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Hunting for Love for 101 Times

Chapter 26 - Unworthy to tie Mr. Ye’s laces

Chapter 26 Unworthy to tie Mr. Ye’s laces

Ye Sichen opened the letter slowly.

Above the letters was the graceful and scribbled font of the old lady. It could be seen that when she wrote this letter, she must be trembling.

“Thank you, although I know that you are not Wei Shi, I can still feel the existence of him from you. Thank you for giving me this chance and allowing me to leave with no regrets. The girl named Nuannuan is very suitable for you. You should cherish her. And do not refuse me. I’ve decided to give the property under my name to you, because you deserve it...”

Ye Sichen was moved after he read the letter. He looked at Xia Nuan with softer emotions.

When Xia Nuan woke up, she found a bowl of ginger decoction beside the bedside cabinet and a note. Sleepy as she was, she got up and reached for the note.

“Wuyou and Nianci will drink the milk powder. You can have a good rest.”

Signature, Mr. Ye.

This was the handwriting left by Ye Sichen.

Xia Nuan felt a little happy.

At this time, the private doctor Mi Ke’er came in. Xia Nuan found herself lying in the room of Mi Ke’er.

Mi Ke’er smiled and poured a glass of water for her generously, “How do you feel? Are you all right?”

Xia Nuan nodded, “Well, much better.”

The World Music Festival was being broadcasted live on TV.

The man who flashed through the scene caused all the audience to scream and ignite.

It was Ye Sichen.

With the sound of music, Ye Sichen in a black windbreaker walked up to the stage in a straight posture.

The boisterous scene reached another apex.

“Ye Sichen! Ye Sichen!!”

Ye Sichen waved to the fans and smiled warmly.

His delicate and profound contour was covered with softness under the illumination of the lights, but the aura did not diminish at all.

It was a pleasure to watch the charm of his gestures in the screen.

At the same time, his appearance also resolved the rumor of wedding in church during the daytime.

Mi Ke’er saw Xia Nuan staring at the TV and said to her, “Ms. Xia, do you think that Mr. Ye is very concerned about you?”

Listening to Mi Ke’er’s words, Xia Nuan concealed her inner panic and smiled lightly, “Because I am the nanny of Wuyou and Nianci.”

Mi Ke’er smiled significantly.

“It is wise for you to know your own position. He is the king of music. A woman can worship him and be infatuated with him. But she can’t dream of getting his love, because he does not belong to any woman.” Mi Ke’er became serious and her smile faded as she said that.

Xia Nuan felt uneasy all of a sudden. She said slightly, “I’m just a nanny. And I never had that thought. You misunderstand me.”

“Well, I’m saying this just to remind Ms. Xia. Don’t get involved to his relationship. Otherwise, it would not only hurt you, but also be against him.”

Xia Nuan nodded and got out of bed.

Mi Ke’er persuaded her, “Just take a rest, and Coade will come here to pick you up when you feel better. You don’t have to worry about the two babies. They will drink the milk powder.”

“Thank you, and I feel better now.”

For the sake of safety, Mi Ke’er took her temperature and found nothing wrong. So, she allowed Xia Nuan to leave.

At this time, Coade had already drove over. Xia Nuan sat in his car and went back to the villa.

Wuyou and Nianci saw Xia Nuan come back. They stretched out their little hands and wanted her to hug them.

Xia Nuan walked over to the side of stroller, and held the two of them in her arms.

The two babbling guys kissed on her face.

Xia Nuan smiled happier, held them and started to amuse them.

“Coo...,” Nianci pointed at the curtain.

Xia Nuan did not know what she was going to do, so she carried her toward the curtain.

Wuyou also looked at the same direction curiously.

“What does Nianci want?” Xia Nuan asked Nianci.

The little girl took a corner of the curtain, but covered it on her face.

Xia Nuan suddenly understood.

“Well, Nianci. You and Wuyou sat in the stroller first.”

Nianci nodded with pleasure and was put in the stroller. With a blank look, Wuyou wanted to see what Xia Nuan intended to do next.

Xia Nuan hid behind the curtain, pinching her nose, and said, “You can’t see me because I’m invisible.”

Through a chink, Xia Nuan saw Wuyou and Nianci looking for her everywhere. She snickered in secret and drew aside the curtain, then smiled sweetly at the two babies, “Ha-ha, I am here.”

Wuyou and Nianci suddenly laughed.

Xia Nuan covered her head with the curtain again and then drew aside the curtain.

The two clapped their little hands. How happy they were!

“Bang!” The stroller fell to the ground. Wuyou and Nianci also fell with a flop and then burst into tears.

Xia Nuan ran over to them quickly and neglected the game of peekaboo.

The babies fell on their faces. Their noses and mouths got hurt on the floor with noticeable bruises!

Xia Nuan was so upset to hold and comfort them. She took a towel to wipe their wounds.

“What happened?”

Lian and Coade came in hastily.

When they saw the wounds, they became scared all of a sudden.

“Xia Nuan, what did you do? Why are there injuries on their faces?”

“Call the doctor Mi Ke’er at once!”

Coade hurriedly dialed the landline in the room!

Xia Nuan was very sorry. She kept holding and comforting the babies.

At this time, Susan and Hui came in and took away Wuyou and Nianci from Xia Nuan.

“I know you did this on purpose. They were safe and sound before. How could you get them hurt like this as long as you come back? Don’t you have any professional ethics?” Susan kept blaming Xia Nuan without a break.

Hui also said, “We should tell Madam Ye about your negligence! How dare you not take your work seriously and hurt the young master and princess like this! You’re not worth staying here at all.”

“Sorry, I didn’t expect the stroller to fall over. And please give Wuyou and Nianci back to me. They need me.” Xia Nuan saw Wuyou and Nianci reaching for her. Her heart almost melted.

But Susan and Hui did not listen to her.

After a while, Mi Ke’er came over with two doctors, wrapping the wounds for Wuyou and Nianci and doing disinfects processing.

Xia Nuan wanted to help, but she was excluded by the people here. Through this incident, they dared not let her stay with Wuyou and Nianci.

Xia Nuan was distressed and helpless. She blamed herself for her negligence, which caused the little ones to get hurt.

The stroller was firm at ordinary times. Why did it suddenly drop a wheel?

Xia Nuan doubted that it might be caused by human factors.

Thinking of this, she went to the room to check the stroller.

The wheel was derailed from the original parts indeed, but the latter two wheels were very firm, there was no sign of derailment at all. Xia Nuan found another detail. The screw on the wheel was removed by someone with the screwdriver, and even got lost. If it was loose, the screw could not be completely removed and would remain in the original parts...

Who on earth wanted to hurt the two babies?

What was the purpose?

At this time, the door was opened.

Xia Nuan saw a pair of black leather shoes first. Squatting under the stroller, she looked up along the shoes and found Ye Sichen standing there.

Ye Sichen frowned and looked at her with a face of inquiry.

It seemed as if she’s a criminal suspect, while he’s the presiding judge.

Xia Nuan was a little nervous.

Coade, Bill, Ken and Uncle Xiang came in. Hui and Susan also followed behind, holding Wuyou and Nianci, who never stopped crying.

“Mr. Ye, the wheels did not drop automatically. I suspect that someone did this on purpose.”

Xia Nuan told him her suspicions.

Ye Sichen seemed contemplative, looking at the stroller, “You mean to admit that you did it on purpose?”

“No, no, I dearly love Wuyou and Nianci. How can I hurt them deliberately? I mean someone must have damaged it before I came back.”

Xia Nuan explained patiently.

Ye Sichen chose to believe her when he saw her sincere and frank gaze. He just thought the woman was a little silly to say that. Wasn’t it a good excuse for others to frame her?

As he expected, what he guessed was right. Susan behind him blamed Xia Nuan fiercely, “Of course, it’s artificial. However, there’s nobody else in the room but you, so it’s you who did it.”

“She did it, Mr. Ye. She had a tendency to abuse children. I’ve already told Madam Ye about what Xia Nuan did. Madam Ye asked me to tell you that Xia Nuan must be dismissed for the safety of the young master and princess!”

Hui said indignantly.

Ye Sichen was impatient and glanced at Coade.

Coade said obediently, “Yes, Mr. Ye. Madam Ye also called me and said that Xia Nuan should be dismissed.”

Ye Sichen finally fixed his gaze on Xia Nuan, “I have a mind of my own. Coade, get me the stroller that I personally selected last time.”

Coade went away.

Ye Sichen turned around and looked at Susan and Hui with a cold look, “Put Wuyou and Nianci on the bed, and you go out.”

Susan and Hui looked at each other, but still holding the babies indifferently.

“Mr. Ye, we are hired by Madam Ye to take care of the babies.” Susan took it for granted.

“Well, I don’t want you to be here when I come back. The babies stay and you go out.”

Hearing this, Susan and Hui were a little afraid. They put Wuyou and Nianci in the cradle hastily and left.

Xia Nuan stepped forward and looked at Ye Sichen, “I am not a sadist. I would never hurt Wuyou and Nianci. However, they are still injured because of my negligence. How do you want to deal with me? I accept any punishment.”

“I believe you.” Ye Sichen comforted the babbling two babies on the bed, and said slowly, “But I still wish you to be careful when you look after the babies later. I know sometimes you divert your attention.”

“I...” But this time she did not divert her attention at all. She amused Wuyou and Nianci by heart, so she did not expect the wheels to drop.

“Given this incident, I won’t allow you to be alone with the babies. You go back to the room and rest. Coade will call you if anything concerned.”

Xia Nuan knew there was a barrier between them. She was very upset about it.

When Xia Nuan turned away from the room, she heard Ye Sichen’s phone ring.

Staying for a moment, Xia Nuan heard him saying “Dai’er” in a low voice.

Ye Sichen did not dismiss Xia Nuan but continued to ask her to breastfeed the two babies. However, when Xia Nuan was together with Wuyou and Nianci, there must be other people present.

“Mr. Ye really thinks highly of her. Though Madam Ye and Mrs. Ye said that, Mr. Ye still did not dismiss her. Did she sleep with Mr. Ye?”

“Huh, Mr. Ye likes her? Such a humble look! She was unworthy to tie Mr. Ye’s laces! In my opinion, she stays here just because she has enough breast milk. The young master and princess are growing up, they have to keep up with nutrition.”

Xia Nuan heard the conversation between Susan and Hui in the garden below the balcony when she was hanging out the clothes above them.

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