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Hunting for Love for 101 Times

Chapter 28 - A misunderstanding

Chapter 28 A misunderstanding

The boy boasted his stories eloquently, waving the photos in the air in high spirit.

“And this one, when I was on the world tour called Time Concert, I went to the backstage and asked the staff to help me contact Ye Sichen. It happened to rain that day. My clothes were wet. So, he gave me his used T-shirt to get me changed. What’s more, he signed on the T-shirt!”

A lot of fans swarmed up and walked over to ask for his signed photo.

Those signatures were in Ye Sichen’s handwriting. If they got those signatures, they would feel that they were closer to Ye Sichen.

“I want one!”

“Hey, give me one!”

“Don’t worry. Follow the former one by one. I’ll tell you the price of these signatures first. This one is 5,000 yuan. This one is 10,000 yuan. Which one do you prefer?”

“I want that T-shirt!” A girl screamed excitedly.

She wanted to buy it, and then stored it up well. When she got old, she would be buried with his signature! She had already planned it all!

“Beauty, this T-shirt is more expensive than those ones. That is, at least 200,000 yuan. Are you sure you want to buy it?”

“Of course, I am sure! As I said, I want that T-shirt, even a million yuan!”

“Okay. Here you are!”

“200,000 yuan? I bid 500,000 yuan. Sell it to me!” Another girl began soaring the price to get that T-shirt.

The former girl was certainly unwilling to hear that, so she continued to raise the price.

Standing in the distance and seeing this scene, Xia Nuan could not help but feel that these fans were really too crazy.

She opened her mouth into an O-shape until the price was raised to one million yuan.

Eventually, the T-shirt was bought by the girl who bade one million yuan.

While the girl who first started to buy that T-shirt carried and stamped her foot with anger.

Although the rest of the fans didn’t get that T-shirt, they all rushed to buy Ye Sichen’s photo signatures.

Seeing all these, Xia Nuan had to admire the charm of Ye Sichen.

He was born with the magical charm, which was given by God. No one could surpass him.

An idea occurred to Xia Nuan all of a sudden. She seemed to think of something. Then she stepped up her pace back to the villa in Feicheng City.

On her way back, Coade called and asked if she had come back. He said that Wuyou and Nianci were hungry and he was ready to pick her up.

Xia Nuan told him her position, and soon Coade drove over.

“Coade, is Mr. Ye back?”

Coade took a look at Xia Nuan through the rearview mirror, “No. As I told you before, don’t ask anything about Mr. Ye. Just do your own work.”

Xia Nuan sighed, “I know. But there is something I need to tell him. Could you please call and tell him that for me. Thank you.”

Coade frowned, “Well. I’ll call him when we get back.”

Xia Nuan smiled, “Thank you, Coade.”

Coade looked at Xia Nuan with a brittle and indescribable sneer.

Seeing Xia Nuan, Wuyou and Nianci stopped crying. They burrowed their heads into her shoulders, and looked at Xia Nuan with their heads awry, as if they would never be fed up with her.

They opened their small mouths and giggled at Xia Nuan.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you little ones? Is there anything on my face?” Xia Nuan kissed on their cheeks.



The two babies spoke with one voice, which was so adorable.

Xia Nuan was shocked. Then she held them tighter as she was touched.

Coade peeped outside through a crevice in the door, and his brow wrinkled deeper.

He picked up his mobile phone and said in a low voice, “Ming Sen, Xia Nuan asked me to tell you ...”

As Wuyou and Nianci got into sleep, Coade came in.

Xia Nuan turned around and saw him.

“Mr. Ye asked me to pick you up. He is now recording a remix album together with Lacy. He allowed you to look for him if it’s an emergency.” Coade said.

Hearing it, Xia Nuan looked at the two babies, “Forgot it. I will wait for him until he come back.”

She was worried about the case that when they woke up, they would begin to cry without her.

Unusually, Coade said generously, “I will ask Lian to take care of them. Besides, if they are hungry, they can eat fruit rice noodles. Don’t worry. Let’s go.”

Xia Nuan thought about it and left with Coade at last.

She needed money to pay Xia Yan’s debt. That can’t be delayed.

Coade went to the garage to drive the car out. Xia Nuan was thinking of what to say when she met with Ye Sichen.

Soon, she got into the car.

Coade speeded up the car and made several turns. Xia Nuan felt it strange: Lacy’s house was quite remote.

Suddenly, Coade stopped.

Her body was out of control and leaned forward.

“You get off first and wait a minute. I will get the car fueled.” Coade said it with an extremely grave look.

She got off the car and waited for him as she was told.

She suddenly recognized that she was in a quiet town. There was a family just across from her. The green lawns on both sides were fresh and natural, and the air was soaked with the scents of grass and soil.

After waiting for a long time, she still didn’t see Coade come back to get her.

It was already nightfall. The afterglow shone on the road, making her shadow get longer.

Half an hour had passed since Coade left. She smelt a rat suddenly. He didn’t have to ask her to get off if he wanted to fuel the car. He could take her together.

Xia Nuan turned around and tried to get back. However, she knew nothing about this town. There were many houses in this place. The roads were winding. She didn’t know where to go.

“Are you Xia Nuan?” Behind her came a pleasant voice from a woman.

Looking back, she saw a woman in her thirties standing in the doorway. The woman wore a printed dress and looked at her up and down.

Xia Nuan did not know the woman. However, she knew her name.

“Yeah. May I ask who you are...”

Thinking about it for a moment, Xia Nuan was sure of not knowing her.

The woman smiled, “Ming Sen called me just now and said you were coming here to visit me. I didn’t expect you to be here so soon. Please come in!”

Xia Nuan was confused.

It seemed that there was something she didn’t know.

“Sorry, I am not...”

“Ah, Xia Nuan, don’t be embarrassed. Ming Sen has told me about you. He said that you were kind and beautiful. He likes you very much. Anyway, I am his sister Ming Cai. My little brother Ming Sen is steady and prudent. And I believe that it would be blessings of God for a girl to marry him. However, Owen’s mother didn’t cherish him. Anyway, that kind of woman could not step further with anyone. As far as I can judge, you are far better than her...”

Ming Cai said a lot about that.

Xia Nuan suddenly understood that Ming Cai mistook them for falling in love, and also mistook her for coming here to visit her.

However, they were not falling in love and she was out to meet Ye Sichen. Why would Coade take her here and slipped away?

Did Coade mean matching them together?

Xia Nuan couldn’t help but think of what Ye Sichen had said to her before. If she had a thing for Ming Sen, he would not stop her...

Did he instruct Coade to do this?

Xia Nuan felt bad about it.

She gently freed Ming Cai’s hand which was holding her arm, and euphemistically said, “Ming Cai, I am sorry. The truth is, Ming Sen and I are just colleagues. It is really not what you think.”

Ming Cai did not believe her at all, “You’ve already come here to visit me. Why do you behave so polite? What’s more, Ming Sen earned a living by odd jobs, which is paid by day and calculated by hours. How can there be any fixed colleagues?” Undoubtedly, Ming Sen had signed the confidentiality agreement as well. Therefore, Ming Cai did not know either his work address or whom he worked for.

Given that she was not allowed to disclose her work place and other information, Xia Nuan had to swallow her words.

Ming Cai was so enthusiastic for her, which made Xia Nuan in a dilemma. Xia Nuan took over the tea delivered by Ming Cai and took a sip politely.

When Ming Sen came back, he saw Xia Nuan at first sight. He spirited up at once.

“Xia, you really came!” He thought that Coade had lied to him. Out of his surprise, Xia Nuan really came to visit his family members in person!

Ming Sen couldn’t disguise his glee, and then he gave her a languishing look.

Xia Nuan tried to evade his eyes and then she said with embarrassment, “Ming Sen, listen to me! This is no more than a misunderstanding. In fact, Coade brought me here...”

“I know. Coade wants to make us together.” Before he left, he wanted to hold her hand. However, owing to the presence of his sister, he restrained his feelings.

Ming Sen did not believe that it was a misunderstanding. Coade had called him, saying that Xia Nuan liked him and wanted to marry him. Both of them were divorced. Why couldn’t they remarriage?

“Ming Sen...”

“Ah. There’s no need to feel embarrassed. Don’t be shy. Since you find each other congenial, I’ll set the marriage for you another day.” Ming Cai held Xia Nuan’s hand in one hand and Ming Sen’s hand in the other hand, sat on the sofa, and then crossed their hands together.

Xia Nuan tried to draw back her hand, but it was grasped by Ming Sen tightly.


Today, Ye Sichen came back earlier than usual.

Coade greeted him and took the coat for him.

Looking up at the upstairs, Ye Sichen wondered what on earth was the matter of urgency?

“Mr. Ye, Ms. Xia hasn’t come back yet. She couldn’t wait going there until you came back.” Coade said carefully.

Bill looked at Coade and asked him for Ye Sichen, “Where did Ms. Xia go?”

Ye Sichen had received a call from Coade and learned that Xia Nuan was looking for him for an emergency. He had been absent-minded ever since. Then he said goodbye to Lacy and went back in a hurry.

Coade’s hands were crossed and he answered slowly, “She went to visit Ming Sen’s family members together with Ming Sen.”

Ye Sichen’s eyes could not help but become solemn, then he quickly resumed as usual. He overlapped his legs and sat on the couch, leafing through a magazine.

Coade once again said carefully, “They have feelings for each other. They may get married soon. She was looking for you in order to... to ask for a leave for their wedding.”

“I see. Grant her one month’s leave.” After a brief answer, Ye Sichens went upstairs.

Bill and Coade looked at each other. Seeing Ye Sichen’s unhappiness, they became solemn.

Under the dim light, Ming Sen rode his bicycle and returned to the villa with Xia Nuan.

When they arrived, they got off and walked side by side.

Ye Sichen pushed aside the purple bed squats slowly. He stood by the window alone and silently watched Ming Sen and Xia Nuan walking downstairs side by side.

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