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Hunting for Love for 101 Times

Chapter 364 - I can only love Ye Sichen all my life

Chapter 364 I can only love Ye Sichen all my life

Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan got out of the car together and walked towards the harbor.

The cruise ship was getting closer and closer to them, and Ye Sichen’s people ambushing in the surroundings also began to act. However, their actions must be permitted by Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen saw that the cruise ship was getting closer and closer, and ordered Meng Zuo to start to capture Xiao Chi.

Xia Nuan stopped it, “Ye, what if there are innocent people on the cruise ship?”

“Don’t worry. We won’t catch innocent people by mistake.”

Ye Sichen said positively.

Xia Nuan nodded pensively.

Suddenly, there was a rumbling noise over there, and Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan became serious involuntarily.

At the same time, the intercom in Ye Sichen’s hand rang.

It was Meng Zuo, “Sir, the situation has changed.”

Ye Sichen asked, “What’s going on? Can you tell me more details?”

“This is the case. Xiao Chi is not inside the ship, but Gu Jinhan is there.”

Ye Sichen glanced at Xia Nuan, and said lightly, “Control the cruise ship.”

“Gu Jinhan said he was here to send Xiao Chi to confess his guilt. He said he would not set us up, nor would he deliberately disrupt our hunt.”

“Don’t trust him.” Ye Sichen said without hesitation.

“Ye, what Gu Jinhan said may be true.” Xia Nuan interrupted Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen frowned, “So you are here because you worry that I may hurt Gu Jinhan? You know that Gu Jinhan and Xiao Chi are together.”

Xia Nuan explained, “It was Mrs. Ni who asked me to come. Gu Jinhan called me and said he did not want you to misunderstand his kindness. He asked me to persuade you. If you caught him by mistake, he would take Xiao Chi to jump into the sea, or even do some more extreme things. I have no choice but follow you here.”

“Whatever, you still contact him secretly.” Ye Sichen snorted coldly, a hint of jealousy flashing in his eyes.

“I didn’t contact him. He called Ge Li...”

“Nuan, I have my own opinion. You don’t need to plead for him.” Ye Sichen interrupted Xia Nuan.

The ambushing ships surrounded the cruise ship where Gu Jinhan was located. Numerous weapons were aimed at the cruise ship. The cruise ship slowly moved to the coast, and the ships ambushing slowly followed.

From far away, Xia Nuan saw Gu Jinhan standing on the deck, looking awe-inspiring, without any fear.

When approaching Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan, Gu Jinhan held a megaphone and said to Ye Sichen, “Mr. Ye, please don’t treat me as an enemy, otherwise, I can’t cooperate with you!”

Looking at Gu Jinhan, Ye Sichen’s hands behind his back tightened uncontrollably.

“Xiao Chi is caught by me now, and he is on my cruise ship. I can cooperate with you, and give Xiao Chi to you personally. But please ask your people to put down their arms and don’t direct at me! There are explosives on Xiao Chi’s body. As long as I press the switch, he will be shattered. I believe that Mr. Ye won’t like to hold Xiao Chi’s ashes to go to court for trial, will you?”

Hearing that, Ye Sichen had to ask Meng Zuo and Nan Zhentian to retreat, allowing Gu Jinhan to take Xiao Chi down the cruise.

Worrying that Gu Jinhan would do some extreme things, Ye Sichen persuaded Xia Nuan to leave, and Xia Nuan retreated silently.

Seeing this, Gu Jinhan was unwilling. He held Xiao Chi with a weapon, and stepped closer to Ye Sichen. At this time, Xiao Chi closed his eyes and passed out unconsciously, because Gu Jinhan had knocked him into a coma before this.

Gu Jinhan never intended to save Xiao Chi. Xiao Chi asked him for help, and the reason why he agreed was that he felt that Xiao Chi could be a hostage to threaten Ye Sichen.

Xiao Chi was the main culprit who framed the Ni’s family. Ye Sichen certainly wouldn’t leave him to die. Ye Sichen was still waiting to convict Xiao Chi and help clean up the case against Ni Feng.

“Gu Jinhan, I hope you can cooperate this time and send Xiao Chi to us because he is the criminal we are hunting.” Ye Sichen calmly persuaded Gu Jinhan.

Gu Jinhan smiled, “Ye Sichen, I said that I will give Xiao Chi personally to you, because he is a criminal, and I can’t cover for him.”

“It’s so good that you can understand. If you can cooperate with me this time, we can cancel all the previous things.” Ye Sichen’s voice was milder than before.

“Of course, I have conditions.” Gu Jinhan looked at Xia Nuan’s back, with his eyes fixed on Xia Nuan.

The softness in Ye Sichen’s eyes deadened slightly, and he seemed to have a bad feeling.

“What conditions? Tell me.”

“I want Xia Nuan. If you return Xia Nuan to me, I will give Xiao Chi to you.” Gu Jinhan said this, with a hint of pleading in his eyes.

He saw that Xia Nuan was about to get on the car, so he suddenly yelled and raised his voice, “Xia Nuan! I love you!”

His voice was extremely penetrating, echoing over the vast blue sea, shocking.

Xia Nuan’s heart was shocked, and she paused and turned to look at Gu Jinhan.

Ye Sichen was livid, and gradually clenched his fists.

“Gu Jinhan, you clearly know that Xia Nuan is my wife. Your request is too much and I can’t do it.” Ye Sichen rejected Gu Jinhan without any hesitation.

Gu Jinhan sneered and looked at Ye Sichen, “Well, then Xiao Chi will be torn apart. Since I can’t get Xia Nuan, I don’t want to live anymore. I will die with Xiao Chi!”

“Gu Jinhan, don’t force me!”

“I didn’t force you. You care about Xiao Chi, while I care about Xia Nuan, so why don’t we just exchange.”

“Xia Nuan is not a thing. You have to remember that she is my wife, the mother of my three children.” Ye Sichen suppressed his anger and said word by word.

“But Nuan must care about me in her heart. I love her and she loves me. She is my fiancee. We almost got married. If it wasn’t the accident, she would be my wife!” Gu Jinhan shouted desperately.

When Xia Nuan heard this, her tears rolled down unconsciously. She accelerated her pace and walked towards Gu Jinhan.

“Ma’am, you can’t go over there!” Several subordinates behind blocked Xia Nuan’s way.

“You all get out of there! You won’t want to arrest a dead Xiao Chi, will you?” Xia Nuan scolded them severely.

Those subordinates had to allow her to go over.

Gu Jinhan saw Xia Nuan, his affectionate eyes showed a hint of joy, “Nuan!”

A ray of movement flashed in Xia Nuan’s eyes. She stepped forward, standing with Ye Sichen side by side, “Ye, what about meeting trick with trick?”

“Do you really want to leave with him? If you say yes, I will immediately agree with him.” Ye Sichen questioned Xia Nuan coldly.

“Ye, I feel guilty to him.” Xia Nuan looked at Ye Sichen pleadingly.

“Xia Nuan, I respect your choice, but if you do this, you will be guilty to our children.” Ye Sichen looked at Xia Nuan. He felt that Xia Nuan was moving away from him inch by inch, and headed for Gu Jinhan.

Xia Nuan stunned, turned around, and stared at Ye Sichen, “I know what I am doing. Ye, you are the one who I love, but I must make up for Gu Jinhan, because I am guilty to him.”

Ye Sichen said nothing, looking at Xia Nuan furiously.

Gu Jinhan’s eyes flashed with sadness, and he looked at Xia Nuan with a look of anticipation.

“Okay, Gu Jinhan, I agree with you, but you should ask her about that.” Ye Sichen began to delay the time, distracting Gu Jinhan.

“Nuan, would you like to be with me again?” Gu Jinhan summoned his courage and asked Xia Nuan.

“Yes, Jinhan, I’d like to go with you. Please hand Xiao Chi to Ye Sichen, will you?” Xia Nuan walked slowly towards Gu Jinhan.

Gu Jinhan was delighted for a while, “So, Nuan, can you come to me and stand behind me?”

Xia Nuan smiled and approached Gu Jinhan.

Xia Nuan found that two people behind Gu Jinhan approached Gu Jinhan. She became serious.

Ye Sichen took the opportunity to drag Xia Nuan over, stopping her. Xia Nuan had not yet reacted, only saw that Gu Jinhan was controlled by two subordinates in black. The weapon and detonator remote control in his hand were taken away. The explosives on Xiao Chi’s body were quickly removed.

Gu Jinhan never thought that Ye Sichen’s people ambushing near him controlled him so quickly.

Gu Jinhan was heartbroken and looked at Xia Nuan, “It turns out that you promised to go with me just for helping Ye Sichen to delay the time! Nuan, you are so cruel to me!”

Gu Jinhan was controlled by two people and was escorted as a prisoner.

Seeing this, Xia Nuan begged Ye Sichen, “He has already surrendered Xiao Chi, can’t you let him go? Let him leave. Ye, I beg you. Just take it as my repayment for him.”

“Your guilt has nothing to do with me. I just know that he is Xiao Chi’s accomplice.” Ye Sichen said firmly.

“What do you want me to do. What about I kneeling to beg you? He once saved me, and he was in jail for me...”

“Xia Nuan, are you so willing to degrade yourself for such a man?” Ye Sichen lifted her violently.

Xia Nuan was already bursting into tears, “He did a lot for me. He was the boy who saved me in a landslide, but you fooled me. Obviously, he auctioned you a purple raincoat, but you fooled me that it was a little boy under nine years old. Ye Sichen, you are too selfish!”

“Hohoho, I am selfish. Then you go, and I will not force you.” Ye Sichen let go of her, and Xia Nuan fell to the ground.

“Release Gu Jinhan. I allow you to leave with him. Xia Nuan, are you satisfied now?” Ye Sichen took a group of people and they were about to leave.

Gu Jinhan, without any strength, was untied, and he ran towards Xia Nuan in a rush.

Xia Nuan looked at Ye Sichen’s back and felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Nuan, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Jinhan. You should leave here quickly.” Xia Nuan urged Gu Jinhan.

“Aren’t you willing to leave with me? Nuan?” Gu Jinhan asked Xia Nuan tremblingly.

Ye Sichen stopped his footsteps, staring at the void in front of him, and was extremely depressed.

Xia Nuan looked at his back and shook her head, “Sorry, Jinhan, I can only love Ye Sichen in my life.”

Gu Jinhan heard this, and those deep eyes were extremely in darkness and sadness.

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