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Chapter 19: Popularity (1)

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What was the popularity eye? it was divided into grades just like martial arts. Was it specially used to see popularity? However, Tang Wen only read about popularity occasionally. For example, when he was attacked the second time he came back, he could clearly see the people in the middle of the night. In addition, when he completed the stage goal set by the realm, he could see the popularity of the newly recruited slaves shooting up to his body. Normally, he could not see the popularity of the slaves ‘heads. If he had human eyes, then wouldn’t he be able to see people at any time? that would be much more convenient. Of course, what was the use of popularity? Tang Wen only knew that he could absorb popularity to improve his skills the first time. He couldn’t do it after that. In addition, at night, he could occasionally see the human qi above others to distinguish between friend and foe, just like that sneak attack. This fellow had no other choice but to be careful. After eating, he gathered everyone to the field. He focused his eyes and looked over, but he couldn’t see the human figures above their heads. It was difficult to find someone who betrayed you, and the betrayal was not written on their faces, so you could only be on guard at all times. Hence, he secretly called Zhang kui and Li Quan over. He told them to pay attention to everyone’s performance and to report to him if anything happened. Secondly, they were to protect his mother. Zhang kui used to follow his father, who had saved his life. Back then, Li Quan had fallen ill and was dying on the streets. It was he who had spent a lot of money to save him. Later on, Li Quan took the initiative to sell himself to the Tang family to serve Tang Wen. Therefore, both of them were old – timers in the Tang family, and they were the only people Tang Wen could trust at the moment. Although Zhan dongwen and the others were from the same hometown, Tang Wen didn’t dare to trust them completely. As for the Gu family, Tang Wen didn’t even dare to believe them. After all, Gu hanyan wasn’t very friendly to him. She always had a straight face. Although she said that she would do what a servant should do, she had never smiled at him. Of course, Tang Wen also knew that there was no eternal trust in this world, but there were eternal interests. As long as he could bring them benefits, it would be difficult for them to betray him. Therefore, it was very important to earn more money and improve his martial arts. As a result, Tang Wen didn’t go to the scene to direct the work in the afternoon. Instead, he swallowed a cultivation pill and focused on his cultivation. At this stage, Tang Wen had abandoned the previous ‘six Mystic return to truth technique’ and switched to practicing the essence gathering return to truth technique, which Li Quan had bought from the Zhao martial school in Yanling County. It was the best cultivation method that could be bought in Yanling County, and it was an earth – grade inferior – Level cultivation method. Cultivation techniques were also divided into human, earth, and heaven grades. Each level was further divided into three grades: low, middle, and high grade. The better the cultivation technique, the faster the cultivation speed. This ‘essence harvesting truth technique’ had cost Tang Wenda a few hundred taels of silver. This secret art could actually absorb a little bit of heaven and earth ling qi through the pores, like the six mysteries return to truth secret art, which could not absorb the heaven and earth ling qi outside the body. Although the energy harvesting returning to truth technique could only absorb a pitifully small amount of heaven and earth spiritual Qi, it was still better than nothing. There was another benefit to this technique, which was that the speed of absorbing medicinal power was three times faster than the six mysteries return to truth technique. Tang Wen didn’t lack money to buy elixirs, so he ate spirit pills as easily as eating jelly beans, and his cultivation speed was faster. Otherwise, it would be hard to say whether you could break through after absorbing popularity. You would need to build a good foundation first. Thanks to the large amount of pills that Tang Wen gave them, Li Quan and Zhang kui improved quite quickly in just two months. Li Quan had also achieved early – Stage rank -9, while Zhang kui had achieved middle – Stage rank -9. Of course, the other servants were not as lucky as the two of them. The guard team, for example, received much less medicinal pills. After all, spiritual pills were too expensive. A low – grade marrow cleansing pill cost thirty taels of silver, and a vitality pill cost ten taels of silver. The middle – grade ones were more expensive. Even Tang Wen couldn’t afford them if a large number of people ate them. Most of the cultivators in Chu State ate inferior – grade spirit pills, which were the useless pills refined by alchemists. These people were better off, at least they had pills to eat. Half of them couldn’t even afford to buy lingdan and could only buy some herbs to make soup, so the effect was greatly reduced. At present, Qiao Xiao was the strongest in the Tang family’s team. He was estimated to have the strength of a rank -6, and his attack power was over a thousand Jin. For the time being, Tang Wen didn’t dare to sell good spirit pills to nurture him. After all, he was not as trustworthy as Li Quan. The reason why good pills couldn’t be refined in modern society wasn’t because the modern alchemists ‘techniques weren’t good enough, but because they didn’t have good medicinal ingredients. Spirit herbs also needed to grow in an environment with spirit Qi. For example, there was spirit Qi in the air of Chu State, and the spirit Qi in the immortal mountains and treasured places where the sects of Jianghu were stationed was even better. The reason why the bailiffs of the six Fan School could also improve their skills so quickly was that they had the financial support of the great Chu imperial court behind them, and they could get a lot of spirit pills each year. In the evening, Li Quan rushed in. As soon as he entered, he said,”master, we have people.” “Where did this person come from?” Tang Wen was stunned and asked. “It’s the disaster victims that bu Feng and the others have summoned. Bu Feng said that there are more than 180 of them.” Li Quan said. “Let’s go and take a look. ” Tang Wen was also happy. He specially put on the Count’s hat and walked out of the tent. He found that bu Feng had arranged all the refugees to line up on the field. “This is our Lord Tang!” Bu Feng pointed at Tang Wen. “Greetings, Lord Baron!” All the disaster victims knelt down. It seemed that the power of this hat was not small. “You guys should have walked here. You must be tired and hungry, right?” Tang Wen asked. “Old master, give us something to eat. We’re starving.” Someone immediately shouted. “Jun ru, arrange it immediately. Ask people to cook more rice and stir – fry a pot of meat for everyone.” Tang Wen turned to Zhan junru and said. “Alright, I’ll immediately get someone to start a fire and cook.” Zhan junru nodded. Li lanyue and the other women immediately got to work. Soon, a fragrant smell wafted out of the kitchen, making the refugees drool as they stared at the kitchen. “Everyone’s tired, let’s sit down and rest for a while. We’ll talk about this after we’re full. ” Tang Wen said. He wanted them to eat their fill first and feel the benefits that the Tang family could bring them. At that time, it would be much easier to talk about selling her body. An hour later, it was time for dinner. Tang Wen took them to the cafeteria. Looking at the neat rows of tables, the plates of vegetables, and even meat, those guys were all stunned. “Ten people to a table, sit down first.” Tang Wen said, and bu Feng arranged for everyone to sit down. However, Tang Wen didn’t say anything, so no one dared to move their chopsticks. They could only drool. “Eat, eat slowly, don’t choke. After you’re done, add more rice. Just add more. ” Tang Wen said. Suddenly, there was a chaotic rumbling sound in the cafeteria. After eating, they gathered at the field again. Zhan dongwen said,”everyone, old master Tang has rules when it comes to buying people. Those with great strength would earn more money, and those with good martial arts would earn even more money. There’s a row of metal locks over there. You guys go over and move them. There’ll be someone here to record them. At that time, no matter how much strength you put in, you’ll be paid for it. ” “Master Tang, I’m Zhan Zhao, a half – Step rank -8 martial art. It’s a pity that I don’t have enough food, clothes, or warmth, and I don’t have spiritual pills. Otherwise, I’d have entered rank -8 long ago.” At this time, a dark – skinned man stood up and said. “Okay, you go and hug the lock first.” Tang Wen nodded. Zhan Zhao cupped his fists, walked to the iron lock marked with 600 pounds, and hugged it with a roar. However, she could only lift him up a little and not the entire thing. Zhan Zhao blushed.”My body has been too weak recently.” “It’s fine. Why don’t you try carrying a 500 – pound one?” “Get up!” Tang Wen said. Zhan Zhao went to the other lock and roared.”Get up!” The iron lock was lifted off the ground slowly by him. “Alright, I’ll take it as you’re half a step into rank -8. She sold herself for thirty taels of silver, with a monthly allowance of two taels of silver. Two low – grade Vitality Pills, assigned to the guard team. Zhan Zhao, do you agree?” Tang Wen said. “Master Tang, I have a cousin called Luo Yue. He was only 15 years old and had fallen ill recently. I heard that old master Tang was also a doctor. If you can cure her illness, she can also sell herself to the Tang family. We don’t want the money. Furthermore, my cousin is literate and can play the zither. ” Zhan Zhao said. “I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to cure her, but I’ll try my best,” Tang Wen said. “Thank you, Master Tang!” Zhan Zhao said, half – kneeling. “Zhao Yuan, five hundred Jin of strength, twenty taels of silver ...” “Luo Hongyu, 200 pounds of strength, knows how to make women’s clothes, and knows how to raise horses ...” …… The moment the deed was signed, the voice in the space sounded again.”Ding dong, you have accumulated 200 popularity points. The earth – Type host system is now activated. You can perform the sixth time travel at any time.” All of a sudden, more than 200 streams of human qi rushed toward Tang Wen. He quickly activated the essence gathering and truth returning art to absorb and refine them. Ten minutes later, the pain disappeared, and his body felt comfortable. He felt that he had cleared a few more acupoints. He took a look at the big screen in his interspace. Not bad! The data was updated again: [Popularity: 608] [Land area: 2338 hectares and 50 mu] [Wealth index: 25000 taels of gold] [Martial arts boundary: early rank -8] [Luggage carrying Capacity: 600 tons] [Time travel: 30 days] It’s over 600 ... Where’s the popularity? Just as he was thinking, the sound of space rang again. You have successfully condensed a rank -10 human eye for free. “

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