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Chapter 11: A war broke out in the Northwest (1)

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Instantly ... Below, Zhan dongwen arranged for some people to cut down the trees, and some to dig holes in the trees. On the other side, Tang Wen asked his men to move the new tents out of the warehouse and began to level the ground and lay out stone strips. Dig out the drain ... Tang Wen and his mother’s tent had been renovated. Wooden dragon bones were laid on the stone slabs, and thick wooden planks were placed on the top. These were all bought by Tang Wen from the Great Eastern Republic. After all, the carrying capacity of crossing space was limited. He didn’t have enough money either, so he could only let himself enjoy it for the time being. However, only half of the sixty strong laborers who had promised to work for the Tang family had come today. He must have heard that someone had been killed last night and was afraid that he would become the target. Therefore, Tang Wen was still short of people. Moreover, Tang Wen wanted to earn another 100 popularity points as soon as possible and start the fourth time travel. As a result, the porridge distribution continued. On the other hand, Li Quan was sent to bring silver and arranged for Zhao du to bring five people to accompany him to exchange for gold in Yanling County. After all, after what happened last night, he was afraid that the gold would be stolen halfway. After everything was arranged, Tang Wen called Zhan junru over and said,”gather all the women and ask them who can sew clothes.” “Master, I know how to do it. My sister and mother all know how to do it. Old master, do you want to make new clothes? I’ll make them for you. ” Zhan junru said. “Not for me, I want to sew two sets of clothes for everyone. Look at how they’re dressed, they all look like beggars. He was wearing the blood – stained clothes from last night’s fight, which were dirty and smelly. It’s still rather cold, and if we don’t make them clothes, they’ll freeze. ” Tang Wen said. “There are so many people, how much cloth would that be?” Zhan junru was frightened. “I have the fabric, even the double – layer cotton cloth. Come with me.” Tang Wen brought her into the warehouse. When she saw a beautiful piece of cloth being revealed, Zhan junru ran over with an excited face. She touched and pinched it, and couldn’t bear to let go. “Master, this cotton cloth is really nice.” “Ah, there’s even silk. It’s so beautiful. I’ve never seen such beautiful patterns.” “Old master, are you really making clothes for us?” Zhan junru was as excited as a child, and she looked at Tang Wen with a face full of desire. “Of course, from now on, you’ll be the leader of the garment manufacturing team. Pick out the women who can make clothes and you’ll arrange them.” Tang Wen said with a smile. “Okay, okay, I’ll go pick people immediately. If they don ‘t, I’ll teach them. ” Zhan junru turned around and was about to run out. In ancient times, it was relatively simple to make clothes. A ruler, a pair of scissors, needle, thread, cloth, and silk were enough. Of course, the efficiency was also very low. A woman would probably not even be able to make a piece of clothing in a day. He would let them do it first. In the future, when he had money, he would put on a large number of sewing machines. Later on, he would also have to teach them how to form an assembly line. As for directly buying modern clothes, Tang Wen didn’t want to do that for the time being, mainly because the clothes were too strange and would attract trouble. At two in the afternoon, Li Quan came back with 3000 taels of gold. “Old master, Yanling’s Chenji bank doesn’t have much gold left. If you want to exchange for more next time, I don’t think there will be so much gold left.” Li Quan said. “There is more than one bank in Yanling. Moreover, it was time for Chen’s bank to stop after changing a batch. Otherwise, I’m afraid that it’ll be booked and cause trouble. ” Tang Wen said. “Understood. Next time, I’ll go to the Zhang Ji and Li Ji banks to exchange. However, I heard from second shopkeeper Chen that a fight has broken out in the Northwest. ” Li Quan nodded. “Who?” Tang Wen was stunned and asked. “The great Qin Kingdom.” Li Quan said. “Why did you fight?” Tang Wen asked. “I’m not sure. Second shopkeeper Chen said that the fight is getting fiercer and fiercer. The Emperor has even sent the great general with three hundred thousand troops. Therefore, all the state capitals had to hand over a batch of grain, carriages, and labor. The price of grain and horses had increased these two days. The year before last, one tael of silver could buy a hundred Jin of rice. Some time ago, one tael of silver could only buy 70 catties, but now, it could only buy 50 catties. If this continued, more people would starve to death. Furthermore, the war in the Northwest was intense, and more of the disaster victims there had swarmed to the South. Therefore, Yanling County will become more and more chaotic, and we must be careful. I’m just afraid that we won’t be able to hold them off when a large number of disaster victims come. ” Li Quan said. And I think it’s too little? Of course, Tang Wen wouldn’t say this, so he said,”go with Zhao du and pick out ten or so capable guards with better martial arts to practice in the back mountain. Bring our swords and daggers to the cave for them to practice.” F * ck! My people. He had to quickly accumulate 100 points of popularity to transmigrate and Exchange the gold for resources and silver ... 3000 taels of gold was equivalent to 30 million taels of gold in the DA Dong Kingdom. It could buy a large number of resources and silver taels. However, they were currently short of manpower. Even if they had resources and silver, it was useless. Building a dam required a large amount of labor. Although there were already 140 to 150 people who could be used, there were only about 100 people left after excluding the elderly, women, and children. In addition to the five or six injured, there were only about ninety left. People were needed to cut down trees, and people were also needed to build tents. They also needed people to build the barbed wire, and more than ten people had been assigned to practice martial arts. They could not spare any more people to do other things. “Dongwen, the number of people who came to eat the porridge today has actually decreased. There are only a few dozen people, even fewer than yesterday. What do you think is going on?” Tang Wen asked. “Most importantly, this group of people is from yesterday. They were all people who were unwilling to sell themselves to the Tang family and were not even willing to do short – term work. These people are probably lazy. Let’s not give them anything to eat tomorrow. ” Zhan dongwen rubbed his forehead, looking troubled. “Are there only two to three hundred people on the island?” Tang Wen asked. “Impossible!” At that moment, a voice came from behind him. It was Sun Ping. “Sun Ping, did you find something?” Zhan dongwen asked. “When I was cutting down the tree earlier, I was in a hurry to shit. I wandered to a place to shit and accidentally slipped down. In the end, I heard someone talking, so I sneaked over. We found that there were many people hiding five or six miles away, at least a hundred of them. ” Sun Ping said. “Who are these people?” Tang Wen was suddenly interested. Damn, there were more than a hundred people. If he bought all of them, he would have a hundred popularity points. “I’m not sure, but there seems to be a matriarch, and they all listen to her. They even said that you’re a Bandit who wants to take over the land that they’ve worked so hard to cultivate. If he sold himself to the Tang family, he would be a slave and old master Tang could do whatever he wanted. If you want them to die, then they must die. If you want their wives and daughters, then they must be offered up. ” Sun Ping said. “Nonsense! My sister has been waiting for old master hou for a few days, and old master is very polite to her. Even when they sleep, they have their own beds, especially a small room for my sister. He didn’t even let my sister wait on Him when he took a bath, and the old master came by himself. “If the old master was that kind of person, my sister would have ...” Zhan dongwen stomped his foot on the ground. “Of course I don’t believe it either. Old master Tang is so good to us. He can’t be that kind of person.” Sun Ping nodded and said,”but that’s what they said.” “Master, is it because that mistress is spreading rumors that the disaster victims are so scared that they don’t dare to come over? I’ll bring people over to arrest her for ruining the old master’s reputation. ” Zhan dongwen said viciously. “Let’s put it aside for today. Sun Ping, you can continue to go and find out more about the situation. If you can get more useful information, I’ll reward you with half a tael of silver. ” Tang Wen said. “Old master, can you ...” Sun Ping stammered, looking embarrassed. “If you have anything to say, just say it. However, I, Tang Wen, have never treated you as my servants. I, Tang Wen, am different from the other old men. You will see it clearly in the future. ” Tang Wen snorted. “The last time master rewarded me with a packet of ‘spicy braised beef noodles’. My son has been clamoring to eat it. In the end, he was beaten half to death by my wife. The whip marks on his legs were still there, and my heart ached when I saw them. So, I don’t want that half a tael of silver as a reward, but can I have some instant noodles?” Sun Ping said. “Sigh ...” Tang Wen sighed. He opened the box and took out three packets.”Take it. Each of you will have one packet.” “Thank you, master! I’ll definitely get some information. ” Sun Ping took the instant noodles and ran away excitedly. The update time was usually 8.30 am, 2.30 pm, and 7.30 pm. During the new book period, I hope that you will save it first and give some recommendation votes. If you have a lot of votes, then add more chapters.

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