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Chapter 1: I’m the island master (1)

Translator: 549690339

A hoarse roar rang out from the forest. In that instant, something unexpected happened. A bolt of lightning struck like a silver snake from the distant sky. It fiercely hacked into the forest, instantly burning a patch of trees. In the distance, the commoners who were working in the fields looked up and saw Thunder in the clear sky. They immediately shook their heads, but it did not attract much attention. Tang Wen sat on the charred ground in horror and looked up at the scorched forest. In the distance, a few colorful pheasants flapped their wings and flew away in fear. I ... I’ve transmigrated ... After a long time, he finally sorted out his chaotic thoughts. Next door! He had indeed transmigrated! The possessed man was also called Tang Wen, a fallen noble of Chu State. More than 100 years ago, the ancestor of the Tang family, Tang ze, had made outstanding military achievements. The King of Chu State conferred him the title of count of Liangzhou of Linghai province and 10000 mu of land. However, the Tang family was getting worse and worse with each generation. Tang Wen’s father, Tang Shixian, was demoted to a second – Class Baron in his generation. Last year, Tang Shixian had set a trap for someone in his business and lost all of the Tang family’s property. Since then, he had fallen ill and died not long ago. His mother, Liu qingmei, sold the last old house of the Tang family to pay off all the debts. When she moved and packed her luggage, she found out that the ancestors of the Tang family had also bought a deserted island in Yanling County. The island was named ‘SuMei Island’, and it was fifty to sixty li from east to west and fifty to sixty li from north to south. This was the Tang family’s only property, so her mother decided to move the whole family to somi Island. Tang Wen also had an older brother called Tang Guodong, who studied under master Qiu Bai of the capital’s Black Deer Institute. He hadn’t returned home for a few years. The Spring Festival was just around the corner when his father, Tang Shixian, died of illness. Tang Guodong couldn’t make it back in time, so he wrote a letter and gave the title to his younger brother, Tang Wen. His elder sister, Tang Yiyi, had married into the provincial capital, Jiang Zhou. He had a younger brother, Tang Hao, who was studying and practicing martial arts at the provincial capital, Linghai Academy. He was preparing to take the martial arts examination to enter the Earth. His sister, Tang Mei, was only nine years old. She had followed his mother and Tang Wen to SuMei Island. After inheriting the title of third – Class Baron under the witness of the Liangzhou government, Tang Wen’s family ate and slept in the open, and rushed to SuMei Island from Liangzhou, which was thousands of miles away, with more than 20 servants and maids. On the way, they were robbed by bandits again. Of the five guards, only two were left, and all their belongings were taken away. They almost lost their lives. When they arrived at SuMei Island after traveling thousands of miles, they found that the Tang family’s house on the island had been burned to the ground, leaving only wild grass and a mess of ruins. And the land on the island was actually occupied by disaster victims, rioters, and unruly people. In the morning, Tang Wen and his men went to collect rent and were surrounded by more than 100 people. Fortunately, two guards and a few servants risked their lives to protect them and escaped. Tang Wen was extremely sad and disheartened that his master had ended up like this. In a fit of anger, he swallowed a middle – grade ‘Chi – amassing pill’ and tried to break through to the ninth rank. In the end, something happened. His internal Qi ran amok, and his meridians were in disorder. He was tortured to death, which allowed Tang Wen from earth to take advantage of and reincarnate. Chu State was similar to the system of Ming and Qing dynasties. The only difference was that there was still a strong slave trading system. The fields basically belonged to the nobles or the landlords, while the common people were basically tenants or slaves. The common language was similar to the seal script of ancient China, but the clothing was similar to the combination of the Tang, Ming, and Qing dynasties. However, Tang Wen discovered that his martial arts had suddenly advanced to the early stage of the body refining realm of rank -9 after transmigrating. Of course, the martial arts in this world were not as incredible as those in novels. It was impossible to fly in the sky, move the mountains, and fill the seas. Martial arts were divided into ten grades, with the tenth grade being the weakest and the first grade being the strongest. Each level was further divided into four minor levels, namely the early stage, middle stage, late stage, and complete stage. The strength of a tenth grade body building stage martial artist was only between 200 to 300 Jin, slightly stronger than an ordinary person. Tang Wen, who was in the ninth – pin body refining realm, was around 400 to 500 pounds, which was the same level as Jet Li. Even a rank -8 ‘inner aperture stage’ martial artist would only have 600 to 700 Jin of strength, which was about the same as Tai Seng. Breaking through 800 meant stepping into the rank -7 aperture opening state. Martial artists of this level could channel their inner Qi into their weapons to attack. However, he still couldn’t release his internal energy, which meant that he could only hit people from a distance. Only a sixth – pin physical invulnerability expert could do that, but the distance between them was not long, only about three feet. Seeing that it was almost dusk, Tang Wen trotted back to the temporary thatched houses, afraid that his mother would worry. “Wen ‘er, where have you been? you’re all dirty. Xing ‘er, quickly help this Lord to wash up. ” Seeing Tang Wen like this, Liu qingmei’s mother took out a handkerchief to wipe Tang Wen’s face and said with heartache. “Mother, it’s fine. I’ll wash myself.” Tang Wen was touched, and his eyes turned red. In her previous life, she was an orphan and had never enjoyed a mother’s love. Later, he became a famous medical expert at home and abroad through his own hard work and research. He liked to travel and climb mountains. He was also the captain of the community’s amateur Fire Brigade and one of the military fanatics. Xing ‘er came over to help Tang Wen with his bath, but Tang Wen firmly refused. As a modern man, he was not used to the enjoyment of being a young master of an ancient family. After the meal, his mother gathered everyone, including the guards, servants, nannies, and maidservants. There were only fifteen or sixteen people in total. “Where’s Li Shun and Liu er? Why isn’t he here yet?” Liu qingmei took a look and asked with a frown. “I couldn’t find him anywhere. He might have ... Run away.” Li Quan looked at Liu qingmei and said angrily.

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