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Chapter 15: Are you molesting me or treating a patient *(1)

Translator: 549690339

“I’m a flying cat. What do I not dare to do?” The bamboo hat man was furious. He threw his iron bamboo hat forward, and with a spin, it actually stabbed into a wooden stake in the tent. This wooden stake had been specially inserted into the ground by Tang Wen just now to show off the power of the bow. The tea bowls on the coffee table were also deliberately placed there. At that time, he would shoot the wooden stake into a Cork, and it would definitely give GE Zi Yun and his partner a shock. However, he didn’t expect that before he could act cool, someone else would use it. However, the bamboo hat man was still on guard against Tang Wen. He took a chair and held it horizontally in front of him as a shield. Crude daggers like the darchu dynasty’s didn’t have much power, and Tang Wen was still about 10 meters away from the bamboo hat man. If he were to use this hard chair to block the attack, he would have to use it. At most, the chair would crack, but it would never penetrate the chair and hit the person behind it. “Shoot! If you can break my bamboo hat, I’ll change my surname to yours!” The flying cat said arrogantly. Tang Wen smiled faintly and raised his hand.”Bubu Bubu ...” After shooting a few arrows, the bamboo hat man’s eyes immediately widened like a wooden chicken. That was because there were several holes in his bamboo hat, which could be used as a stopper. Tang Wen quickly changed to shanggang arrows and shot them several times. With a ‘Bubu’ sound, the bamboo hat was completely broken, turning into a ‘honeycomb’. “Don’t be angry, I’ll accompany you with that bamboo hat. ” “Clang!” A ten tael gold ingot was thrown to the front of the hall. At this time, Tang Wen opened the box again and took out the land deed stamped with the official seal. He walked to the dumbfounded GE Ziyun and the other man and said,”look, does this SuMei Island belong to my Tang family?” “Sigh ... Ziyun was rude.” GE Zi Yun took a few glances, sighed and nodded. “We don’t want to occupy your land, but we heard that you can treat illnesses, so we came over.” The flying cat said. “Of course I know how to treat illnesses. Some time ago, a group of bandits broke in and wanted to steal our food, and several of them were injured. But it’s fine, they’re all fine now. ” Tang Wen put away the title deed, sat back on the armchair, and said,”you guys sit down too. Junru, make a pot of West Lake Longjing tea.” Zhan junru came forward and cleaned up the broken pieces of the bowl on the ground. She then served the tea. “Lord Jue, my mistress is sick. If you can take care of her, you can leave this place as soon as you’re well. I won’t disturb you anymore. ” GE Zi Yun cupped his hands and said. “You guys should have gone to look for tan Zhong in Yanling County.” Tang Wen said. “Yes, they did, but they said it was useless.” GE Zi Yun said. “Ask her to come over and let me take a look first. This, there are some illnesses that I don’t dare to agree to. After all, there are thousands of different kinds of diseases. I can’t lie to you. ” Tang Wen said. “She can’t walk anymore, and she’s still lying on the bed. Can I trouble Sir Jue to make a trip over?” GE Zi Yun asked. “If you can’t walk, you can carry it over.” Tang Wen said. “It’s windy outside. We’re afraid that her condition will worsen. ” GE Zi Yun replied. “Then there’s no need to look.” Tang Wen said stiffly.”I don’t want to be killed in your territory.” “You!” The bamboo hat man clenched his fists. “You what? If I didn’t have this Gu, you’d definitely grab me and bring me over, right? Also, you just said that if I can break your bamboo hat, I’ll take my surname. You’re surnamed Tang from now on. What, you want to deny it?” After being retorted by Tang Wen, the bamboo hat man blushed and didn’t say anything. “Alright, I’ll carry her over.” GE Zi Yun sighed and left with the bamboo hat man. Two hours later, GE Zi Yun returned. In addition, a few people were carrying a door that was tightly covered with a blanket. “Bring it in.” Tang Wen said as he stood in the tent with simple medical equipment. When they entered, they saw some strange medical equipment. GE Ziyun and the others were shocked. He wondered what this old master Tang was up to. Why did he have so many iron frames, chairs, and bottles? Tang Wen lifted the quilt and was quite disappointed. Sun Ping and the others were right. Gu hanyan did look ordinary, and she looked like an old woman in her fifties. So, he pressed the stethoscope on Gu hanyan’s chest. The man in the bamboo hat reached out to stop Tang Wen.”What are you doing?” “I’m here to see a doctor. ” Tang Wen raised his eyebrows and looked at him. “Is this how you see a doctor? I think you’re just trying to molest our mistress. ” The bamboo hat man said angrily. “What’s with your eyes? with her looks, all the servants in my Tang family are better – looking than her. Furthermore, he’s so old, am I blind?” Tang Wen sneered. “The mistress is not very pretty, but you can’t molest her.” GE Zi Yun said in an annoyed tone. “Is it GE Ziyun? I heard that you’re always up to your little tricks. However, in my opinion, your brain is even stupider than a pig. ” Tang Wen said. Zhao du, who was standing at the door, almost laughed out loud when he heard this. “I’ve failed twenty times in my studies, and I’m still overdoing it. He wasn’t very well – educated, but he was still very talented. Old master Tang said that I’m as stupid as a pig, it’s simply an insult to my cultured self. ” GE Ziyun was extremely angry. “Alright, you’re the one. Say, if he wanted to molest a woman, would he do it in public? Moreover, it was an old woman. Hahaha, who am I now?” Tang Wen said sarcastically. GE Zi Yun was startled. It seemed to make sense, and he was immediately speechless. “M – Mr. GE, just let him see. I, Gu hanyan, am a willow leaf. How could Lord Jue molest me?” At this time, Gu hanyan woke Tang wenxiao up. She opened her dry mouth and said with difficulty,” “Finally, someone who understands.” Tang Wen snorted and pressed the stethoscope down. “You!” Even though Gu hanyan said that, she was still shocked to see a woman’s chest being pressed by something. Wasn’t that touching ... “If you think quickly, you have to hold back, don’t make a fuss. Otherwise, I won’t be able to treat your illness. ” Tang Wen said with a serious face. “You ... You can do it.” Gu hanyan’s eyes were filled with tears, and she closed them. Tang Wen took her pulse, then touched her forehead with his hand and finally took out the thermometer. He turned to the servant girl standing next to Gu hanyan and said,”put this under your mistress’s armpit. The metal end is facing inside. Press it tightly and count to three hundred in your heart before you can take it out.” The servant girl reached into the blanket and started to work, but she didn’t know where to put her hands because she had never done it before. “Old master Tang, should we go left or right?” “Center, Center, Center.” Tang Wen said. “How do I find it in the middle? why don’t you guys go out and I’ll measure mistress’s body before placing it in the middle? I’m afraid I’ll place it wrongly.” The maid said. Tang Wen almost choked to death, but it was normal when he thought about it. The maid didn’t know what he was going to do. He had never seen a thermometer before, so of course he didn’t dare to mess around. “Raise your arm, just press this inside.” Tang Wen picked up the blanket and lifted Gu hanyan’s hand. He pointed to a certain part under her armpit and poked it. Of course, it was through her clothes. GE Zi Yun and the bamboo hat man’s faces turned black with anger. You’ve touched and pinched me, and in the end, you even wanted to put it inside ... After a few hundred breaths, Tang Wen looked at the thermometer. He had a high fever of 40 degrees. “Is she hot and cold at times?” Tang Wen asked. “Yes, I would occasionally shiver. The taxi in Yanling County said it was a cold, but the mistress had taken dozens of doses of medicine, but it was to no avail. Moreover, he was getting more and more serious. He had even fainted several times a few days ago. Can old master Tang see anything? can you cure it?” GE Zi Yun replied. “Of course it can be cured,” Tang Wen nodded with certainty. It was just a sadomasochism, an infection from mosquito bites. “That’s good, that’s good. ” GE Zi Yun immediately heaved a sigh of relief, and the bamboo hat Assassin’s tense face also relaxed. “Master Tang, hurry up and prescribe the medicine. I’ll go to Yanling County and bring them back.” The bamboo hat man urged. “Their medicine can’t save your mistress.” Tang Wen shook his head. “Then what do we do?” GE Zi Yun’s face tensed up again. “It’s very troublesome to treat it, and it’ll cost a lot of money. ” Tang Wen deliberately frowned. “How ... How much do you need?” GE Zi Yun was startled and asked. “Tens of thousands of taels.” Tang Wen said. “So ... So many ...” GE Zi Yun’s face immediately turned dejected. “I’ll think of a way. ” The bamboo hat man turned to leave. “You can’t go!” GE Zi Yun quickly grabbed him. “Look at the situation now, the mistress is about to die. Brother GE, it doesn’t matter if I die, as long as I can save the mistress. ” The bamboo hat man said. “I heard that people from the six Fan School were seen in Yanling County. You can’t go. You’ll die if you go.” GE Zi Yun said.

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