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Chapter 13: The ever – changing beauty (1)

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She realized that Zhan junru wasn’t asleep yet, and there were still candles lit in the small room she was in.

However, she didn’t come out to greet Tang Wen when he came in.

Tang Wen also felt a little strange. If it was in the past, she would have come out as soon as she heard the noise.

So she walked over and pushed open the door of the screen. She was stunned.

The hell, did I go to the wrong door?

How did a beauty appear out of thin air? did she transmigrate here?

The woman’s face was like a hibiscus, and her white hair was so tender that water could be squeezed out.

Her head was slanted, and her entire face was leaning on her arm. She was sleeping soundly, facing the door of the screen.

On closer look, her face shape was similar to Zhan junru ‘s.

Wasn’t Zhan junru a little dark – skinned and had an extremely ordinary appearance?

“Master ... Slave ... Slave ... I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Damn it, I actually fell asleep.” Tang Wen reached out and touched her face with a strange expression.

Zhan junru immediately woke up and stood up. Her face was red like a ripe peach.

“Why are you so different from yesterday? A living person?” Tang Wen asked.

“Old master, please spare me. It’s all this servant’s fault.” Zhan junru was so scared that she knelt down.

“You’ve applied something on your face?” Tang Wen asked.

“Yes, the world is very chaotic, and I can’t help it.

I’ve met a lot of bad people in the past, and I’m scared.

So, my brother bought some medicine from the martial arts school to apply on his face. At that time, he even spent more than ten taels of silver. ” Zhan junru said.

“Disguising technique?” Tang Wen was shocked.

“The people in the martial arts school said that it can change one’s appearance, but I don’t know what that is.” Zhan junru said.

“Then how did you change back?” Tang Wen’s interest was piqued. ‘It’s the legendary disguising technique. I’ve seen it today.’

“It’s also medicine from the martial arts school. After it’s boiled, it’s used to wash one’s face. After washing a few times, one’s original appearance will be restored.” Zhan junru replied.

“Your chest is so high, are you tied with cloth?” Tang Wen looked at her perky chest.

In addition, she was wearing a pink nightgown, and the buttons on the top of the nightgown were not buttoned properly.

Her red dudou was revealed. She was married and had the air of a mature woman. A certain someone could not help but swallow his saliva.

“I ... I have no choice. “In the past, people said that my great – grandma ...” Zhan junru’s face was red all the way to her neck. She lowered her head. This temptation was definitely something that could kill someone.

“‘Big’, right?” Tang Wen asked.

“I’m not coming. Old master, you’re talking nonsense. ” Zhan junru twisted her body in embarrassment and whined, causing eldest brother Tang’s blood pressure to rise.

My God, if you continue to be like this, I’ll have you tonight.

“Oh, it’s fine. This is good.

From now on, don’t disguise yourself anymore. No one will dare to bully you here.

However, you have to button your shirt properly so that no one will see you. ”

Tang Wen rushed out of the tent and went outside to take in the cold air. Otherwise, the blood pressure would not go down.

“Ah ... I ...” Zhan junru’s shrill scream came from behind.

Sister, lower your voice, you’ll attract wolves ... A certain someone laughed dryly in his heart.

Another three days passed. The barbed wire was set up, and the watchtowers were also set up.

The camp had finally taken shape. There were forty tents inside, covering an area of thirty to forty thousand square meters.

Tang Wen then ordered people to hang signs on the tents, which included canteens, kitchens, garment factories, warehouses, farm equipment, women’s rooms, men and women’s outhouses, bathrooms ...

These hundred people had finally taken shape.

Of course, Tang Wen occupied two tents.

A tent was specially used for receiving guests, working, and holding meetings. There was also a conference table, office desk, sofa, tea table, and so on.

The other roof was his own bedroom, where he and Zhan junru lived.

On the fourth day, more and more people came to eat the porridge, and more than a dozen people sold themselves to the Tang family.

Ten days later, those short – term workers who were still waiting and watching finally couldn’t resist the temptation and offered themselves to the Tang family.

After all, their food, accommodation, and clothes were not on the same level as the Tang family’s servants.

Especially when the new clothes from the garment workshop came out, the Tang family servants looked completely new and full of energy.

Looking at his own group, they were all dressed in rags and looked like beggars.

She didn’t have enough to eat or warm her clothes, so she slept in the leaking thatched cottage outside. When the typhoon came, even the roof was gone.

How could it be as comfortable as other people’s tents? how many people could withstand it?

“Ding dong! You have accumulated 100 popularity points. You can activate your fourth time travel!”

Tang Wen had been waiting for this voice for a long time, but it was late by half a month.

Instantly, more than a hundred people’s Qi gushed in.

It seemed that he couldn’t even circulate the six mysteries returning to truth technique, and the pain in his body was much stronger than before.

It seemed that it was time to exchange for some high level cultivation techniques.

Otherwise, he would explode to death the next time he gained more popularity.

This was because the six mysteries returning to truth technique was only a man – tier mid – grade cultivation technique, and its absorption ability was naturally not as good as an earth – tier cultivation technique.

However, an earth – tier cultivation method was too expensive. He heard that a set of earth – tier lower – Level cultivation method cost a few hundred taels of silver.

Of course, ordinary people in Chu State couldn’t afford it, but Tang Wen could afford it.

He looked at the space and found that the data on the big screen had changed again.

Popularity index: 258.

Land area: 2338 hectares

[Wealth index: 4000 taels of gold]

[Martial arts realm: complete rank -9]

[Luggage carrying Capacity: 400 tons]

[Time travel: 20 days.]

His power had increased by another small level. If he transmigrated a few more times like this, he would become an expert.

Popularity was really a good thing.

Moreover, Tang Wen also found that his eyesight seemed to be better, and he could see further and clearer.

With the improvement of his skills and strength, he should be able to respond with a few punches even if he couldn’t defeat Tyson, right?

Originally, he wanted to wait for the map of Sumer Island to be drawn before crossing. However, drawing a map was not a simple task.

Not only did it require drones to detect the vibrations in the air, but it also required human hands to measure and verify the data with some tools on the ground. It would take at least a few months.

Zhan dongwen and the others didn’t know anything about this, and neither did he.

He still had to learn and train, so this plan could only be pushed back.

Tang Wen returned to Yunhai city with the 3000 taels of gold.

He exchanged it for 36 million and used 20 million to buy back 100000 silver.

After paying back a few million to the Luo family, he had over 13 million left to order another batch of knives from song Qingyang.

Long and short bows, including shields, bulletproof vests, walkie – talkies, medicine, simple medical equipment, cloth ...

However, the load of the luggage this time had soared to 400 tons.

Therefore, most of the materials Tang Wen bought were cement and steel bars.

However, because the gravel and sand shatterers were too heavy, it was not easy to move them by manpower. Therefore, they had to buy two shovels.

However, the Great Eastern Republic was very strict with the control of flammable and explosive objects such as gunpowder and detonators.

Therefore, through song Qingyang and Zhang Zhongjing’s friends, they only managed to get 50 Jin of gunpowder to be used for stone mining.

Although the great Chu State also produced gunpowder, its production methods were too inferior and the raw materials were hard to find. Therefore, the price was very high.

Moreover, the quality of the gunpowder was too poor, so the power was naturally much smaller.

“Ding dong! The fifth transmigration will require you to accumulate 150 popularity points. ”

It was getting harder and harder next door.

After he landed, Tang Wen immediately called Zhan dongwen, Zhao du, and Li Quan for a meeting.

“Zhao du, from now on, you will be the Tang family’s head guard and will be in charge of the safety of the area. After the meeting is over, immediately pick thirty people to intensify their training in swords, bows, and armors.

By the way, I’ll arrange for Li Quan to go to Yanling County to buy a batch of marrow cleansing pills, energy cultivation pills, cultivation methods, and martial arts techniques.

I hope you can bring them all into the martial Dao and strengthen our Tang family’s strength.

Zhan dongwen, you’re in charge of the Tang family’s construction, and your main task right now is to build the dam.

We can’t act rashly, we must build it according to the drawings I gave.

There are also pipes to be laid inside. Bufeng will pick a few people to be responsible for spying ...”

Regarding the dam construction, Tang Wen had already asked the design Institute to come up with it first. Therefore, after the meeting was over, he gave Zhan dongwen some advice on the construction according to the plan.

How to lay the pipes and pour the cement.

This included piling, binding steel bars, filling the cracks in stones with cement, setting up cement templates, and so on.

Of course, although the dam was about 20 meters tall, it was not particularly difficult to build.

This was because the dam was built on solid rock and there was a small mountain in front of it.

As long as the dam did not leak water, it should not be in danger of collapsing with the reinforcement of reinforced concrete and stone slabs.

Of course, compared to the original dam, Tang Wen had improved its sturdiness and resistance to attacks. At least, it should be able to resist the bombarding of the rough black – clothed cannons of the great Chu State.

This wasn’t particularly difficult. For example, the Three Gorges Dam wouldn’t even be shaken by missiles.

The power of the great Chu’s Black – clad cannon wasn’t that great. It would definitely not be able to break through reinforced concrete that was a few meters thick.

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