DU’s subordinates, and they’re assigned to guard the back door at night. ” Zhan dongwen said. “Not good, immediately call the three to the tents behind. Li Quan, inform Zhao du and Qiao Xiao to come over immediately. ” Tang Wen said. “What happened, master?” Zhan dongwen’s face was full of cowardice. “Don’t ask anymore, hurry up. ” Tang Wen waved his hand. Zhan dongwen nodded and went to make arrangements. Not long after, Qiao Xiao and Zhao du entered the tent behind them. In the next moment, Liu Dang and the other two were called in by Zhan dongwen’s men. The last one to enter was Zhang Sheng. When he saw that Li Yu and Liu Dang were also inside, the man above his head suddenly became long – winded. The three of them looked at each other. Their Qi fluctuations were expanding and contracting, and they were constantly shaking, as if they were very afraid. “Let’s go in!” Tang Wen stood up and walked into the container. That was because there were several large containers in the warehouse, all of which were put together by four containers and reinforced with iron pillars. The space inside was about 70 to 80 square meters. It was originally brought back by an excavator. After all, excavators were quite big. If he took it apart and brought it back, he wouldn’t know how to put it back together. He could only put the whole thing inside and directly transmigrate back. “Close the door!” With a bang, Zhao du closed the heavy iron door. No matter how loud the people inside shouted, it would probably be hard to hear from the outside. “Untie their sabers.” Tang Wen said. “Old master Tang, you don’t want us to guard the door anymore?” Zhang Sheng asked. “Why are you talking so much nonsense? give me the knife.” Zhao du went over and forcefully removed their blades. “Tell me, how much silver did they give you?” Tang Wen asked. “Other than the old master who gives each of us half a tael of silver as a monthly allowance, no one gives us any silver.” Liu Dang replied. “You won’t say, right?” Tang Wen pulled a long face. “We really don’t know what old master means?” Liu Dang said aggrievedly. It seemed that this fellow was the leader of the three of them. He even had some ideas. However, although this guy looked calm, he was already shaking. “Ah!” Tang Wen suddenly reached out, grabbed Liu Dang’s hand, and pressed it on the table. The sharp scalpel directly pierced his hand into the coffee table. Instantly, blood flowed out. Zhao du and the others didn’t know why they came back, but they were also shocked by Tang Wen’s ruthlessness. His popularity was actually leaning towards Tang Wen. It seemed that he had to be more ruthless sometimes. Otherwise, people would not take him seriously. Zhang Sheng and Li Yu were so frightened that they knelt down and shouted,”old master, please spare us. We won’t dare to do it again.” “Tell me, how much silver did you receive and who was the other party? What do they want?” Tang Wen asked. “We ... We don’t know who the other party is. However, he said that as long as we lure the others away at midnight and open the back door, we can all get a thousand taels. ” Li Yu nagged. “You believe their lies? Are you all pigs?” Zhao du was so angry that he kicked them. “They......They first gave each of us three hundred taels, and said that they would give us the rest after the matter was settled. At that time, we can take the silver and leave this place to have fun outside. If they run far away, old master Tang won’t be able to catch them. ” Zhang Sheng said. “Animal, you’re an animal! Master gave you food, clothes, and money to spend, but you actually did such a thing! Repaying kindness with ingratitude, you’re worse than an animal!” Zhan dongwen cursed. “We can’t do anything about it, they’ve caught us. If we don’t accept the money, they say they’ll kill us. We’re afraid, and with so much silver, it’s enough for us to spend our entire lives. ” Li Yu was so frightened that he cried. “I’ll kill you. What are you afraid of with the old master here? If you were willing to report this matter to the old master, the old master would definitely reward you. You’re really blinded by lard. ” Zhao du cursed. “I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourselves. ” Tang Wen said. “Fine, fine, fine, we will do as the old master says!” Li Yu said. “You guys better pretend that nothing happened and guard the back door at night. If they come over, lure them in and we’ll catch them like turtles in a jar! Our people will be watching you in the dark. If you dare to act rashly, you will be the first ones to die. ” Tang Wen said. “Alright, alright, alright, let’s go and stand guard.” Zhang Sheng quickly nodded. “Zhao du, Dong Wen, immediately arrange for people to set up an ambush at the back door of the tent. Bring your bow and armor, once they are lured in, let me shoot them and kill them. When the time comes, arrange for more people to prepare torches and put on black clothes. Everyone participating in the operation will be given a bulletproof vest to wear. As soon as they entered, the torches were lit, and Zhang kui and Li Quan brought a few people to protect the great Madam ... “Also, Zhan Zhao and Qiao Xiao specialize in dealing with experts ...” Tang Wen decisively made arrangements. Everything was carried out in secret. However, Liu Dang’s popularity was constantly in the opposite direction of his, indicating that this fellow had been uncooperative. Therefore, they were afraid that he would ruin their plans, so they tied him up and stuffed his mouth in the container. At oneo’ clock in the morning, everyone was asleep. A group of black shadows quietly approached the back door of the camp. When they saw Li Yu, another black shadow quietly came over to meet them. Below, Li Yu and Zhang Sheng knocked out two patrol members with a stick and quietly opened the iron net gate. A group of men in Black rushed in. There were about sixty to seventy of them. At this moment, hundreds of torches around them suddenly lit up, making it as bright as day. The other party was stunned. Before they could react, the sound of bows rang out. Swoosh Swoosh, arrows rained down, and more than half of them were instantly shot down.

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