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Hunting for Love for 101 Times

Chapter 365 - Save Him

Chapter 365 Save Him

Xia Nuan couldn’t bear to see Gu Jinhan’s sadness, but how could she force her feelings?

“Jinhan, I have let you down in this life. I’m sorry. I remember everything you did for me. You donated the cornea to me and brought light to me. I want to return the cornea to you, so that you can live a normal life...”

“Enough, Nuan, I don’t want to hear this, and I won’t get my cornea back. I just want you to be happy, Nuan, and I’m wrong. I shouldn’t force you like this. I know you love Ye Sichen, but I still disturb you two in this way. It’s really my fault.” He seemed to have made up his mind, “Your happiness is the greatest remedy for me. I will leave you and Ye Sichen together and never bother you anymore.” Gu Jinhan smiled bitterly and touched Xia Nuan’s tearful cheeks, “But remember, if you are not happy, please try to come back to me. I will be waiting for you all the time.”

Xia Nuan was so touched. She looked at Gu Jinhan, and her heart filled with endless movement.

“Ye Sichen! I hope you will love Xia Nuan forever! Don’t abandon her! Don’t let her down!” Gu Jinhan finished speaking and slowly got up.

Ye Sichen turned to look at Xia Nuan, and they looked at each other. A touch of distress flashed in Ye Sichen’s eyes.

Xiao Chi, pretending to be unconscious, sat in the car and was controlled by someone. Suddenly he took out a weapon and attacked the man who controlled him. It happened just in a moment.

There was a deafening noise in the car, which alarmed Xia Nuan, Ye Sichen and Gu Jinhan. When they looked over there, the car drove straight ahead, and Ye Sichen subconsciously protected Xia Nuan and stepped back. Meng Zuo led a group of people to attack the car one after another, but because this car was designed by Ye Sichen, he added protection function so that the bullets could not pass through. The window glass was attacked several times but was kept intact. Xiao Chi, who was sitting in the car, seemed to be crazy, but he successfully dodged the attack from the outside, and driving the car to Xia Nuan and Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen took out his weapon and carefully protected Xia Nuan behind him, and confronted Xiao Chi in the car.

Xiao Chi now was an extreme lunatic. If he didn’t kill someone, he would definitely not give up.

Gu Jinhan thought of this, speeded up his pace, pushed Xia Nuan and Ye Sichen away with all his strength and successfully ran into the car.

Suddenly, the car came to an abrupt halt.

Xiao Chi was controlled by Meng Zuo and Nan Zhentian.

Gu Jinhan fell in a pool of blood unconsciously.

Xia Nuan ran over and kept shaking Gu Jinhan, calling Gu Jinhan’s name. Gu Jinhan woke up weakly, and his bloody hands tightly grasped Xia Nuan’s hands, “Nuan, as long as you’re fine, that’s ok. Don’t worry about me...”

Hearing this, Xia Nuan wept bitterly. Ignoring that Gu Jinhan was covered in blood, she hugged him, screaming and crying for help, “Help him! Call an ambulance!”

Gu Jinhan was sent to the central hospital of Country A for a rescue.

Xia Nuan originally wanted to invite Mi Ke’er over. After all, Mi Ke’er’s superb medical skills could give Gu Jinhan more chance of survival.

However, Mi Ke’er was about to give birth now, and if she came to Country A, the media reporters might follow her to dig out the news about Ye Sichen. Thinking of this, Xia Nuan dismissed the thoughts disquietingly.

Gu Mei didn’t know about Gu Jinhan’s serious injury. Xia Nuan wanted to notify her to come over because she was afraid that if something bad happened to Gu Jinhan, he would not have the chance to meet his sister Gu Mei for the last time.

However, Ye Sichen did not allow her to do this. Ye Sichen’s reason was simple. If Gu Mei knew that something was wrong to Gu Jinhan, she would definitely hate Xia Nuan.

“The most important thing now is to save Gu Jinhan’s life.” Ye Sichen said.

“Will he have any hope of surviving?” Xia Nuan asked Ye Sichen sadly.

Ye Sichen took Xia Nuan’s face in his hands, “I wish there will be a hope. Don’t be too nervous. I have invited the most famous authoritative medical experts to rescue him. If he really has no hope of surviving, they would have told us in advance, right?”

When Xia Nuan heard this, she felt a little relieved.

Ye Sichen couldn’t be in the hospital very often, because Xiao Chi’s affairs were still waiting for him to deal with. Seeing Xia Nuan didn’t close her eyes overnight, and she became so haggard, Ye Sichen was extremely distressed.

“Let me send you back to rest. There are always people watching here, and you will be notified whenever there is something happened. You will not help here.”

“Let me stay here, so that I can feel a little safer in my heart. Gu Mei is not here, now I am his only family.” Xia Nuan did not intend to leave.

“But you will be overwhelmed if you keep doing like this, so go back. Be good.” Ye Sichen gently persuaded her, “Our kids also miss you at home, don’t you want to go back and see them?”

Hearing this, Xia Nuan had to follow Ye Sichen back home.

After Ye Sichen sent Xia Nuan back, he went to the presidential residence because of Xiao Chi’s affairs, and began to prepare to accuse Xiao Chi of a series of crimes with Nan Zhentian. His task was to list all the evidence committed by Xiao Chi, including witnesses and material evidence.

After examining Xiao Chi’s various actions, one thing was found. Xiao Chi had an affair with terrorists on the border. He encouraged those terrorists to do evil things everywhere in the name of Ni Feng. Then he continued to demonize Ni Feng, labeled all the people who are related to Ni Feng as criminals.

At that time, the allies had been tracking the son of Ni Feng, which was also secretly instigated by Xiao Chi. He released the news in the form of deception and told the outside world that the son of Ni Feng was the leader of the terrorists. The allies had always used this reason to arrest the son of Ni Feng as a wanted man. When they learned that Ye Sichen was the son of Ni Feng, they targeted him even more.

There were dozens of letters hidden in the safe in Xiao Chi’s office. These letters were written by violent terrorists on the border. They listed some accounts, such as what weapons to buy, how much money it would cost, what to do next, how to create riots and so on. All of these things were listed clearly. Ye Sichen collected all the evidence one piece by one piece.

Nan Zhentian stood next to Ye Sichen, looking at him, and couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Cong, I don’t understand why you are so concerned about the Ni’s family?”

Xiao Chi once told Nan Zhentian that Cong Shen might be Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen was very calm and didn’t change his look, “It’s very simple. Because Meng Zuo once saved my life, so I want to repay his kindness.”

Nan Zhentian smiled, “I’m afraid Mr. Cong doesn’t just want to repay the kindness, right?”

Ye Sichen raised his eyes, looked at Nan Zhentian, and asked him, “So, what other intentions does Mr. Nan think I have?”

Those eyes showed keen insight into the human heart, which made Nan Zhentian a little afraid.

“Of course, it is for your own benefit. It’s human’s nature.”

Ye Sichen nodded, “Mr. Nan, you are right.”

Xia Nuan coaxed the child to fall asleep, with her eyes filled with endless worries. She got up and called the hospital to ask about Gu Jinhan’s operation progress. The hospital’s answer made Xia Nuan more worried: Gu Jinhan was still in danger, and the operation was still going on.

Without even thinking about it, Xia Nuan put on her clothes silently and went downstairs.

Di Luoke was downstairs. Xia Nuan told him to take care of the three children and ordered the driver to drive to the hospital.

Di Luoke could not stop her. After all, Gu Jinhan was severely wounded because he tried to save her and her husband.

When Ye Sichen came back, Xia Nuan was not here, so Di Luoke had to tell Ye Sichen that Xia Nuan went to the hospital to take care of Gu Jinhan.

Ye Sichen gave a faint hum, and walked upstairs with his tired body. He opened the door, and saw the three children sleeping soundly. He couldn’t help showing a warm smile.

“Mom, I want my mom.” Ansheng burst into tears as if having a nightmare.

Upon seeing this, Ye Sichen hurriedly walked over to comfort Ansheng. Ansheng was still crying. Ye Sichen was worried that he would wake up Wuyou and Nianci, so he had to hold Ansheng to the outside bedroom.

Touching Ansheng’s forehead, he found that his head was extremely hot. Obviously, Ansheng had a high fever.

Ye Sichen was very worried and called a private doctor to see Ansheng.

The doctor gave Ansheng a shot of anti-fever medicine, and Ansheng stopped crying, but his throat was already dumb, and Ye Sichen fed him some hot water.

“Dad, where is my mom? Why are you alone?” Ansheng asked Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen forced himself to smile, “Because mom is out to do something else. Isn’t it the same as dad with you?” Ye Sichen kissed his son’s forehead.

“But I want both dad and mom to accompany me.”

“Mom will be back soon. You go to bed first, and when you open your eyes again, your mom will appear in front of you.” Ye Sichen said.

Ansheng listened to him and closed his eyes obediently.

The smile on Ye Sichen’s mouth faded little by little, and then his expression became serious.

In the quiet hospital, Xia Nuan paced back and forth in the corridor. Her eyes were filled with endless worries. The doctor and nurse walked over and Xia Nuan stepped forward and asked, “How is he? Is he out of danger?”

“Ma’am, don’t worry. We are trying to rescue him now, but if you keep asking like this, we will be in a hurry.” The doctor looked a little helpless.

Xia Nuan didn’t ask any more, but looked at the doctor pleadingly, “Please save him! I beg you.”

“We can only say that we’ll try our best.” After saying this, the doctor held some medicine tools and hurried into the operating room.

At this time, a nurse wearing a mask looked at Xia Nuan in surprise, staring at her for a long time. Because of the anxiety, Xia Nuan didn’t notice the nurse’s stare, but looked towards the operating room from time to time, only silently praying for Gu Jinhan.

At this time, Xia Nuan’s cell phone rang. It was Ye Sichen. Xia Nuan couldn’t help but answer, “Ye, what’s the matter?”

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