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Chapter 2: I’m the island master (2)

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“This dog, the old master has treated him well, but he’s ungrateful!” The head of the guards, Zhang kui, cursed. “I’ve long felt that they were wrong. Yesterday, when we went to collect rent with young master, we were surrounded by more than a hundred people. The two of them were so scared that their faces turned green and they hid to the side.” Another guard, Wei Tong, cursed. “I’ll immediately bring people to capture them. ” Zhang kui turned around and left. “Sigh ... Forget it. If they want to leave, just let me know. I’ll give them a few taels of silver as a means of travel.” Liu qingmei said with a desolate expression. “What kind of silver are you giving them? It’s already good enough that we didn’t beat him to death. ” The old ding Jiang er cursed angrily. “Listen, my son Tang Wen is 16 this year. However, the Tang family’s situation was fine. Yesterday, I received a letter from Guodong. He said that he has already become a Jinshi and has been released as a County Magistrate. He said that he had been studying in the capital all these years and had not done anything for the Tang Clan. His third brother, Tang Wen, was studying in the provincial capital. He was more talented than him, but he was always busy with housework. He had originally wanted to rush to the capital to take the imperial examination, but he had given up. Guodong felt guilty for ruining his third brother’s future. Therefore, he decided to leave this Island to his third brother, hoping that he could lead the Tang family to prosperity. I hereby officially announce that from now on, somi Island is Tang Wen ‘s. From now on, you will call him master or boss, and I will give him full authority to manage the family. From now on, you can just call me old Madam. ” Liu qingmei said with a serious face. “Master!” Li Quan took the lead and bowed as he shouted. Immediately, everyone started shouting. “Everyone, you’re also clear about the Tang family’s current situation. I won’t hide it from everyone. The Tang family only has a few hundred taels of silver, a deserted island, and three cottages left. From now on, I don’t want to see Li Shun and Liu er do this again. If you want to leave, you can leave now. I, Tang Wen, won’t stop you. I’ll return the Indenture to you for free. I’ll even give you a few taels of silver for your expenses. ” Tang Wen cleared his throat and glanced at the servants with a serious face. “Master, I, Li Quan, am a member of the Tang family when I’m alive. I’ll be a Tang family ghost when I die.” Li Quan said through gritted teeth. “The great master’s kindness to me is as heavy as a mountain. I, Zhang kui, am a member of the Tang family for the rest of my life.” Zhang kui said. “I’m not leaving, I want to serve Grand Madam. ” Xing ‘er said. …… “I ... I ...” At this time, the servant Wu Yuan looked at Liu Mu and stammered. “You two want to leave? are you still human?” Zhang kui glared at Wu Yuan. Wu Yuan was so frightened that he stammered,”no, no... I’m not leaving.” “If you want to leave, then leave now. You won’t be able to leave later. Moreover, if he stayed, he would have to face the difficulties with the Tang family. In fact, you might even lose your life here. ” Tang Wen said with a straight face. “My brother – in – Law is in the provincial capital. I want to go to him.” Liu Mu shrunk his neck and said. “I also have a relative in provincial city.” Wu Yuan said. “Alright, Li Quan, return the Indenture to them and give each of them three taels of silver as their allowance.” Tang Wen said. “Thank you, Master Tang. We had no other choice.” Wu Yuan and Liu Mu took the silver, knelt down, and kowtowed. Then, they turned and left. “Dog!” Zhang kui spat on the ground. “Don’t worry, they’ll regret it. ” Tang Wen waved his hand coldly and returned to his room. “Ding dong! You now have 14 streams of popularity and have become the new host of the ‘earth – based master space’. A small part of the system’s energy has been restored, and you can start the first time – Travel. ” Tang Wen found that the wooden bracelet on his hand lit up, and he saw a strange space. The floor and walls of the space were inlaid with many runes that he couldn’t understand, as well as some totems of fierce beasts. There was also a huge screen in the North. The data was displayed on the big screen: Popularity Index: 14. Land area: 2338 hectares [Martial arts realm: rank – nine novice] [Wealth index: 500 taels of silver] [Capacity: 100 tons] [Time travel: 10 days] Tang Wen didn’t understand what the data meant. Just as he was pondering, he saw the seal pattern light up, and he seemed to hear a dog bark. The space trembled, and the wolfdog – like totem on the wall lit up. Kachaa! After a crisp sound, a door suddenly appeared on the wall. A green light rolled up and Tang Wen was pulled in without any explanation. After a moment of suffocation, Tang Wen felt like he had landed on the ground. He looked up and saw that he had returned to earth. The Chinese characters were Chinese, but all the advertisements on the street were in traditional Chinese. Moreover, the streets were filled with cars and people were all wearing fashionable modern clothes. Occasionally, there were also long – haired young men in Tang and han costumes, and even the hats of Qing Dynasty officials. Such a mess was definitely not ancient times. Did he travel to Taibei or Hong Kong? That was because there were many words written in traditional Chinese. Just as he was feeling dizzy, a huge LED screen on a five – story building displayed words: The order from Yunhai city government of the Great Eastern Republic of the southern province ... What the hell, the Great Eastern Republic, what kind of place is this? There was East Timor Myanmar on earth, but there was no country like the Great Eastern Republic? Moreover, the region that the Great Eastern Republic belonged to seemed to be called the ‘southern region’. On earth, there were Asia, Africa, and Antarctica, but there was definitely no region called the southern continent. Then it was definitely not on earth. It could be a Parallel Space similar to earth. At this time, a police officer came to check his identity card. Tang Wen quickly turned into a corner of the side road. This is troublesome. I just transmigrated here. Where did I get my ID card? “Brother, your Tang suit is very modern. Where did you buy it?” At this time, a couple came over and asked Tang Wen. “I’m an extra. These are the props and costumes on the set. There’s no place to buy them.” Tang Wen quickly shook his head. “Brother, are you an extra? What are they acting as?” The handsome young man asked with a curious look. “The dead men lying on the roadside when the Devils enter the village, the street vendors, anything.” Tang Wen replied. “I thought she was a celebrity. What’s the point of playing such a small role?” The pretty girl beside him immediately lost interest and left with her boyfriend. At this moment, a flurry of footsteps mixed with an ear – piercing shout was heard.”Catch him.” Tang Wen raised his head and took a glance. Three police officers were chasing after a man who was running like crazy with electric batons in their hands. The man was holding a terrifying dagger in his hand. He saw that there were police officers in front of him. He immediately jumped to the side and rushed to a little boy who was eating sugar reeds on the street. He probably wanted to use him as a hostage. “Rollin, run!” Not far away, a middle – aged man and a young lady, who were probably the little boy’s family, saw the situation and rushed over while screaming. “You’re not allowed to hurt the child!” The police officer also shouted anxiously. Before the child could react, Tang Wen suddenly appeared from behind the electric rod. With a flying kick, the man was sent flying like a hungry dog and crashed into a car in the middle of the street.

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