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Chapter 17: Leading the trend in Yanling County (1)

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“Ding – Dong, you’ll need to accumulate 200 popularity points the next time you open it.” 200 people, that was too difficult. Therefore, as soon as Tang Wen landed, he asked bu Feng to pick more people to station in Yanling County. Firstly, it was to gather information. Secondly, it was to take in the refugees and disaster victims who had escaped from the war. This was the first spy agency that Tang Wen had set up in the other world. Back then, Zhan dongwen had asked him what his name was, and Tang Wen had blurted out,”it’s called war Fox.” Hehe, it’s because Wolf Warrior is too famous. Even bu Feng, the first leader of the battle Fox Group, only had five or six subordinates. This time, he had sold the 8000 taels of gold for 96 million. Tang Wen used 40 million to buy back 200000 taels of silver, and the remaining 56 million was used to purchase supplies. The 400 tons were for cement, steel, special combat training equipment, and so on. At this time, Sun Ping came to report that a large number of stones had been found not far from the back of the mountain. The rocks were covered with weeds and trees. They should be the rocks left behind by those people when they were secretly excavating the Tang family’s Silver mine. These stones were hard granite, and after being crushed by a stone crusher, they could be used to mix cement. This solved the big problem of raw materials for building a dam. Li Quan seemed to have been targeted when he went to Yanling County to exchange silver for gold. Therefore, Tang Wen’s plan to exchange gold for silver to earn the difference in price had to be put on hold. Moreover, as the amount increased, he had to be careful not to be targeted by the special departments of the great Dong Republic. Ten days later, Tang Wen, Qiao Xiao, and the others picked a place to install the special combat training equipment. For example, sand pits, fire walls, water pits, mud pools, grass, plum piles, shooting ranges, wire mesh wire mesh ... Swings ... Of course, these facilities didn’t need electricity. Otherwise, there would be no way to do it. And GE Ziyun was arranged to lead people to widen and tidy up the main roads on the island. There were shrapnel and sand shatterers working overtime, and more than a dozen flat carriages took turns to transport the goods. They were also equipped with a medium – sized excavator and a road Roller. With the help of 200 laborers, the road had been leveled and widened to about eight to nine meters. With the ditches on both sides reaching nearly ten meters, the level was almost the same as the county roads in China decades ago. At that time, most of the county roads were only five to six meters wide and were all paved with gravel. If a car could run, what couldn’t a carriage? These refugees of the great Chu State could work faster and stronger than those handymen in the modern society who ate fish every day and had a few taels of white wine to go with their rice at night. In addition, the gravel road did not require much skill, so the progress was not slow. About four to five hundred meters were paved in a day. At this rate, it would take a month to reach the stone bridge by the sea. If he wanted to be rich, he had to build the road first. Otherwise, a large number of crops and other things produced on the island would not be able to be transported out. In the blink of an eye, a month had passed, and the road was also repaired. The construction of the hidden Dragon Lake Dam was about to begin, which would require a large amount of cement and steel. Because of the horses and mules, he had spent more than thirty thousand taels on pills. Tang Wen hadn’t earned a single cent in the past two months. If he sat and ate like this, he wouldn’t be able to afford it even if he had a mountain of gold and silver. However, Tang Wen had only recruited around 50 people this month, which was still far from the target of 200 popularity points when the ‘earth – landlord system’ re – activated. Tang Wen was also a little anxious. As soon as he returned to the encampment, Gu hanyan came over and said,”master, I’ve recovered. I can serve you now.” “Are you not willing?” Tang Wen looked at her and said. “I have to do it whether I’m willing or not. Hanyan, I’m not a person who doesn’t keep promises. Since she had been sold to the Tang family, she was now their servant. Old master doesn’t need to worry about anything. I will do my part. I definitely won’t make things difficult for master and lose my position. ” Gu hanyan said with a cold expression. “Alright, I’ll ask someone to divide the tent into three rooms. You, junru, and I will each have one.” Tang Wen nodded. “Yes.” Gu hanyan responded softly. Then, Tang Wen called a Carpenter and divided the tent into three rooms with fire – resistant plates. Sleeping in the middle was called ‘hugging one on the left and one on the right’. Of course, it was just a fantasizing thought. In the afternoon, Li Quan returned from Yanling County with two hundred taels of gold. “Master, this was given by Miss Li Chun ‘er from the wafting fragrance brothel. She said that she had bought all three batches of goods from you. He’s asking if there’s more. If there’s more, tell me to send it over immediately. ” Li Quan took out a letter and handed it over. Tang Wen took out the letter and read it, only to find that it was a bill. She was stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect that the mirrors, lipsticks, and perfumes would be put on so quickly. They were all put on in just over two months. At that time, the three batches of goods were all of poor quality, and the cost of production only cost Tang Wen 200000 Yuan. 200 taels of gold could be sold for more than 2 million Yuan when he traveled back to the Great Eastern Republic. Ten times the profit, even more than drug trafficking. “Old master, you don’t know, but there’s been a gust of wind in Yanling Jun recently.” Li Quan said with a smile. “What wind?” Tang Wen asked. “Mirror style, perfume style, as long as it’s a big miss with a head and a face, a rich Madam going out. If she didn’t smell perfume on her body, she would take out a small round mirror from time to time to comb her hair and make a coquettish gesture. Then you would be looked down upon and seen as a low – Class person. Hence, the entire city was filled with small mirrors. But now that they’re out of stock, some people even took the opportunity to resell mirror lipsticks, and the price has suddenly doubled. ” Li Quan said. “There’s such a thing?” Tang Wen was dumbfounded. “It’s absolutely true. I saw with my own eyes a few official’s madams and young ladies showing off their small round mirrors.” Li Quan said. “That’s great. Li Quan, take some men and send a batch of them to Li Chun ‘er. Sell them as per the old rules.” Tang Wen said. “The mirror perfume’s price has increased, but it’s still the same price. Aren’t we at a loss?” Li Quan asked, his heart aching. “It’s fine. Business has to be long – term, and we have to give some money to others to earn. We won’t suffer a loss if we make a small profit but quick turnover. ” Tang Wen brought Li Quan into the warehouse and gave him the rest of the goods. Of course, it wasn’t that Tang Wen didn’t want to raise the price, but he had to consider the financial ability of the women in Yanling city. The first batch of mirror lipsticks were bought by the rich, and this batch of lipsticks would probably be bought by middle – Class women. This group of people had just eaten their fill, while the others had only managed to scrape together one and a half taels of gold. It was not easy. If it went up, they wouldn’t be able to afford it, and it would be unsalvageable, which would be bad for sales development. After all, Yanling city was only a County, and Tang Wen’s eyes were set on the provincial capital, Jiang Zhou. The next day, the first step of the hidden Dragon Lake Dam project began. In the center of SuMei Island, there was a sky – facing peak, which was more than 1000 meters high. The entire skyward peak extended outward and was twenty to thirty miles from east to west. Tang Wen didn’t know how far it went from north to south, but all the fresh water on the island flowed from skyward peak. The water that flowed to the hidden Dragon Lake first flowed down from the upper reaches in the form of a multi – Stage waterfall. There was a deep pool at the bottom, and then it formed a small stream that headed straight to the hidden Dragon Lake. The stream wasn’t big, only ten meters wide near the sky – facing peak and only about thirty or forty meters wide near the entrance of the Crouching Dragon Lake. To build a dam, the stream water must first be intercepted and led to another place with a huge pipe to drain the lake water. Tang Wen was the first to think of this. A month ago, he had chosen a relatively flat land five miles upstream from the camp and used concrete to water a huge storage pool. In addition, he built a few more downstream every one mile, all the way to the barracks. At that time, Zhan dongwen and the others thought that the old master was messing around and didn’t know why he had spent so much cement to make it. Today, Tang Wen would let them know. “Dongwen, we had to go to the bottom of the lake to get the water. Don’t you think it’s tiring?” Tang Wen asked with a smile as he stood in front of the pond. “Of course I’m tired. Moreover, there are more and more people now, and they all need water. He also had to wash clothes and vegetables to expand in the future. I’m afraid that we’ll have to arrange for at least ten people to carry the water a day. ” Zhan dongwen said with a nod. “I’m afraid ten is not enough. If the population of our camp increases to two or three thousand and there are hundreds of livestock, how much water would we need to eat, live, and wash a day? We need dozens of people to carry the water. ” GE Zi Yun said. “That’s right. A few thousand isn’t much, but what if it’s a population of 120000 or 130000?” Tang Wen said with a smile. “Then it’s useless. I understand. That’s why you want to build a dam. In the future, when the water level rises, we’ll have to eat the water from Crouching Dragon Lake.” Zhan dongwen had thought too far ahead. “Hehe, no, no, no. The Crouching Dragon Lake has other uses. In order to solve the water problem, we’ll have to rely on it from now on. ” Tang Wen pointed at the huge cement pool. “Could it be that master wants to draw the stream water into the pool and then use a pipe to connect it to the camp?” GE Zi Yun was much smarter. “Right! Moreover, look, our pools are in the shape of a flight of steps, and there are several of them that go all the way down to the camp. ” Tang Wen said. “Isn’t that a waste? We’ll just directly reach the camp from the pond. ” Zhang kui asked.

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