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Chapter 14: The Gu family has an expert (1)

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Of course, Tang Wen had previously reserved channels that might be used for water conservancy, electricity generation, and irrigation of farmland in the future. Half a day passed, and Zhan dongwen left. He brought a tape measure, a measuring pole, ropes, and other tools with him, and called a dozen people to the lakeside to measure the data. The next day, Tang Wen called Li Quan over and gave him eighty thousand taels of silver to exchange for gold in Yanling city. The remaining 20000 taels were kept as reserves. Of course, the quantity this time was relatively large. Therefore, he asked Zhao du to pick seven or eight people with swords and sabers to go with him. However, Li Quan did not study much. He could be a loyal servant, but he was not a qualified Butler. For example, Zhan junru was a woman. Even though she had read some books and knew some words, she was not suitable for this field. Zhan dongwen was in charge of a specific project. However, his awareness of the overall situation was not good enough, and he was not suitable to be a general manager. Therefore, the Tang family still lacked a Butler who was in charge of money and food. This man was too important to Tang Wen, and he must be absolutely loyal to him. The next morning, the Tang family hired a dozen more people, and dozens of short – term workers came. At nineo’ clock, a group of more than ten people came over. The one in the lead was a middle – aged man wearing a melon – Skin hat and an old silk robe. He had a high nose and a slightly round face, making him look smart and capable. When sun Ping saw this, he quickly rushed into the tent and reported to Tang Wen,”the Gu family’s people are here. The one leading them is called GE Ziyun. Everyone in the Gu family basically listens to him, and he’s the one who tells Gu hanyan everything. ” “Don’t panic. Don’t show your face for the time being. Call bu Feng out. Don’t make a sound and see what they are up to.” Tang Wen said. “Where’s your master?” GE Zi Yun walked to the door and asked in a rather imposing manner. “The master is in the tent.” Bu Feng walked over and answered. “This one is GE Ziyun, I want to see your master!” GE Zi Yun said. “I’ll have to ask my master about this. ” Bu Feng nodded and entered Tang Wen’s tent. After he came out, he said,”come in with me. No one else can.” “I’ll go in with him!” A strong man wearing a bamboo hat next to GE Zi Yun said. “No! He’s the only one who can enter. ” Bu Feng said stiffly. “If I want to go in, do you guys dare to stop me?” The man in the bamboo hat was instantly enraged and took a step forward. Bu Feng waved his hand, and four guards came up with swords and knives to block the gate. Boom! Boom! Boom! Before bu Feng could react, the man in the bamboo hat suddenly threw out a punch. His speed was too fast. Like a shadow, the four guards were sent flying, their swords and sabers flying to the side. “What do you want to do?” When bu Feng saw this, he was furious. He pounced forward, and his blade fiercely slashed at the man. The man dodged to the side and raised his hand to strike to the side. A punch landed on bu Feng’s waist. Bu Feng pounced to the side and ate a mouthful of dirt. “Do you think you’re a hero just because you’re holding a sword?” The man in the bamboo hat sneered and stood in the middle of the gate like a god. “Someone’s attacking! Kill him!” Bu Feng roared. In an instant, the dozens of Tang family servants who were working around rushed over with knives, swords, and sticks. However, the bamboo hat man wasn’t surprised at all and stood there with an imposing manner. “All of you, stop!” Zhan junru came out of the tent and shouted. Immediately, bu Feng and the rest stopped in their tracks. “Old master said to let them in.” Zhan junru said. “That person is an expert. It’s too dangerous.” Bu Feng shouted. “It’s fine. Let them in. ” Tang Wen said in the tent. Bu Feng had no choice but to let the two enter. However, he was worried about Tang Wen, so he brought a dozen people and followed him into the tent. “You guys stay outside and stay far away. There’s no need to come in.” Tang Wen said. GE Zi Yun and the bamboo hat man were startled. They sized up the tent a few more times before entering. After entering, their eyes were still darting around. He was stunned for a while and looked surprised, probably because he found the office equipment in the tent novel. “What are you looking at? there’s no ambush here. You guys can sit.” Tang Wen sat on the armchair and said to Zhan junru,”pour us some tea!” GE Ziyun looked around and didn’t find a chair next to Tang Wen. He could only sit on the chair on the left side near the door. The bamboo hat man was standing behind the door. It seemed that the two of them were ready to retreat at any time. “What business do you have with me?” Tang Wen asked. “I ... Hehe ... I don’t understand. Could it be that Master Tang also has a title of nobility in great Chu?” GE Zi Yun asked with a smile. “Of course.” Tang Wen took out the title crown from the cabinet on the coffee table and placed it on the table. “I’m sorry, GE Zi Yun greets Lord Baron. ” GE Zi Yun stood up and slightly bowed in greeting. “He’s just a third – Class Baron. Moreover, a noble coming to this deserted island to make a living. Hehe, he’s just a fallen noble. What’s the big deal?” The bamboo hat man said in disdain. “A deserted island? which eye of yours saw that this is a deserted island?” Tang Wen looked at him and asked. “Isn’t this a deserted island?” GE Zi Yun asked. “Of course not. This is my Tang family’s Island.” Tang Wen said. “Nonsense. You think you can deceive us and scare us with the title of a Duke? We’ve asked around and found that no one has been taking care of this Island for thirty to forty years. ” The bamboo hat man said. “To be exact, it hasn’t been taken care of for 50 years.” Tang Wen glanced at the two of them and said,”so what? the Tang family didn’t send anyone to take care of it, but it doesn’t mean that the island belongs to someone else.” “Do you have any proof?” The bamboo hat man slammed his palm on the table. With a crack, Tang Wen was shocked to find that the tea table had cracked. An expert! To be able to break this kind of thick and solid jujube wood tea table with one palm, it was impossible without eight or nine hundred Jin of strength. Moreover, the person’s palm was not injured. Only a level eight internal force realm martial artist with internal Qi gang could do that. A rank – eight in a small place like Yanling was definitely a master. Even the constables of Yanling county government office were only at this level. No wonder bu Feng and the others were not his match! This Gu family did not seem simple. Clang clang clang! A few ear – piercing sounds were heard, followed by a few crisp cracking sounds. The teacups on the coffee table were all shattered by Tang Wen’s dagger. Instantly, the fragments flew in all directions, splashing all over the house. When they landed, they made a series of crackling sounds. GE Zi Yun had already been pulled to a corner by the bamboo hat man. He took off his bamboo hat and used it as a shield in front of him. “You’re not slow, but can you be faster than my bow at such a short distance? If I had wanted to kill you just now, you would have died a few times over. ” Tang Wen smiled and put the lunch box on the table. Tang Wen had seen this kind of chip when he was training with Special Forces abroad. It was only the size of an adult’s palm. There was also a small scope on it, which could be fired by holding it with one hand. The nightmare arrow was only as thick as a chopstick and as long as a finger. It was only a little longer and thicker than an ordinary bullet. It was a multi – sided shuttle that spun as it flew. Moreover, it could fire six small flags in a row, so he had drawn them according to the picture and asked song Qingyang’s company to make them. Song Qingyang’s company also often produced ancient bows and arrows as props for acting. After some improvements, they could make them. “What’s wrong with the bow and armor? So what if he broke the tea bowl? You can’t do anything to my bamboo hat!” The bamboo hat man sneered disdainfully. Tang Wen was stunned. He carefully looked at the bamboo hat and found that it was made of iron. However, the blacksmith was very good, and he even made a crease on the iron sheet. It was painted, and from a distance, it looked like a bamboo hat. If one didn’t look closely, one wouldn’t be able to tell. “Your bamboo hat is made of iron?” Tang Wen asked, pretending to be shocked. “Of course, I’ve also added refined iron. It won’t be a problem to block your spine.” The bamboo hat man seemed smug. “Put your bamboo hat on the table and let me try it.” Tang Wen said. He thought to himself, my nightmare arrow is made of titanium steel, can’t it penetrate a piece of broken iron sheet? “Little brat, you wanted to trick me, so you took the opportunity to kill me, didn’t you? I’ve seen a lot of old men like you. ” The bamboo hat man was instantly enraged. “If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t have given you the chance to take off your bamboo hat. Even though you took it off quickly, you can’t be faster than my Chi in such a short distance.” Tang Wen said. “That might not be the case!” The bamboo hat man said stubbornly. “If you don’t dare, then forget it. You guys can leave.” Tang Wen waved his hand.

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