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Chapter 10: Sneak attack (1)

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“Master, a group of unknown Men in Black are coming. Don’t go out, my brother and the others are still resisting. ” Zhan junru said with a panicked expression. Tang Ling quickly equipped his saber and went out with his bow. Although the moonlight was not bad at night, the scene was too chaotic. Zhan dongwen and the guards were in the middle of a fight with a group of people. Zhang kui guarded the old lady’s tent with all his might, while Li Quan guarded the front of Tang Wen’s tent. “Master, you can’t go.” As soon as he saw Tang Wen coming out of the tent, Li Quan quickly stopped him. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of them. If anyone attacks the tent, use your bow to kill them. ” Tang Wen said. After all, it was night time, and it was difficult for others to distinguish between friend and foe. However, Tang Wen found something strange. Every Tang family servant had a human presence above their heads, and that human presence was particularly striking at night, like a Firefly that could be seen from far away. He could tell at a glance who was on his side and who was an invader. Therefore, he only targeted the guys who didn’t have any fame on their heads. Tang Wen was a famous medical expert in his previous life, but he was also a military fanatic. He had been invited by the International Special Forces headquarters to be a battlefield doctor. Back then, he was required to train with them for a year and participate in some missions, so he could be considered to have some experience. In addition, this body had been practicing martial arts for ten years, and he was wearing a light, special synthetic silk bulletproof vest, which was given to him by Luo Jun. Using the floating Willow steps, he shuttled through the chaotic crowd like a ghost. When the other party slashed at him with a knife, he wouldn’t be able to hurt him, but when he came over, he would take your life. In just a few minutes, four or five bandits fell to the daggers, and the remaining ten or so were so scared that they fled in all directions. At this moment, dozens of torches were lit. “Master, five or six of our men were injured.” Zhan dongwen said. “Hurry up and bring him into the tent to be bandaged and treated.” Said Tang Wen. He was busy for a long time before he finished bandaging. However, two of the servants had died from excessive bleeding. “Ten of them died, the rest all ran away.” When Tang Wen was done, Zhan dongwen came over and said,” “Old master, I caught up to two of them. I killed one. I wanted to catch the other one alive, but he jumped into the sea and ran away.” At this time, Zhao du ran back and said, panting. “Who’s the other party?” Tang Wen asked with a cold expression. “I can’t find anything. Apart from their weapons and clothes, there’s nothing on them that can prove their identity.” Zhan dongwen shook his head. “They must be Pirates!” Another expert who had joined the Tang family with Zhao du, bu Feng, said. This person had the strength of a rank – nine, and Zhao du was the most skilled among the Tang family’s current servants, so he should have the strength of a complete rank – nine. However, the reason why he didn’t perform well when he was carrying the lock was that he didn’t have enough food and was malnourished. As long as he had food to eat, he would be able to recover his strength in a few days. “Do you see the boat?” Tang Wen asked. “No, I didn ‘t,” Bu Feng said, shaking his head. “I’ve chased for more than ten miles just now, but I didn’t find any ships.” Zhao du said. “Could they have come from the stone bridge?” Bu Feng said. “That’s usually impossible. The Pirates have ships, so they’ll definitely come by ship. Of course, somi isn’t small, so we can’t rule out where they’ve hidden their ship. ” Tang Wen said. Master, tomorrow I’ll bring a group of people to search the entire Paradise Island and bring back the escapees.” Zhao du said. “No need for the time being. We don’t have enough manpower, and we can’t be scattered. Moreover, he couldn’t rule out the possibility that it was someone else’s doing. For example, those who seized my Tang family’s land. They’re afraid that the fields will be taken back by my Tang family, and they will also be ruthless. ” Tang Wen shook his head slightly. “But it’s hard to guard against this. What if they come back at night? We can’t afford to be injured, much less die. If a few more of them die, they’ll probably scare away the people who came to seek refuge with us. ” Zhan dongwen said with a worried look. “We have to strengthen the defense tomorrow. I’ve brought back a batch of barbed wire. Tomorrow, I’ll arrange for people to cut down some trees and insert them into the ground. Tie the barbed wire to the wood and surround our entire encampment. Just leave a few people to guard the gate. At that time, even if the second group of people attacks us, we’ll still be able to escape. At least, they have to get past the barbed wire first. ” Tang Wen said. “Iron is too expensive. Even the barracks where the soldiers live can’t use iron frames for defense. They usually use wooden fences to surround it. Build a Sentry tower and send people to stand guard. ” Zhao du said. “Master, it’s best if we form a group of archers. If there’s a wooden fence, we can shoot arrows to kill them if they attack us. ” Bu Feng said. After all, it was impossible for these guys to imagine the barbed wire separation wall on the modern border. Tang Wen took them directly into the ‘warehouse’ and showed them his barbed wire. It was all made of thick iron wires, rolled up and more than four meters high when unfurled. If the other party did not have the black – robed cannon, it would be difficult to break in even if they had the fire Phoenix. Of course, Chu State had yet to invent that kind of large metal pliers. Otherwise, the barbed wire would not be of much use. Zhao du and the others used all their strength to tear the barbed wire, but it was only slightly deformed, causing them to be amazed. “It’ll be much easier with it. Then, build a wooden Watchtower every few dozen meters for the convenience of attack and defense.” Zhan dongwen suggested. “Then it’s our camp.” Zhao du laughed. After breakfast, Tang Wen gathered everyone in the open space in front of the tent. The bodies of the two servants who had died in the battle were placed on the door in front of them. Their wives and children were crying and screaming on the bodies. “Everyone, I, Tang Wen, have been providing porridge for a few days, and I’ve also welcomed you brothers and sisters. We have food to eat, clothes to wear, and a place to stay. We don’t have to starve, freeze, or sleep on the ground anymore. But some people don’t want to see us live a good life. Last night, some bandits came in and tried to steal our food and clothes. They are snatching our rice bowls. Without food and clothes, we will starve to death, freeze to death, or be killed by them. These people are guilty of terrible crimes. What do you think we should do?” Tang Wen straightened his back and asked loudly. “Kill them.” “Cut him into ten thousand pieces!” “Report to the officials!” …… Instantly, the crowd was excited. “Everyone, be quiet!” Tang Wen reached out and pressed the button, and the noise suddenly stopped. “Well said! If we want to live a good life, we can’t let them succeed in their plot!” Tang Wen roared and walked to the two bodies. With a sorrowful expression, he bowed three times to the dead body and said,”you’ve only been sold to the Tang family for one day and you’ve already been killed. Don’t worry, I, Tang Wen, will definitely avenge you.” After that, Tang Wen walked over and gently helped their wives up.”They died for the Tang family. The Tang family will never mistreat you. Jun ru, give me the silver. ” Zhan junru’s face was filled with grief as she slowly walked over with the two hundred taels of silver on a tray. “Eldest sister – in – Law, a hundred taels each is a small token from the Tang family. If you don’t want to live in the Tang family anymore, I can send a carriage to send you out of the island. In addition, I’ll give you an additional ten buckets of rice. ” Tang Wen gave the silver to the two widows. “Old master Tang, we won’t leave. We’ll sell our bodies to the Tang family, including my children. We don’t want a single cent. From now on, we will be the servants of the Tang family. We must avenge our husband. Please keep this one hundred taels of silver for us, old master Tang. We’ll come back to get it when we need it. ” Tian Xiu ‘er, the family member of the deceased, knelt down and hugged Tang Wen’s thigh tightly as she cried. “Right! From now on, my family will be the Tang family’s servants. Please avenge my husband, sun Wang, old master Tang! I, Zhou Xue, will do anything to repay old master Tang’s great kindness. ” Another family member knelt down and hugged Tang Wen’s other leg, crying as well. “Father, we’ll take revenge for you! “Master Tang ...” Suddenly, the four children cried together, and some of them even wiped their tears. “You’re right, we can’t let our people die in vain. We have to be United. We’ll fight to the end with whoever takes our jobs. ” Zhao du waved his fists. “Old master Tang is our source of income. We will listen to him!” Zhan dongwen waved his hands and cheered, giving a perfect assist. “Right! Listen to old master Tang ...”

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