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Chapter 12: Instant noodle restaurant chain (1)

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Next door! Should I open a chain of instant noodles in the other world? Master Li’s braised beef noodles in the Great Eastern Republic cost at most three or four Yuan in wholesale. A barrel in ordinary shops cost five Yuan, and it was only 15 yuan at the airport. One tael of silver could buy fifty to sixty barrels of instant noodles at a wholesale price, which was equivalent to twenty copper coins per barrel. They could definitely get one Qian of silver here, which was five or six times the profit. It was a huge profit ... Gulu! As he was thinking, a strange sound came from Zhan dongwen’s side, as if he was swallowing his saliva. Tang Wen was stunned, then asked with a smile,”do you want to eat it too?” “No, no, no, I’m not eating, I’m not eating.” Zhan dongwen didn’t seem to mean what he said. That was because there was a lot of saliva in his mouth when he said that. “There are five people in your family, so go get five packets.” Tang Wen took out five more packets. “Don ‘t, don’ t,” Zhan dongwen was trying to refuse, but his hand accepted it rather honestly. “Haha, you don’t have to be so polite with me. Dongwen, your sister is my personal servant. In fact, I don’t see her as a servant. I, Tang Wen, see you as a brother. ” Tang Wen said with a smile. “Old master thinks highly of my sister. It is her fortune to be able to serve old master. Old master saved my father and even gave us clothes, food, and clothes. You are the benefactor of the Zhan family. ” Zhan dongwen said gratefully. “Alright, let’s not talk about this. Zhan Dong, send two or three more people to Yanling County to inquire about the war in the Northwest. Also, you have to find out about the price of horses and grain in Yanling County. ” Tang Wen said. “What does old master want to do by asking about this?” Zhan dongwen asked, confused. “We need to get hold of some useful information at all times. It’s useful to us, so you can just send people to do it. Give him some silver to stay in an Inn and make some friends. ” Tang Wen said. “Aren’t they spies?” Zhan dongwen blurted out. “This is called a spy, where did the spy come from? For example, why does the Imperial court have a special secret agent?” Tang Wen said. At around three in the afternoon, hundreds of tree branches were carried back. Under Tang Wen’s personal command, the trees were cut into sections five meters high. After peeling off the bark, the Empress poured cement into the hole she had dug and inserted the tree into the cement. These trees were as thick as a washbasin, and there was a section every five meters. After working until night, all the trees had been inserted into the tree holes. When the cement dried tomorrow, they could tie the barbed wire. Zhan dongwen and the others were a little anxious that they hadn’t managed to recruit any workers today. Tang Wen, however, was not in a hurry at all. He was betting that the disaster victims would not last more than a few days. Tang Wen, half of the short – term workers who came today, paid them their wages, but they exchanged all their wages for rice and went home happily with the rice. In the evening, Zhan junru led Tang Wen into a tent with a smile. When they looked inside, they were instantly stunned. More than 20 women were busy making clothes inside, including his mother, Liu qingmei. Zhan junru’s mother, li lanyue, was in charge of cutting the clothes. She had already cut a large pile of clothes, and the other women were in charge of the needlework. “I didn’t expect your mother to be a tailor. She’s so skilled.” Tang Wen said with a smile. “My mother used to be a tailor, and she was a master. In addition, more than half of these 20 – odd women knew how to make clothes at home. “I’ll teach the rest that I don’t know how to do. I believe they’ll be able to earn credits in a few days. ” Zhan junru said smugly. “Master, the scissors you gave me are too good. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be cutting so much in a day. ” Li yuelan raised the big scissors given by Tang Wen and said. Of course, the forging level of the darchu dynasty couldn’t make such good scissors. “Mother, don’t work anymore. Don’t tire yourself out.” Tang Wen walked over and said to his mother. “Nonsense, they’re all doing it, how can I not do it? Wen ‘er, you go and do your business. We women will be responsible for the clothes. ” Liu qingmei said. “Master, we didn’t let old Madam do it, but she insisted on coming over to help. However, the old Madam gave us many suggestions, and the clothes she suggested looked much better. ” Zhan junru said with a smile. Of course, she was born into a noble family ... Tang Wen felt smug for a moment and said,”junru will be in charge of making clothes from now on.” We’re going to set up a garment workshop in the near future, not only to make clothes for ourselves. She even wants to sell it to others to make money. Just listen to her. ” “Thank you, master.” Zhan junru immediately smiled and bowed. This was equivalent to Tang Wen giving her an official title. “Junru, your main task is to serve the master well. Mother will take care of the things here, you don’t have to stay here all day. At that time, if there’s not enough cloth, I’ll just come and ask you again. Hurry and accompany master. ” Li lanyue said. “That’s right, junru, you should just follow the old master. You don’t need to worry with your mother around, just come over occasionally to take a look. ” Liu qingmei said. “Old Madam, I know. I will make master feel comfortable.” Zhan junru blurted. Immediately, many women looked over with strange gazes. Zhan junru took a look and immediately reacted, her face turning red. ‘F * ck, don’t go off like that. I didn’t do anything.’ Tang Wen realized that he couldn’t stay here any longer and quickly left. “It’s almost time to eat, I’ll go serve the old master. ” Zhan junru’s face was burning hot, and she also quickly slipped away. Tang Wen was in a good mood that night, so he drank half a pound of Erguotou. A little tipsy, he called Zhan dongwen, Zhao du, and a few others to take a walk along the lakeside. “Dongwen, look, how big is the Crouching Dragon Lake?” Tang Wen pointed at the lake that was only about a mile wide. “The place where there are traces of water is the original area, about seven or eight miles, the largest not more than ten miles.” Zhan dongwen said after looking at it. “Do you think that if we raise the height of the dam below, the area of the lake will be much larger?” Tang Wen said. “Of course. There’s still a distance of eight or nine meters between the Tang family’s courtyard and the highest point of the lake. The dam can be raised by five to six meters. By then, the lake will be fifteen to sixteen li wide. ” Zhan dongwen said with a nod. “No, no, no, I want to raise it even higher. At that time, the Tang family’s courtyard would only need to be about a meter above the lake. After the construction, the Crouching Dragon Lake will be close to 20 miles, and we will live by the lake. He raised fish in the lake and looked at the clear Lake water every day, watching the fish swim. Then, I’ll plant some lotus roots and look at the swaying lotus flowers. That’ll be so comfortable. ” Tang Wen said. “If we raise it another ten meters, then the height of the dam will be over twenty meters. It was not easy to build stones at such a high height. It might collapse if it was not handled properly. Moreover, it was easy for water to leak, which was too difficult. It can’t be bought without a few hundred thousand taels of silver. Where can we get so much money?” Zhao du interrupted. “This is not a problem, let’s take it slow. When we have enough manpower, we’ll start building the dam. This is the biggest project in somi. ” Tang Wen said with a smile. As they were talking, Sun Ping quietly came over and said,”old master, I’ve heard some more news.” “What did you hear?” Tang Ling asked. “A disaster victim named Liu Mu said that the matriarch’s name was ‘Gu hanyan’. I don’t know where she came from, but she brought 30 to 40 people with her. Later, after choosing a good place, he hired people to dig up the deserted land for farming. She had been here for nearly a year. Later, someone saw that she was good to people and joined the Gu family. In this way, the number of people was close to 200. However, they were also attacked by Pirates. From time to time, there would be injuries, and in half a year, more than 30 people had died. Recently, Gu hanyan had been very sick and seemed to be dying. The Gu family was in chaos, and the people below were also anxious. Recently, they heard that old master Tang was coming over and many of them wanted to join him. However, there were also people who spoke ill of old master Tang. They said that old master Tang wanted to sell his body and that his wife and daughter would be taken by him in the future. They even said that old master Tang was trying to buy people’s hearts. I’ll give you some benefits in the beginning, but it’ll get worse later on, and you’ll wish you were dead or something ... For a moment, the people that the Gu family pulled over were also at a loss and didn’t know what to do. ” Sun Ping said. “They have more people than us, so it’s a bit difficult to deal with them.” Zhan dongwen frowned. “What are you afraid of? Leave this to me, I’ll bring my men and raze the Gu family to the ground. ” Zhao du said with a domineering expression. “Just wait a little longer. Give the porridge to them for a few more days. Once we’ve set up the barbed wire, we’ll have a camp and be safe. We’re living a happy life. I’d like to see how many days the people the Gu family pulled over can last. ” Tang Wen sneered. “Yes, when the time comes, as long as there are people willing to join us, there will be more. When more people from the Gu family came, there would naturally be fewer people on her side. At that time, we’ll look for them to solve the problem of the fields. ” Zhan dongwen said with a nod. At 8:30 pm, Tang Wen returned to the tent tipsy.

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